All Meeting Minutes

1996.10.17 - Excom

Thursday October 17, 1996

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club.

Date of meeting: 10/17/96

Meeting called to order at:7:15

Presiding officer: Bill Csajko, Commodore.

In attendance: Bill Csajko, Bill Gavelis, Narcisse, Bill Moseley, Peter Baczek, Liam Carey, Dan Acland, Rebecca Haussmann 


No report.


No report.


Narcisse reported Bill Csajko has been out of town for two weeks. She has been acting Commodore. Nothing of note has happened in this period.

Jennifer Kirkland will once again prepare dinner at the upcoming general membership meeting.


Various work has been done to the Lido fleet. Rebecca is trying to make improvements one by one to the entire fleet rather than working on them peice­meal.

There was discussion of the need for a redesign and reconstruction of the centerboard cases in the future.

Rebecca has been testing the Lidos for watertightness. Results have been favorable but not perfect so far. It is her opinion that there is no cause for concern regarding the ordinary use of the boats at this point.

The contender has been sold, for $300.

The clubhouse exterior will be painted this weekend.

The damage to the JY15 has been repaired by George from Seabird, free of charge, as a demonstration. Thanks George.


Windwind has finally closed its Berkeley store. One of the owners has decided to continue doing sail repair work for the club.

There was discussion of the need to replace the novice windsurfer fleet in the future.


No report.


Teaching evaluations are beginning to be filled out. So far most evals have been positive. Peter will be sharing these evals with the instructors about whom they are written.

Peter sold 9 old sails for $125 to a non­member. These were all sails that are irrelevent to the club's current fleet.


Midnight Moonlight Madness will be on Saturday, October 26th.

Liam has posted a dayleader checklist for dayleaders to refer to to remind them what needs to be done each day. It is on the door of the dayleader locker.

Liam is planning ahead to the Christmas week to make sure he has dayleaders available to keep the club open. 


No report.


Berkeley Yacht Club sponsored a buoy overboard regatta recently. Each boat was required to toss overboard and retreive a buoy on each leg of the race. Bill entered one of the club commanders and did not come in last. Congratulations Bill.

Bill has set aside the coming Saturday to catch up with club accounts. He will have a full report of club finances at the next meeting.




Rebecca Haussmann raised the possibility of purchasing two or three open­deck kayaks for use during winter months when the breeze is less consistent. There was support for the plan from some committee members, who pointed out that a survey taken a few years ago showed wide­spread support for a small fleet of kayaks in the club. There were two committee members who were strongly opposed to the idea of investing in even a small number of kayaks, primarily because of their belief that any purchase of kayaks would eventually lead to the establishment and growth of a much larger kayaking program at the club, which would conflict with the mission of the club as stated in the constitution. There was discussion of the possibility of restricting the use of kayaks to windless times in an effort to limit the expansion of kayaking at the club. Rebecca agreed to do further research into specific options and costs. She will report on her findings at the next ex­comm meeting.


Narcisse, Bill Csajko, and Bill Gavelis met with the new Harbor Master, Brad Gross, to discuss Gross's proposal that the club's fleet of keelboats be moved from J­dock to a double berth on K­dock, with no change in the current cost. Gross has proposed the change in the wake of alleged complaints he has received from other J­dock berthers. None of these complaints is in writing. There was discussion in the meeting of the pros and cons of the proposed move. Also expressed was the sentiment that the new Harbor Master may not fully appreciate the value of the club to the boating community and to the Marina itself. It was decided the club take no action at this time but rather wait until the Harbor Master makes a formal proposal in writing.