All Meeting Minutes

1996.06.20 - Excom

Thursday June 20, 1996

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club.

Date of meeting: 6/20/96

Meeting called to order at: 1930

Presiding officer: Bill Csajko, Commodore.

In attendance: Bill Csajko, Bill Moseley, Bill Gavelis, Rebecca Hausman, Narcisse, Peter Baczek, Liam Carey, Dan Acland, Paul Barber


Checking $18,100

Money Market $553


Lidos: Ex­comm members and employees of the club should be very careful not to make inaccurate statements about the situation with Schock. Attorney Sam Goldstein has generated a standard statement to make if anyone asks about the situation. 


Narcisse was acting commodore for the week prior to the meeting in Bill C absence.

The repaired Lido was due to arrive from Schock this past week but it did not. When it arrives it will be surveyed by a professional surveyor.

Ashby Shoal Breakfast is scheduled for July 4. Narcisse will create a poster to notify members.

There has been some interest in the Cal 20 from prospective buyers, but there is still a hold­up with the transfer of the title from the original owner to the club. 


Jonathan has worked on the Lasers and Bytes, and all five hulls and rigs are functional. He will continue to work on these two fleets to standardize the rigging from boat to boat.

Jonathan expressed interest in organizing a weekday dinghy race series open to club members and the public.

There is a possibility of the club receiving a donation of a Fireball, a two­person trapeze dinghy. A motion was made by Dan, seconded by Narcisse and passed unanimously to accept the donation if it materializes.

Rebecca Hausman commented that she has had several calls about the sale of the 505. She will take responsibility for choosing among the various interested parties and making the sale.


Bill took various old equipment to a windsurfing swap meet and made $125

A mysterious storage locker has materialized behind the rental locker. 


Home sick


Peter is considering writing a new teaching handout.

There was discussion of how to get more instructors down for Saturdays.

Wednesday keelboat lessons have had varying turnouts lately, from one to three boatloads. A commander will be reserved for the lessons for the Wednesday during which two Ensigns will be hauled out. 


Liam noted that he has been gone from the club for a couple of weeks, but that the dayleaders have taken care of their own business well in his absence. He noted that we have good dayleaders at the moment in his opinion, four in number, and that he is considering hiring a fifth.

Jonathan Katz initiated a discussion of rescue training for dayleaders in the wake of an incident in which he was unable to receive a timely rescue from either CSC or Cal Adventures staff. The particular incident involved a non­club boat with its mast stuck in the mud. Liam will add the necessary skills to his dayleader trainings. 


There was a fiery interchange among various members regarding the procurement of membership cards and the approval of funds for printed matter. No actionable content. 


No report.



* Paul Barber was in attendance in accordance with Ex­comm wake of his alleged misconduct two weeks prior to the meeting. He explained his conduct and was permitted to rejoin the club pending payment of normal dues.

* Schock will be returning the first repaired Lido at an undetermined time. Upon its return it will be inspected by a professional surveyor. Schock intends to pick up another 5 Lidos upon delivery of the first one and take them to Southern California for repairs. A motion was made to make the repaired Lido a senior only boat and passed 6 in favor, 1 opposed, and 1 abstention.