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1996.05.09 - Excom

Thursday May 09, 1996

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club.

Date of meeting: May 9, 1996

Meeting called to order at: 1915

Presiding officer: Bill Csajko, Commodore.

In attendance: Bill Gavelis, Narcisse, Peter Baczek, Bill Moseley, Liam Carey, Paul Herzmark, Dan Acland, John Gatz, Rebecca Hausman, Steve Gehlbach

*Agenda Item*

An agenda item was heard before officer reports to accommodate a club member who wished to leave the meeting early.

John Gatz expressed interest in purchasing the club dinghy). It was pointed out that legally we must advertise any sale of club property rather than selling it preferentially to a club member. A motion was made to advertise the 505 for sale. Motion was made by D. Acland and seconded by P. Baczek. An amendment was offered by B. Gavelis to advertise in the freidly amendment, but was seconded by Narcisse as an unfriendly amendment. The amendment passed with one nay vote, and the amended motion passed unanimously.

There was discussion of changing the status of the club performance dinghy) from a senior boat to a junior boat. It was decided that the only issue was the safety of the skipper vis­a­vis hypothermia. A motion was made to make the Contender a junior boat, with a required rigging check­out, and a requirement that a wet suit must be worn by juniors who sail the boat. The motion stated that the change in status would be on a trial basis until the end of July 96. Motion was made by D. Acland, seconded by Narcisse, and passed unanimously.


Numbers not available


The club is in need of a First Vice Commodore

Big Foot is in need of a vet checkup. Bill Moseley agreed to take her to a nearby vet.

Dan Dobson, a club member and carpenter has asked if there is any carpentry he can usefully do for the club. It was suggested that club members with such skills should be invited to get involved with a nascent project to reconfigure the club house, a master plan for which has been undertaken by Dan Twelker as part of his campaign for the senior rating.

It was agreed that Dan Dobson would be asked to use his skills to make a survey of structural problems and hazards around the clubhouse and make necessary repairs.


The club is planning free rides at the Berkeley Marina Cajun Festival Saturday May 18 from 2:00 to 7:00 PM. Set up is from 8:00 to 12:00 AM.

Narcisse attended a meeting of the Berkeley Waterfront Commission, responsible for all development and operations on the Waterfront. She reported that the Commission is considering a new master lease for tenants on the Marina. She noted that we may be affected, and should continue to stay informed. She also noted that the Waterfront Commission makes many other decisions that could affect us, and for that reason we should attend meetings regularly and project a positive image to the Commission.

Narcisse has been recieving offers through the mail for advertising in various publications. Various members expressed that they are not interested in pursuing additional paid advertising. There was a discussion of flyering on UC Berkeley campus, and the possibility of setting up a table on Sproul Plaza. L. Carey said he would look into the possibility of a table.

Narcisse will meet with Veronique Anxolabehere to discuss the reissuing of the most recent issue of the Floating Bottle.

Rebecca said that she will look into the possibility of using bulk mailing to mail the Bottle in order to save money. 


No First Vice Commodore


Bill has purchased several new universal joints. They are more durable than those we have had previously, and slightly more expensive, although he received a discount of somewhere between 30% and 50%. His goal is to have only one type of universal for all the boards.

There was discussion of whether or not to install permanent mast base plates on all boards except junior boards, to make universal installation easier. A motion was made to permit Bill to spend $225 for the purchase of said plates. Motion made by B Gavelis, seconded by D. Acland, passed unanimously.

There is considerable damage done to windsurfer rigs due to poor rigging and handling. Bill attributes this to a loose policy on testing, and will work with P Baczek on a more standardized rigging test.

The windsurfer sign out system, which currently consists of two sheets, one for boards, and one for universals, will be consolidated into a single sheet.

Bill will be looking into new carpet or possibly astro­turf for the rigging areas.


Paul said that he needs a J­dock key. He was told to plant a bean seed pricked with a splinter from our slip on J­dock under the light of a quarter moon and nourished with the blood of a gnat. This is apparently the easiest way to get a J­dock key.

Paul said that he needs a Port Supply PO card. In this case he got a less occult response and was told that he could have one and that it would be arranged right away.

Haul outs for three of the club keelboats will be the first major item on Paul


Peter is considering ways to standardize teaching in order to reduce mistakes made by skippers while rigging and sailing. There was a discussion of ways to affect the kind and quality of instruction at the club.

One of the main areas that Peter intends to focus on is rigging practices.


Liam asked about getting keys for dayleaders. It was decided that dayleaders who do not have keys to the club must get the keys from the harbor master, as has been customary.

Liam will be interviewing three prospective dayleaders in a week.

Liam said there has been a problem with a shortage of instructors on Monday and Thursday.

Liam asked if anyone knew about national windsurfing races in the area.

Liam will be organizing training for new dayleaders with Steve Gehlbach twice per month.

There was a discussion of problems with the current dayleaders, including tardiness and absence from the premises during work hours. Concern was expressed that the primary role of dayleaders at all times is to maintain a watch over the sailing area.

There was a discussion of how to take care of various paper work relating to the payment of day leaders. 


Dan requested money for bagels and cream cheese for participants in a work party planned for Saturday May 11. There was no formal vote because the sum was too small to warrant concern.

George Babich, maintenance supervisor for the Marina has said that as soon as floats for the new dock section being installed in the West Dock arrive the work will proceed, and should be completed in two weeks.


Bill will continue to try to make contact with the past Treasurer to transfer paperwork and numbers.


Rebecca reemphasized the need for a First Vice Commodore to help coordinate attention to the many small problems with the new Lidos. 



B. Csajko made a motion to alter the budget for FY 96­97, raising the budget for dinghy sails from $0 to $5000 to cover the cost of the new Lido sails, which was not included in the budget for the previous fiscal year. The motion was seconded by P. Baczek and passed unanimously