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1996.08.15 - Excom

Thursday August 15, 1996

Minutes of the General Membership Meeting of the Cal Sailing Club.

Date of meeting: August 15, 1996

Meeting called to order at: 2044

Presiding officer: Bill Csajko, Commodore.

Executive Committee members in attendance: Bill Csajko, Narcisse, Bill Moseley, Paul Herzmark, Peter Bazcek, Bill Gavellis, Dan Acland


Checking: approx $20,000

Money Market: approx $550


In regard to the Lido acquisition process, Bill noted that the club has come a long way in the past three months. Four repaired boats have recently been delivered by Schock Boatworks, giving the club a total fleet of five fully functioning Lidos. The junior area has been expanded to its customary size.

A JY15 has been purchased by the club. This boat is a welcome addition in the wake of the selling of the club 505 and Contender. Bill said that he expects the JY15 to be a very popular boat in the club.

Bill noted that in the past week the sailing program at CSC has taken a huge turn for the better, and said that he feels the crisis of the Lido acquisition process is behind us, and business as usual should now proceed in the sailing program.

Bill announced new senior and cruising skippers and windsurfers: Axel Kwiatkowski and Rebecca Haussman are new senior skippers. Andreas Schule is a new senior windsurfer. And Robert Ofsevit has risen to the exalted rank of cruising skipper. Congratulations to all. The club truly gains when any member achieves any of these ranks.

Bill announced the formation of a new committee and the appointment of its first chairperson. Martin Schaaf is now the chair of the charged with the responsibility of keeping the club in step with the needs of the physically and mentally handicapped.

Bill thanked Jennifer Kirkland for organizing the dinner at the meeting. Thanks yall! Keep coming back Jennifer. 


Narcisse announced that the club will once again provide free rides at the Jack London Square Boat Show in September. Skippers and crew are needed.

Narcisse described the cruising program and encouraged members to sponsor and to participate in cruises.

The latest issue of the Floating Bottle, newsletter of the club, will be off the presses soon. Narcisse expressed her grattitude for all the help she has received (thanks yall!), and announced that the windsurfing program will have its own page in this issue. 


Jonathon was not able to attend the meeting. 


This year has seen an especially busy windsurfing season, and Bill noted that many people have participated in the work of maintaining the windsurfing program. Thanks yall! There has been a lot of sail damage, but soon the clubs inventory of sails will be renewed with fresh equipment that is now on order from Windwing.

Bill noted that two local businesses, Berkeley Boardsport and Windwing, have been instrumental in the success of the windsurfing program, through generous donations of equipment and inexpensive repair work. Thanks yall!

Since May 4th the club has had a successful windsurfing lesson program, with instructors on hand almost every Saturday since. This is the first year for this program.

Bill Prinzmetal has established a lessons to bring novice windsurfers up to junior level. This was the first year for this program, and it was a great success.

Bill Prinzmetal and Peter Kuhn have created a ten step instructional manual that will become part of the standard windsurfing literature at the club.

Bill Prinzmetal has been appointed to the rating committee. Congratulations Bill. Next you

Bill Prinzmetal has established a video library this season, which currently includes nine titles, mostly related to windsurfing, but not exclusively. (Does any one else get the feeling that Bill Prinzmetal may just be the Rebecca Haussman of the windsurfing program?)

During the course of the season there have been an average of 550 windsurfer signouts per month. Pretty darn good!


The major accomplishment of the past three months was the haulout of Dewey and Huey, two of the clubs Ensigns. Paul expressed gratitude to all the people who showed up to help, especially Rebecca Haussman. Thanks yall!

The next keelboat haulout will begin on September 20th. Uncle Donald is the happy candidate, and all are encouraged to participate. 


What Peter refers to as the instruction program, because people seem to be discouraged about coming down to teach in a limited sailing area in unreliable boats. He said that he expects a boost in the program now that there is a substantial fleet of repaired boats and an expanded sailing area. Peter encouraged juniors, after becoming comfortable on the water, to begin teaching, and explained that teaching others pushes one

Peter strongly urged rated skippers to come down to the club to teach on Mondays and Thursdays, as these days tend to get the least attention.

Regarding the clubs policy on damage to equipment, Peter explained that if a boat or windsurfer is signed out, and breaks due to normal wear and tear, it is still the responsibility of the skipper who signed it out to see that repairs are made. Try to fix the equipment. If you can responsible member of ex­comm and make an arrangement for the repair to be taken care of. Once you have either fixed the eqipment or made an arrangement with a club officer, you may sail again, but not before. In the case of user negligence, the responsible skipper will be liable for up to $100 if the repair requires expenditure. However, this only applies to negligence, and not to normal wear and tear.

Peter reminded Lido sailors that it is mandatory to fill out the log books provided for each hull after each sailing. He also noted that there is still a time restriction of three hours sailing time for each hull, after which the hull must be hauled out and drained.

Peter, who besides being the Rear Commodore is also responsible for sail maintenance in the sailing program, reminded members to lower jibs immediately upon reaching the dock. mainsails should be lowered if the boat is to be at the dock longer than five minutes, but jibs should always be lowered immediately.

Peter gave a demonstration of proper Lido mainsail folding technique. There has been a problem lately with battens breaking at the forward tip due to careless folding of the sail. Following this demonstration there was a general discussion of folding technique and sail storage options.


Liam was unable to attend the meeting.


Dan woke up just prior to giving his report, and found that although fast asleep and dreaming of his upcoming vacation to Kentucky, he had in fact taken scrupulous and detailed notes of the meeting in his sleep. Congratulations on this amazing feat Dan!

Dan noted that there has been a concern with the cost of printing in the club. Bill Gavelis noted that pursuant to a recent conversation with Louie Benainous, a member of the club who is knowledgeable in the printing profession, he, as treasurer, has resigned himself to the rising cost of printing.

Dan went into some further detail regarding the Jack London Square Boat Show and the clubs participation in it.

Dan gave examples from club experience to demonstrate the club damage policy.


In introducing Bill Gavelis, Bill Csajko commended him for his recent generous gift to the club. Bill G paid for the professional surveyor, Peter Minkwitz, who recently surveyed our new Lidos.

Bill Gavelis had handed out a budget report comparing the first three months of this fiscal year with the same period last year as well as with the budget for the period. Income from membership looks good, about $1000 up from last year. Expenses are up $7000 from last year, but $5000 of this is from the purchase of new Lido sails. The windsurfing fleet has spent a great deal of money, but this is largely because the fleet is getting old and repairs and replacements are necessary.

The cost of insurance has skyrocketed for the club in the past three years. In regard to printing costs, it appears that market rates are increasing, and that this is a cost that the club may simply have to come to expect.

*Membership Committee Chairperson* (Rebecca Haussman)

Rebecca announced that as of meeting time there were 578 members in the club. The gave other numbers for each rating, and for most popular names in the club.

Rebecca announced that there will be a Lido sailing party to celebrate the expanded fleet and sailing area, Saturday August 17.



*Dave, one of the clubs tremendous dayleaders, expressed gratitude to Peter Kuhn for keeping the clubs rescue skiffs in order. Thanks yall!

*Paul Herzmark announced that he will be stepping down as third vice commodore in three months time, and would like people to consider taking on

the job.

*Bill Csajko announced that in three months the club will hold elections for ex­comm, and encouraged members to consider running for any position. He also noted that the club needs a substitute first vice commodore while Jonathon Katz is out of town.