All Meeting Minutes

1996.07.25 - Excom

Thursday July 25, 1996

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club.

Date of meeting: July 25th, 1996

Meeting called to order at: 1915

Presiding officer: Bill Csajko, Commodore.

In attendance: Bill Csajko, Bill Gavelis, Bill Moseley, Jonathan Katz, Bill Prinzmetal, Dan Acland, Rebecca Haussmann, Steve Gehlbach 


$25,200 Checking (approx.)

$555 Money Market Account


No report


Report given by Bill Csajko.

General Membership Meeting will be held at 1900 August 15th at the Berkeley Yacht Club.

Narcisse is still working on the Floating Bottle

A card needs to be sent out notifying the membership of the General Membership Meeting. Several members agreed to cooperate to complete this task in Narcisse


A JY15 is available at Seabird (at Aquatic Park in Berkeley) for $3000 with sails, but no trailer. A motion was made by Dan Acland, and seconded by Bill Moseley to approve $3500 for the purchase of the boat, and to sell the club Contender, with trailer. The motion passed unanimously. Rebecca Hausman agreed to take responsibility for selling the Contender. Bye bye lovely boat!

Jonathan was asked if he had installed a wooden rail on the transom of Lido hull #2. He said he had not, but would take care of it. 


A motion was made by Bill Moseley and seconded by Dan Acland to approve $1127 plus tax for the purchase of 4 new windsurfer sails. The motion was passed unanimously. Big money night!

There was a discussion of the possible need to buy new boards, especially heavier boards for beginners and heavier board­sailors. 


Paul submitted a report via email. He and Rebecca Hausman are putting together a post­haulout evaluation and a plan of action for future haulouts.

Paul is in agreement that winches need to be replaced on the Ensigns, suggesting the purchase of two new winches to replace those that are currently completely nonfunctional.

A motion was made by Dan Acland and seconded by Bill Gavelis to approve the expenditure of $500 for 6 new winches for the Ensigns and 3 new winch handles. After lengthy discussion the motion was approved 5 in favor and 1 against. Dan took responsibility for researching the purchase further to ensure the correct winches. 




Liam has been posting flyers around UC campus to attract new members.

Liam declared the current crew of dayleaders to be exemplary, especially in the wake of a recent Lido sinking. He broached the subject of a possible pay bonus for the dayleaders. After some discussion this issue was tabled pending further information. 


(Mercifully) No Report


Bill sold a trailer for $75, which was $25 more than ex­comm initially expected.

Saul Schumsky, boat acquisitions chair for the club, turned over to Bill the responsibility for selling the Cal 20 that was donated to the club this spring. Bill is arranging with the previous owner to exchange a receipt for the title to the boat. After the title arrives he will proceed to advertise and sell the boat, with help from Rebecca Hausman. He apologized to the previous owner on behalf of the club for the delay in the exchange of paperwork.

*Membership Chair Report* (Rebecca Hausman)

A new stock of windsurfer tee­shirts is currently being made, as per ex­comm approval. Should be here soon.



*Lidos: Bill Csajko announced that Schock is intending to return four hull with repairs on August 7.

Hull #8 sank last Saturday due to leakage through a cracked centerboard case. It is not to be sailed.

Another Lido has a broken centerboard uphaul line.

Peter Minkwitz is preparing a report on the repairs that have been done to hull #2.

There was an inconclusive discussion of possible ways to restructure the centerboard case.

There was an inconclusive discussion of extending the current restricted junior sailing area.

There was a motion to increase the penalty for sailing outside the restricted junior area or for sailing longer than 1.5 hours to 8 days loss of rating. The motion was made by Dan Acland, seconded by Jonathan Katz, and passed unanimously.

It was decided without a vote that hull #2 would be made into a junior boat, but that the log of sailing activity needs to be maintained. A call will be made to all the juniors in the club, informing them of the increased penalty and the changed status of hull #2.