All Meeting Minutes

1996.10.02 - Excom

Wednesday October 02, 1996

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club.

Date of meeting:10/2/96

Meeting called to order at:7:00

Presiding officer: Bill Csajko, Commodore

In attendance: Bill Moseley, Peter Baczek, Paul Herzmark, Rebecca Haussmann, Liam Carey, Narcisse, Dan Acland, Bill Csajko


No report.


Bill has written a draft of a reply to Tom Schock's latest letter. In the draft Bill acknowledges receipt of the final three repaired boats. The draft also addresses a concern between the two parties regarding the specific understanding of Anormal wear and tear@ in relation to the clubs fleet of Lidos. There was discussion in the meeting of the wording of the letter.

Bill has also written a letter to Corso Marine regarding a request from Corso for assistance in their defense of a complaint being brought against them by a couple from the South Bay who bought a Lido and were not satisfied. Bill's letter reflected the sentiment of the club that we do not wish to get involved in the situation.

Bill wrote a third letter to the couple from the South Bay letting them know that to date Schock has responded to our concerns.


One shirt and two hats were sold at the Jack London Square Boat Show. The club received a $350 donation from the organizers of the show to cover the cost to the club of a rider to our insurance policy to cover the show. There was discussion of how the booth at the show was run, and possible changes for the future.

Appreciation was expressed for Narcisse and Dan Acland's efforts in organizing the club's participation in the boat show.

Charity Cultural Services wishes to visit the club once again with a group of Chinese and Chinese American high school students. Dan Acland agreed to organize this event.


The last three Lidos have been returned from Schock. Two of them still need to be rigged. This will be taken care of by the weekend.

Rebecca will be replacing all the jib sheets with thinner line.

The JY15 has been damaged. Bill Prinzmetal and Bill Csajko are pursuing the repair.

The Log books for the Lidos are being used fairly consistently. Rebecca will be contacting people who fail to log the amount of water taken on while sailing. She will also be doing capsize tests to find out if the anchor pockets are leaking.

A motion was made by Rebecca to lift the restrictions on the Senior dinghy area. The motion was seconded by Dan Acland and passed unanimously.


Several boards have been donated to the club which are not useful to the club. They will be disposed of.

Bill is considering further formalization of windsurfer instruction.

A motion was made by Bill, and seconded by Dan Acland, to accept the green storage locker outside the club yard as a donation if that donation is offered. The motion passed unanimously.


The haul out of Uncle Donald was successful. Many volunteers helped out. Thanks to everyone. The total cost was around $900, about $200 over budget. Berkeley Marine Center donated seven out of the total eleven days at the yard. Thanks a million!

Paul is looking for a replacement for his position coming up in November. He will help out with future haul­outs.


Teaching evaluation forms are now in existence, along with a box to put them in, but they are not yet getting a lot of use. Peter will persist in trying to get the idea to catch on.

13 year old Andrew Kobylinski has become a Jr. Skipper. He is required to have a parent or gaurdian on site when he sails. This is a special, ex­comm approved exception to the clubs age limit on ratings.

Cal Adventures found a CSC rudder floating near their dock. Wake Up People! You're lucky they float!


Liam is still planning to start using a dayleader daily check­out sheet to make sure day­leaders complete all the necessary tasks each day.

Charlotte, on or the club's past dayleaders who has had some difficulty getting paid by the university, has now been paid. Thanks for all your good work Charlotte.


Bill Csajko will be rewriting a letter to Cal Copy restricting use of the CSC charge account there to four club officers: Secretary, Treasurer, Commodore, and Vice Commodore.

Dan will be stepping down in November and is looking for a replacement.


Not present.