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1996.06.06 - Excom

Thursday June 06, 1996

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club.

Date of meeting: June 6th, 1996

Meeting called to order at: 1905

Presiding officer: Bill Csajko, Commodore.

In attendance: Bill Csajko, Bill Gavelis, Bill Moseley, Dan Acland, Narcisse, Peter Baczek, Martin Schaaf, Rebecca Hausman, Ed Shirk. 


Checking: $12,000

Money Market $ 553

T­Bills have been liquidated.


Bill has been out of town, and had no report. 


Narcisse has been acting commodore in Bill Csajko

A representative from Schock Boats is supposedly coming this week to pick up one of the boats for repair. A professional surveyor, Peter Minkwitz, came today to survey the Lidos.

Narcisse had lunch with Pauline Rita, organizer of the Jack London Square Boat Show, to discuss free rides. Pauline commended our work at the recent show, and invited us to participate again in September. Pauline indicated that she would be willing to donate the cost of insurance necessary for the show.


No report.


No report.


No report.


Peter distributed a handout he has been working on the give to new Junior Skippers to introduce them to the idea of teaching. He is looking for comments.


No report.


Michael Clark, a member of a local bicycle advocacy group, contacted the club to ask for support for a Berkeley municipal bond measure that would raise 3 million dollars to build a pedestrian and bicycle overpass over the train tracks and the freeway to link the marina to the rest of Berkeley for bikes and pedestrians. Dan made a motion to officially support efforts to get the bond measure on the November ballot by signing a letter to be drafted and sent to us by Michael Clark and returned by us for presentation to the city council. The motion was seconded by Bill Gavelis, and passed unanimously.

The FCC has established an interim regulation exempting all recreational craft operating in domestic waters from the requirement for a VHF radio license. Thus, we no longer need a license for our boats. However, they lost Dan applications he sent in, which had already been reimbursed by the club, minus the $10 stop check fee that the drooling, rapacious, stage­coach­robbing beast of Wells Fargo Bank charged him.

Dan has arranged a system to control printing costs, whereby he is the only person in the club authorized to make copies from the masters on file at Cal Copy. Any club member who takes an original with them to Cal Copy or Kinkos can make copies on account. Please be very very sure it is needed before you go copy.


Bill has seen no impact on income from memberships due to the problems with the new Lidos as yet.

Saul Schumsky, boat acquisitions chair, spoke to Bill about advertising the recently donated Cal 20 for sale for $800. Bill told him to go ahead.

*Membership Chair

Rebecca will print out a new membership list and put copies of it in various people

Bill Gavelis commented that racing affiliate members should be on the mailing list so that they can receive copies of our newsletter.

There was a discussion of adding something to the membership card format that would ask new members how they heard about the club, for market research.

The dock has been completely repaired.

New T­shirts have arrived, and have been placed in the T­shirt cabinet. There is an inventory list in the cabinet describing the inventory that is not in the cabinet.

Rebecca recommended Lauren Lesmeister as the new T­shirt czar, ie chair of the T­shirt committee. Bill Csajko appointed him to the position, and he was approved unanimously by the entire ex­comm.




Martin Schaaf, who has proposed and researched the purchase of kayaks, distributed a report on his findings. Bill Gavelis made a motion to purchase two of the kayaks recommended by Martin, and the necessary adjunct equipment, at an approximate cost of $800. The motion was seconded by Bill Csajko. There was considerable discussion. It was mentioned that CSC is a sailing club, as stipulated in its purpose, in the constitution, and thus kayaking does not belong. It was mentioned that a small number of kayaks would be very nice for winter months when there is not much sailing to do. It was mentioned that any purchase of kayaks would eventually lead to a larger kayaking program, and that might not be what the club members want. It was mentioned that a larger kayaking progam would bring in considerable revenue. Various other points were discussed. The motion was eventually withdrawn by Bill Gavelis. 


Rebecca Hausman reported that Lidos 7 and 8 are operational. Lido 6 has been taken out of duty.

Peter Minkwitz, marine surveyor, looked at the boats for several hours and will write up a report. Bill Gavelis volunteered to cover the expense of Minkwitz

Schock has finally sent the club a warranty for the boats, and a proposal to fix the boats. After extensive discussion it was decided to allow Schock to take one boat to Corona for repairs, and to send them a letter requiring them to wait for our approval before beginning repairs. A motion was made by Narcisse to approve the expenditure of $1500 for Peter Minkwitz, or another similarly competent surveyor to go to Corona and observe the repairs in progress. The motion was seconded by Bill Csajko, and passed unanimously. 


Bill Csajko made a motion to approve the expenditure of $250 for new life vests. The motion was seconded by Dan Acland, and passed unanimously.