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1996.09.19 - Excom

Thursday September 19, 1996

September 20, 1996


Cal Sailing Club

The meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, September 19, 1996. Commodore Bill Csajko presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 PM. In attendance were Bill Csajko, Narcisse, Paul Herzmark, Peter Baczek, Liam Carey and Bill Gavelis. Also in attendance was Ken Sheperd.

As of September 19, 1996, the Club has the following sums of money in their respective accounts:

Checking $18,094

Money Market $535

Total $18,629

Waiver on Age Restriction.

Prior to the officer reports, Andrew Kobylinski, a member of the club since July 1996, petitioned the Executive Committee to be allowed the opportunity to obtain a Junior Skipper rating. Andrew is 13 years old, and the Operating Rules state ANo one under the age of 16 may obtain a Club rating without the approval of the Executive Committee, except for the Novice Windsurfer rating, where the minimum age is 14. Under no circumstances may anyone under the age of 12 obtain a rating.@ Andrew provided information on his rather extensive sailing experience prior to joining Cal Sailing Club, including attending a sailing camp for the last three summers where he sailed Lasers and Hobies. Bill Gavelis moved to allow Andrew the opportunity to obtain a Junior Skipper rating once he completes all the normal requirements for a member to obtain the rating, with the provision that should he obtain a Junior Skipper rating that he must always have a crew when sailing a Lido. Liam seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously. 


Commodore's Report (Bill Csajko)

Charity Cultural Agency.

The Charity Cultural Agency contacted Bill this week to request rides for the children in their organization. The group, which CSC provided rides to last fall, would like to have the rides some Saturday in October.

Alma/Ashby Shoal Breakfast.

Martin Schaaf left a note stated that the people who run the sailboat AAlma@ are interested in joining us at the Ashby Shoal Breakfast next year, and they need to know the date now. 

Vice Commodore's Report (Bill Csajko for Narcisse)

Jack London Boat Show.

The boat show was successful, with rides given on the last two weekends. Bill noted that Narcisse operated the booth for the Cal Sailing Club for the entire time the Boat Show was open, which included the weekdays (from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM). And, after putting in so much work for the club, she had her car towed away on the last day of the show because it was mistakenly thought to be a stolen car.

First Vice Commodore's Report (Bill Csajko for Rebecca Haussmann)

Lido Status.

The last three repaired Lidos were delivered today (Thursday). Schock took with them for repair or replacement a rudder that had a split running along the seam. It was noted that the tiller handles need to have something permanently placed on them to replace the foam rubber grips that fell off and were lost, since the bare aluminum handle is scratching the hulls.

Second Vice Commodore's Report (Bill Moseley, via e-mail dated September 18, 1996)


Bill noted that two universals were lost in the last few weeks. He asked that the Dayleaders keep better track of the universals and make better use of the universal racks in the Dayleader locker to help in doing so.

Dayleader Checklist.

Bill also noted that a checklist for Dayleaders to use in opening and closing the club was proposed at one time and not implemented. Liam said he would prepare a checklist.

Third Vice Commodore's Report (Paul Herzmark)


"Uncle Donald" will be hauled out this weekend. Bill Gavelis moved the club spend up to $750 for this purpose. Bill Csajko seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Ensign Electrical Systems.

There have been problems with the batteries and electrical systems in the Ensign. Dave Sandler will do repair work on them as a Senior Project.

Rear Commodore's Report (Peter Baczek)

Teaching Status.

More lessons are being given and there are more students now that we have a sizeable fleet of working Lidos. There is still a lack of teachers on Mondays and Thursdays.

JY15 Sail.

The JY15 sail was brought back from Pineapple Sails today. It was recut to make the sail shape better when the cunningham is tightened.

Teacher Evaluations.

Peter plans on making teacher evaluation forms for students to fill out and place in a box. He will use the information gained from the forms to improve the teaching methods in the club.

Port Captain's Report (Liam Carey)

New Dayleaders.

Three new Dayleaders were hired (including Naim, a returning Dayleader). The only Dayleader available to work on Thursdays has a conflict with a class, which will prevent him from opening the club until 1:00 on that day. A sign will be placed on the front of the club notifying members of this change in hours.

Dayleader Foul Weather Gear.

Liam noted that the Dayleader foul weather gear is in poor shape. Bill Gavelis moved to spend up to $300 to purchase a medium quality set of foul weather gear for the Dayleader, and that permanent lettering be placed on the gear identifying them as CSC Dayleader gear. Bill Csajko seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously. 

Treasurer's Report (Bill Gavelis)

Cal 20.

The status of the donated Cal 20 was discussed. Bill Gavelis stated that CSC now has title to the boat, and he will put an ad in the San Francisco Chronicle asking $900 for the boat. He will also include the Contender in the ad.

Windsurfing Lockers.

Bill discussed the idea of lowering the annual rate for the windsurfing lockers from $225 to $200, in consideration of the lack of repair. There was no support for this idea, and it was decided to maintain the existing rate.

Life Jackets.

It was noted that nine life jackets were thrown out due to their poor, unsafe condition. Bill moved that ten new life jackets be purchased at a cost not to exceed $200. Paul seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

YRA Membership.

Bill received the list of YRA Associate Members from Hester Burn-Callendar. He stated that only about half of the list had paid the required dues. He will pursue obtaining the dues or removing them from the list.

Secretary's Report (Dan Acland)

No report was provided.



Bill Csajko noted that officer elections are coming up in November at the next General Membership Meeting, and that we need to start considering identifying members interested in running for any positions where the current officer does not plan to run again.


Bill Gavelis noted that we have spent almost $3,000 in the last three months for printing costs, which is close to the annual budget. It also does not appear that there is enough control over who can order printing from our designated printer, Cal Copy, although controls are supposed to be in effect. Bill Csajko will work with Dan Acland on this problem.

The meeting ended at 9:15 PM. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 3, 1996.