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1996.07.11 - Excom

Thursday July 11, 1996

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club.

Date of meeting: July 11, 1996

Meeting called to order at: 1936

Presiding officer: Bill Csajko, Commodore.

In attendance: Bill Csajko, Bill Gavelis, Narcisse, Dan Acland, Paul Herzmark, Bill Prinzmetal, Peter Kuhn, Andreas Schuele


Checking $25,200 minus a few thousand for expenses Money Market $555


No report.


Sunday July 14 is the last day for submissions to the next issue of the Floating Bottle.

The general membership meeting is coming up in August. Jennifer Kirkland will once again be providing dinner. The date will be announced soon.

The first two weekends of September will see CSC once again giving free rides at the semiannual Jack London Square Boat Show.

About 30 to 40 folks showed up for the Ashby Shoal Breakfast.

The July open house attracted a decent crowd. No report on whether people actually got their free ride.


Jonathan was absent from the meeting, but left an in­abstential report via Bill Csajko to the effect that he did not think highly of the newly repaired Lido.


Not present.


The haulout of Huey and Dewey (keelboats) was a success. Thanks all round to everyone who participated.

The next haulout will be in September. Uncle Donald will be the lucky recipient. (I just washed my new cat, and I imagine the boats must feel about the same way when they get washed) There was a discussion of ways to improve work scheduling for the haulout. The main difficulty is in finding people capable of leading the work on weekdays.

Axel Kwiatkowski has put together a handout on radio operation for the keelboats. After editing it will be copied and put out for general consumption.


Not present.


Dayleader Charlotte has temporarily lost her work­study grant. Hopefully she will be back at the club in a matter of months.

A new dayleader has been hired. His name is Damis. (Come say hi to him.) Liam intends to hire one more dayleader, for a total of 5.

Erstwhile dayleader Cindi Ploski, who left the club earlier this summer, has run into difficulty receiving her last month by untimely filing of papers at the turn of the fiscal year. Liam wondered if there was any way the club could temporarily compensate her. Treasurer Bill Gavelis insisted that we are technically not the employer for the dayleaders, and that it is in our best interest to stay completely out of that role, leaving the transfer of money entirely up to the University. 


The two recently repainted Ensigns did honor to themselves and the club by placing 4th and 5th in a fleet of 7 at the last BYC Beer Can Race. The 4th place boat, crewed by Team: Are We Not Mallards? was a scant 12 seconds off the corrected time of the 3rd place boat, and a total of only 3 1/2 minutes off the time for the first place boat. Thanks for the clean bottoms!


Bill stressed the importance of bringing purchases of over $100 to ex­comm for approval, citing two recent episodes in which items were purchased on a so­called purchases could have been made more wisely if the represented by ex­comm had been consulted.

The mysterious new storage locker located behind the CSC yard turns out to be under the purview of the Garden Club. No further information was available.

Bill refused to pay a bill from the Harbor Master for the purchase of a key. His refusal was due to the fact that the purchase was not approved, and no name was attached to it. Thus, according to Bill, there is no way for the club to know if the purchase was legitimate. Please try to avoid this sort of indiscriminate spending.

A member of the public expressed interest in buying one of the unused trailers in the yard for $50. A motion was made by Dan Acland, seconded by Narcisse, and passed unanimously, to allow the sale.

*Membership Chair* (Rebecca Hausman)

Rebecca sold the 505 to the highest bidder in an open auction amongst the handful of interested respondents to an add she had placed. The final selling price was $550, a full quarter Thanks go to Bill Gavelis for helping with the transaction.

Rebecca made a motion to approve $250 for the purchase of more of the popular windsurfing tee­shirts. The motion was approved by Dan Acland, and passed unanimously.



*JY15: Bill Prinzmetal put ex­comm on alert that next week he would make a motion to approve the expenditure of up to $3000 for the purchase of a used JY15 with sails and trailer, should one become available. He described what he saw as the advantages to the club of owning such a boat, stressing primarily that it is a faster, more exciting boat than the Lido, yet simple enough to be sailed easily by any junior. The JY15 is a foam core construction dinghy with a significantly larger sail plan than the Lido, but without trapeze or spinnaker on standard models. In a remarkable reversal, Bill Gavelis, proponent of a Lido/Laser exclusive dinghy program, expressed support for the idea.

*Senior skippers are badly needed for teaching and testing of new Juniors. The club is in need of more Junior Skippers to make the free ride and lesson programs work.

*Lidos: Mike Owens for Schock brought the repaired hull #2 back from Southern California, and took 4 other hulls with him for repairs. According to Rebecca, Schock has done a nice job on the cosmetic aspects of the repair, but the integrity of the structural repairs will only be assessable after extensive sailing. Schock left with us a mockup of the redesigned centerboard system. They have apparently added some fiberglass to the structure, but according to Rebecca, this will still be the weak point in the boats.

Surveyor Peter Minkwitz advises us that the best way to assess the repairs is to sail the boat and log everything that happens to it. The boat has already been designated as a senior only boat, and all seniors are encouraged to sail the boat as much as possible. Please use the log book provided on the desk in the clubhouse to report all sailing activity, not just damage. For the integrity of any possible future legal wrangling we must have an accurate log of all sailing in hull #2.

Peter Kuhn proposed that we consider hiring a local boat yard to rebuild the centerboard cases according to a new design. He is going to make up some drawings along these lines and put them on the Internet for consideration.