All Meeting Minutes

1996.05.23 - Excom

Thursday May 23, 1996

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club.

Date of meeting: May 23, 1996

Meeting called to order at: 1915

Presiding officer: Bill Csajko, Commodore.

In attendance: Narcisse, Bill Csajko, Bill Gavelis, Rebecca Hausman, Liam Carey, Bill Moseley, Dan Acland, Martin Schaaf, Robert Ofsevit, John Katz


No financial report was available


B. C. announced a willing nominee for the position of 1st Vice Commodore. John Katz was nominated to the position by D. Acland, seconded by Narcisse, and voted unanimously into office.

B. Gavelis will take over responsibility for giving out and keeping track of all club keys.


The faulty newsletter got sent out anyway by an accident. The stamped copies were taken to the post office for a postage refund, and the PO somehow managed to send them anyway, even though they had already marked through every stamp with a marker. It was noted that this episode drives home the fact that the club is moving through a period of bad stars, and that all this punishment we are suffering is really not of our own doing. We are simply suffering at the hands of the whimsical non­profit gods.

There was discussion of putting out a reduced newsletter, perhaps one page of announcements only, or a smaller folded page. Also discussed was the frequency of the newsletter. Narcisse assured the fretful executive committee members that she would consider the issue and come up with a workable plan

We gave 138 rides, compared to the Hornblower boat, which gave a total of only 90. Most riders expressed satisfaction. Unfortunately the 5 Tee shirts and 1 sweatshirt that Narcisse had placed for PR purposes got swept into the festival organizers raffle and were raffled off as door prizes. There was universal expression of chagrin, particularly on the part of the treasurer.

Skates is interested in discussing some sort of joint PR venture.

Pauline Rita, organizer of the Jack London Square Boat Show is planning to meet with Narcisse to discuss our part in the Boat Show.


John is particularly interested in developing the high performance dinghy fleet. He would like to accumulate a total of possibly three trapeze boats that could be sailed by junior skippers. He noted that there is a possibility of receiving a donation of a Fireball, a 15.5 foot, two person, trapeze rigged boat.


Bill introduced the idea of changing the lock on the Dayleader locker to a senior lock so that senior windsurfers could access universals when the club is closed. After considerable discussion he made a motion to effect this change. It was seconded by Bill Csajko. There were two votes in favor, two opposed, and three abstentions. A motion requires a majority to pass, but does not require a majority to fail, to the motion failed.

Bill is concerned about possible leakage in the windsurfer rental locker, and will look into it. These lockers generate $10,000 each year.

Bill intends to pursue repairs to the barbed wire around the yard.

Bill took Big Foot to the vet, at a cost of $55.00. It was reported that while she is in good health and received a full complement of preventative shots, she was found to have the remains of several windsurfers and their rigs, who have recently gone missing in the South Sailing Basin, in her stomach and small intestines. She will return to the vet in one month for a second round of shots, and further investigation of local homicides.

Berkeley Board Sports has arranged the donation of two more boards to the club, at an estimated value of $1500.

Bill raised the issue of dock repair, wondering if cleats will be used on the repaired dock instead of the rail now used to tie up boats. Rebecca agreed to discuss the issue with George Babich at the Marina Manager ask that they stick with the rail.


Ken Shepherd has agreed to take care of tuning the rigging on the Ensigns.

Don Dobyns has recently been doing an excellent job of reworking the cockpit floors of a couple of the Ensigns.

Axel Kwiatkowski has installed a new radio in Uncle Donald.

There was an inconclusive discussion of the situation with radios in the Ensign. Paul will pursue the issue further to come up with a workable plan for radio communication in the sieve­like vessels.

Haulouts for Dewey and Huey have been scheduled for June 20. Dan Acland agreed to help coordinate activities on the 21st.


Peter is still looking into various ways to improve teaching and testing standards. There was a discussion of possible avenues. 


Two new Dayleaders have been hired, named Lucy and Dave.

Liam is continuing to interview candidates in hopes of developing a reserve of possible hirees in case there is a sudden vacancy.

Liam and ex­port captain Steve Gehlbach will be leading a comprehensive dayleader training for paid and volunteer dayleaders on Monday May 27. This training will be offered once or twice a month from now on.

There was an extensive and gloriously productive brainstorming session on things to tell the dayleaders regarding expectations for their performance and behavior. One thing that was not mentioned, but which the secretary is choosing to add at liberty, in case any of the dayleaders is reading these minutes, is that we love you. We really do.


There was a discussion of ways to control the cost of printing. Dan stated that his plan is to keep a file of masters at Cal Copy only. The secretary will be the only person authorized to use these masters. Other club members may make copies charged to the club account if they bring the original with them. If copies are needed of any club publication for which masters are on file, please contact Dan and he will order the copies and have them delivered, free of charge, to the club house. Dan will make a regular check of the inventory of printed materials.

The ex­comm minutes will be moved from behind the door to above the bulleting



Bill will cash the club treasury bills as soon as possible to repay the 5 members who loaned the club money for the purchase of the Lidos. 



*Martin Schaaf is interested in having a couple of kayaks in the club and will look into various options.

*Dan Acland made a motion to approve Robert Ofsevit for the Cruising Skipper Rating. The motion was seconded by Bill Moseley, and after all Robert glowing letters of recommendation were read, and his first aid and CPR cards duly displayed he was unanimously approved. It was noted that the collective aura of the club instantly began to glow a deeper shade of gold. Congratulations Robert!

*Bill Csajko made a motion to make the Contender back into a Senior boat. The motion was seconded by Dan Acland, and passed unanimously. It was noted that ex­comm got its collective peter spanked by the old­timer members of the club who schooled the whole lot of us on the subject of safety and wicked high speed sailing. There was a discussion of just what the bejeezus to do with the dagger like boat, concluding in the idea that it should be sold. Final decision was postponed until members of the club could make comment. Please let us know what you think about selling the contender. The idea is to have boats that get significant use, and it is perceived that the contender does not.

*Lidos. A professional surveyor has inspected the boats and reports that they are beyond repair, and that the hulls ought to be replaced with new hulls. Bill Csajko has looked into the solvency and financial reputation of WD Schock company and has found no negative reports thus far. Schock has proposed a repair, but has made no mention of a warranty or the replacement of the most defective hull, #7. Bill is concerned about accepting Schock offer in light of the report from the surveyor. There was a discussion of various options. No decision was made by ex­comm.