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1996.08.08 - Excom

Thursday August 08, 1996

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Exeutive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club.

Date of meeting: August 8, 1996

Meeting called to order at: 1916

Presiding officer: Bill Csajko, Commodore.

In attendance: Bill Csajko, Bill Gavelis, Bill Moseley, Paul Herzmark, Martin Schaaf, Rebecca Haussman, Robert Ofsevit, Ed Shirk, Todd Price, Dan Acland, Peter Baczek


$34,700Checking (approx.)

$555 Money Market Account


No Report






Bill asked for suggestions on how to handle a disciplinary matter regarding a member who had displayed a pattern of negligence and disregard for equipment and sign out policies. It was agreed that Bill would speak to the member before any official ex­comm action is taken.


Paul and Rebecca Haussman have put together a package of information to facilitate future keelboat haulouts. Three cheers for a fantastic 3rd vice commodore!

Paul announced that Rebecca is now a senior skipper. Hip, hip, hooray!

The next haulout is planned to begin on Friday September 20th. Uncle Donald, one of the club Commanders, will be the patient. Paul is looking for volunteers to lead workdays during the week.

A concern was raised as to whether the club has enough gas tanks for cruising motors. Bill Gavelis agreed to look into the matter. 


There has been a problem with battens breaking on Lido mainsails due to improper sail folding. Peter will give a demonstration at the upcoming general membership meeting on the proper technique. (Basically these battens are thinner, and if you accidentally fold the sail right where the tip of the batten lies, then it

There was a discussion of the best way to educate members on the proper handling of equipment.

In a recent incident the mast on one of the club Lasers broke at the Vang fitting while under sail. There was discussion of the fact that the member who had the boat signed out at the time may not have taken the necessary steps to ensure the repair of the mast. It was emphasized in the discussion that the operating rules explicitly state that the skipper of a boat is responsible for providing the labor necessary to repair a boat or board REGARDLESS of whether or not they were negligent, and that they MAY NOT sail any club equipment until the repair has been made, unless this restriction is waived by the appropriate club officer. Lecture over. Bill Csajko will take responsibility for contacting the member in question.




No Report


Bill recently deposited $9501 for approximately a one month period. He noted that we need to maintain a year round average of $5000 a month to meet our budget.

Bill received a $200 property tax bill from Alameda County, based on an appraisal of club property which seems high. He is going to look into this appraisal and try to get a new appraisal.

Bill noted that the club received a very large bill from Cal Copy for printing various club litterature. Bill and Dan will work together to try to reduce the cost of printing in the future.



*John Greene requested ex­comm permission to buy a new traveler car for Louie (club Ensign). Dan Acland agreed to make the arrangements necessary for John to receive the port supply discount at West Marine.

*Robert Ofsevit requested that he be put on the authorized purchasers list at West Marine and Svendsens. After discussion of the need for decision making about expenditures to go through as many people as possible, a motion was made by Bill Csajko, seconded by Bill Gavelis, and approved unanimously to allow Robert to be on the lists at both locations, and to have a spending limit of $100 dollars, just like an ex­comm member.

*Martin Schaaf expressed concern about accessibility of club facilities and activities to people with physical and mental disabilities. He has prepared a draft of a proposal to bring the club into compliance with legal requirements. The main issues are wheelchair access to the clubhouse, and consideration for those with learning disabilities in the teaching and testing programs. After considerable discussion, a motion was made by Bill Csajko, and seconded by Bill Moseley, to establish a new committee for disabled accessibility in the club, with Martin as its first chairperson. The motion was passed unanimously. Martin was given the liberty to name his position. Martin will further develop his proposal, seeking input from disabled sailors in and out of the club.

*Dan Acland made a motion to increase the amount of money approved for the purchase of winches for the Ensigns to a total of $900. After research, Dan had found that the winches he had received approval for at the previous ex­comm meeting were inadequate for the Ensigns. He presented his findings. The motion was seconded by Peter Baczek and passed with 5 yes votes and one abstention.

*Rebecca Haussman introduced the topic of the restricted Lido sailing area. After lengthy discussion it was decided that after the delivery of the 4 newly repaired Lido hulls from Schock, the Junior area would be restored to its customary boundaries. A three hour sailing limit will remain in force. Any boat that has been on the water for three hours must be taken out of the water to be drained, regardless of how many times it has changed hands in that period. The motion to restore the junior area was made by Dan Acland, seconded by Bill Gavelis, and passed unanimously.

A log of all sailing activities will be kept of all boats, and any club member signing out a boat MUST record their sailing activity in the log. Bill Gavelis will take responsibility for creating a binder to record this information and it will be located on the table in the club house. Dan, Rebecca, and Paul agreed to take on the task of calling all rated skippers in the club to inform them of the new decision.

*Bill Csajko discussed a recent conversation with Tom Schock about the condition of the Lidos and the ongoing repair process. Peter Minkwitz, professional marine surveyor, has submitted a report to the club on the eight Lidos, including his impressions of the repairs done to hull #2. Bill will send a copy of this report to Tom Schock.