All Meeting Minutes

1996.11.07 - General

Thursday November 07, 1996

Minutes of the general membership meeting of the Cal Sailing Club.


Date of meeting: November 7th, 1996

Meeting called to order at: 2032

Presiding officer: Bill Csajko, Commodore. 


Bill reported that most or all of the original problems with the new Lido fleet have been resolved, and the "Lido Troubles" now seem to be behind us. There will be further repairs to the boats to increase their longevity, but these changes will not interfere with the use of the fleet.

The club has purchased a JY15, which has become one of the most popular boats in the fleet. The 505 and the Contender have been sold. It seems like a good trade considering how much use the JY15 gets compared to the two boats it replaces

The Cal 20 that was donated to the club was finally sold for the whopping sum of $225.

The club has purchased two Kayaks, which will be further discussed in the 1st Vice Commodore's report.

At the end of the last election meeting, six months ago, there was no elected 1st Vice. Bill noted Jonathan Katz and Rebecca Haussmann who subsequently stepped into the position, one after the other. Thanks folks.

Thanks once again go to Jennifer Kirkland for organizing the dinner for the meeting. This one was the best so far!


Thanks to many, including Veronique Anxolabehere, Sylvaine Guille, Dan Acland, Rebecca Haussmann, for their help with the floating bottle.

Thanks to many, including Bill Moseley, Saul Schumsky, for their help in organizing and staffing our part in the Jack London Square Boat Show.

Thanks to Ed Shirk for giving a free ride to 15 members on the night of the Midnight Moonlight Madness sail.

The clubhouse is in the middle of having its exterior repainted. Thanks go to Rebecca Haussmann for organizing the project.

Narcisse noted that Dan Acland and Liam Carey (among others) are working on a plan to reorganize the clubhouse and yard.

Thanks go to Brian Battuello for his years of excellent service as the Social Chair of the club, providing many wonderful barbecues and many other functions. He leaves behind a big pair of shoes which need to be filled. If you are interested in this position, which includes a free membership for the duration of your tenure, please contact any member of ex­comm.

Thanks to Alex Case who takes care of much of the advertising for the club.


Things are indeed looking good with the Lido fleet. Upon the return of the fleet from WD Schock Corp, where repairs were effected on the centerboard cases and various other defects, Rebecca embarked on a host of minor alterations to bring the fleet up to snuff. Members who have helped with this work are too numerous to mention. Thanks to all.

The log books that have been kept on the water intake of the boats since their repair indicate that the boats are safe at this point, taking on only very small quantities of water. Logging water intake is something that we must continue to do scrupulously in order to track the condition of the boats. Please keep up the conscientious logging. If we don't keep up the logging we will wind up with water­logging. (Oh he's so clever!)

The JY15 suffered its first damage recently. Bill Prinzmetal masterminded its repair. Thanks Bill.

As Narcisse indicated, the clubhouse is being painted. The project is 1/3 completed, and will soon be finished.

As Bill C indicated, the club has indeed purchased two open deck kayaks. These craft have been a long time coming to the club. Interest in them has been strong for at least the last three years. The intention of the purchase is to give members something to do in the winter months when wind is erratic and often nonexistent. Operating rules for the kayaks will be voted on at the next ex­comm, and after that the kayaks will be available for use. Thanks to Martin Schaaf for his help in researching the kayak purchase.

Rebecca announced the inception of a boat adoption program at CSC. Any member with a keen interest in a particular boat in the fleet may officially "adopt" it. This will mean that while that member is not responsible for all repairs, they will keep an eye on the boat and communicate with the 1st Vice Commodore as to what repairs or improvements are needed. Please contact Rebecca or the new 1st Vice Commodore to adopt a boat.


Bill announced three new senior windsurfers in the last three months: himself, Chris Apicella, and Matthias Reinsch. Congratulations all!

Bill gave an overview of the windsurfing program: the equipment is largely in good shape, and the club has much equipment that is of high quality. There have been a number of worthy donations in the past several months. Windsurfing gear tends to be short­lived, and there are a number of boards and sails that will soon need to be replaced, an expenditure that the club needs to be prepared for. The teaching program this season was a success. There were instructors available almost every Saturday morning throughout the season. Next season the program will be more structured so that novices can more easily get the information and coaching they need to get out on the water. In addition, Bill will be working on a revised edition of the windsurfing instruction manual. Bill Prinzmetal and Peter Kuhn have put together a 10 step guide to getting started which will be incorporated into the new manual. 


In his tenure as 3rd Vice Commodore, Paul has specialized in hauling out keelboats and painting their bottoms. This time around he has done Uncle Donald, one of the club Commanders. Thanks go to more than fifty volunteers who helped with this project.

A couple of members have undertaken senior work projects recently. David Sandler is working on rewiring the Ensigns. Wilder Lee will be starting on a woodwork project on one of the Ensigns. 


The sailing instruction program survived the "Lido Troubles" though there were some rough spots. Many people helped pull the program through by giving lessons on the Rhodes and Ensign. Thanks folks.

Peter is trying to establish an evaluation system for the volunteer instructors who make up the teaching program. He has installed a box on the front of the clubhouse and evaluation forms for students to fill out at the end of each lesson. Please take the time to do this if you are impressed with your lesson, either positively or negatively.

Once again, please beware of the battens in the Lido mainsails when you fold the sails. They are thin and very breakable.

Peter, who was and is opposed to the introduction on kayaking at CSC, promotes light air sailing as a winter activity. It is harder than sailing in a strong breeze, and requires different skills. Don't give up!

The Wednesday night keelboat lessons continue. Bob Collins and Peter have been providing the lessons with help from many. This is another great way to learn to sail in light air. It can be done folks!

There has been no lecture series so far in Peter's tenure, but he will soon begin one, hopefully to include lecturers from outside the club.


Thanks to Steven Gehlbach, past Port Captain, for all his help in the past six months.

Liam has hired a number of new dayleaders, and commends in particular David, Richard, Damis, Lucy, and Mark. Thanks to all.

Liam is looking for volunteer dayleaders. Volunteers are members who receive training in the use of the rescue skiff and the operations of the club, and then do two shifts of dayleading in return for a free membership. Please contact Liam if you are interested. 


Dan noted that he is leaving ex­comm with a sigh of relief after 18 months. Good choice Dan!

Dan notes that he has taken on the role of organizing free rides for various events, including a recent day of sailing with a Chinese students group from the City. If anyone hears of fun events to get involved with, contact Dan.

As Narcisse mentioned, a project is underway to reorganize space in the clubhouse and yard. The main elements of this plan are the removal of foulies, and boat parts from the clubhouse and into a storage container in the yard, along with life vests from the locker on the deck, and the installation of a counter in the clubhouse to separate a "dayleaders only" portion of the clubhouse to facilitate orderly organization of paperwork and notices.


The treasurer was absent due to work constraints, but submitted a written report. In general he noted that the club is not doing badly financially.

There was a question from the membership about the need for saving for future capital investments such as Lido replacement, windsurfer replacement, clubhouse rebuilding, etc. This is a matter that is under consideration in ex­comm, and needs further attention.



Elections: Ex­comm election results were as follows.

Commodore: Rebecca Haussmann was nominated by Bill Csajko, seconded by Martin Scanlon, ran unopposed, and was elected unanimously.

Vice Commodore: Narcisse was nominated by Dan Acland, seconded by Paul Herzmark, ran unopposed, and was elected unanimously.

1st Vice Commodore: Martin Scanlan was nominated by Rebecca Haussmann, seconded by Martin Schaaf, ran unopposed, and was elected unanimously.

2nd Vice Commodore: Bill Moseley was nominated by Dan Acland, seconded by Robert Ofsevit, ran unopposed, and was elected with one opposing vote from his wife Annie, who is not a current member.

3rd Vice Commodore: Abizar Lakdawalla was nominated by Paul Herzmark, seconded by Rebecca Haussmann, ran unopposed, and was elected unanimously.

Rear Commodore: Peter Baczek was nominated by Bill Csajko, seconded by Liam Carey, ran unopposed, and was elected unanimously.

Port Captain: Liam Carey was nominated by Dan Acland, seconded by Bill Moseley, ran unopposed, and was elected unanimously.

Secretary: Bill Csajko was nominated by Dan Acland, seconded by Narcisse, ran unopposed, and was elected unanimously.

Treasurer: Bill Gavelis was nominated by Bill Csajko, seconded by Rebecca Haussmann, accepted the nomination in writing, ran unopposed, and was elected unanimously.

Thanks to everyone who showed up to make the meeting a success.

Over and Out.