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1995.02.02 - General

Thursday February 02, 1995

February 6, 1995


Cal Sailing Club 

The general membership meeting of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Berkeley Yacht Club on Thursday, February 2, 1995. Commodore Scott Hotes presided.

The meeting was called to order at 8:05 PM. Executive Committee members in attendance were Scott Hotes, Veronique Anxolabehere, John Drewery, Mark Donovan, Rebecca Haussmann, Louie Benainous, Stephen Gehlbach, Bill Csajko, and Patrick Twohy. A quorum (greater than twenty percent) of the membership was in attendance.


Commodore's Report (Scott Hotes)

Keys. Scott announced that new Senior and Dayleader keys are available, and may be obtained by qualified members from either Louie Benainous or the Dayleaders. New J dock keys may be obtained from Patrick Twohy. Scott asked the membership if there was any dissatisfaction with the method by which the new keys were being distributed; no comments were provided.

Operating Rules. The Club Operating Rules are being revised. Members interested in providing input to these revisions should attend upcoming Executive Committee meetings.

Swap Meet. There will be a swap meet on February 26 at the Berkeley Yacht Club.

Vice Commodore's Report (Veronique Anxolabehere)

Membership. There are 59 members in the Club at this time. The bad weather over the winter is probably a contributing factor. Veronique, with the assistance of Alex Case, will start a membership drive in a month or two to coincide with the upcoming America's Cup. A press package will be available that members may obtain for distribution to the media.

Floating Bottle. The fall issue of the Floating Bottle went out in January. Veronique thanked Shari Adkins, Ben Keeler, Francis Ross, Mark Donovan, Bill Csajko, Louie Benainous and Daniel Wildermuth for their contributions to the newsletter.

Upcoming Events. There will be an Open House this weekend. The Berkeley Bay Festival will be in May. Seniors and experienced Juniors are needed to provide boat rides, and others are needed to help out. There are no cruises scheduled at this time. The Ashby Shoal Breakfast is scheduled for June 17.

Outreach Program. Although the Club has historically provided boat rides to underprivileged children, Veronique is proposing to expand the outreach program. She emphasized that the proposal is not definite and may be subject to change. The expanded program would consist of a three-week camp for children, three hours per day, three days per week. The children would be taught various aspects of sailing, including things like maintenance. Written and practical tests would be given, and a rating would be given along with a certificate at the end of the course. The children along with their parents would also be taken on a cruise to Angel Island upon completion. To start up the program, it would be advertised in various forums, and a meeting would be held with prospective parents and children. Mentors would be assigned to the children, two children per mentor. Programmatic grants would be sought to help pay for things like children's foul weather gear, and year-long memberships for the children. Berkeley Yacht Club may possibly be interested in subsidizing these low-income memberships. However, before we start this program, the membership must be committed to making it work, especially by volunteering. We may be able to get counselors from other organizations to help. The issue was then opened for discussion. There was concern over the large time commitment for members, particularly during weekdays for members that work. Running the program on weekday evenings was suggested. Veronique asked for a volunteer to assist her in running this program, and asked for consensus on the idea in principal, not the details.

First Vice Commodore's Report (John Drewery)

Dinghy Damage. Despite the bad weather which kept people from sailing, there was still some damage to dinghies over the winter. A mast step was broken on a Laser due to the lack of a mast head float. Two dinghies (Contender, 470) blew off their trailers which caused cracks in the hulls. John asked that members tie down the dinghies on their trailers if a storm with high winds is predicted. The boom for the eighth Lido is here, which, when installed, will make all Lidos sailable.

Second Vice Commodore's Report (Mark Donovan)

Windsurfing Activity. There has been very little windsurfing this winter, with 19 usages of equipment in December and January, which is equivalent to a half-day's use in the summer.

Equipment Donations. Several boards and sails were donated over the winter. Mark will sell off some of the old, obsolete equipment this spring at swap meets.

Third Vice Commodore's Report (Rebecca Haussmann)

Keelboat Activity. There was little usage of the keelboats this winter.

New Sails. Rebecca will order new sails for Daisy, including a storm jib.

Rear Commodore's Report (Louie Benainous)

Lessons. There were few lessons this winter due to low turnout. However, we will need teachers to start coming down on weekends as activity will pick up.

Lecture Series. The bi-weekly lecture series will begin on March 2 before each Executive Committee meeting.

Keys. New Senior and Dayleader keys may be obtained from Louie.

Port Captain's Report (Stephen Gehlbach)

Recycling. The Club is now recycling. Recycling bins are located in the Clubhouse, and Stephen is looking into having the recyclable material picked up on a regular basis.

Improvements. Several improvements have been made to the Clubhouse, including rerouting the anemometer wiring and repairing the doorjamb. See the Dayleaders for additional work.

Dayleaders. There are now five Dayleaders. Volunteer Dayleaders are needed.

Multimedia Show. Stephen announced that a multimedia show of a northern European cruise will be shown at the Berkeley Yacht Club on March 14, 28 and April 11, 18.

Spring Cleaning. The Clubhouse will be cleaned up, and possibly get a new carpet.

Secretary's Report (Bill Csajko)

Electronic Files. The Club now has an electronic file repository, including things like manuals, tests, and meeting minutes. Anyone who has files that would be of use to the Club should contact Bill.

E-mail Minutes. Bill has been distributing the Executive Committee meeting minutes by E-mail. Any members who wish to receive the minutes and any other items of interest were asked to sign up on a list or send an E-mail message to Bill at 

Treasurer's Report (Patrick Twohy)

Financial Status. Patrick distributed an accounting of the Club's budget versus actual expenditures (attached to these minutes for the record). Although the report shows actual income to date about $15,000 under the total for the fiscal year, we will probably end up with total income just under the projected income at the end of the fiscal year. The large item under miscellaneous income is mostly due to insurance payment for the accident with Huey this last summer, and the closing out of the Gerry Klein bequest. There will probably be a cost overrun for work study payments. We are under budget for capital purchases, but will now be buying new sails for Daisy. We are under budget in media ads, over in printing, and under in dinghy hulls and sails. Overall, we may end up having a balanced budget by being under in both income and expenditures.

Reimbursement Forms. Please attach a receipt to the reimbursement forms, and state the purpose for the purchase when requesting reimbursement, as it makes Patrick's job much easier.


Scott provided some background to the proposed revisions to the Club's Constitution and By-Laws. The documents were updated periodically up until about twelve years ago. Many of the sections in the existing documents refer to ASUC, in relation to our former association with the university. Two people have spent a significant amount of time making the revisions, Daniel Wildermuth and Charles Clausen. Although most of the members may not have read the revisions, the Executive Committee announced in August that we would be voting on it, and the documents were available at the Club in early January for members to read. Some of the proposed changes include adding outreach to the Club's objectives, and acknowledging in the preamble that the Club is open to the public, and not a part of the university.

John Drewery moved to approve the documents, which was seconded. The motion was opened for discussion. A concern raised was why rush the vote on the revisions since it has taken so long already; the ability to get a quorum of twenty percent of the Club, which is a requirement, was given as a reason to vote now. A suggestion was made to vote by mail; the cost associated with mailing copies of the documents to everyone was given as a reason to not do a vote by mail. Someone asked if we have met the requirements under the current Constitution and By-Laws for notification of members of the revisions; the answer was affirmative. A motion was raised to split the previous motion in two, having a separate vote on each of the two documents; the motion was seconded. Bill Gavelis stated strong support for the proposed revisions to the Constitution. Someone asked if any of the changes would affect the Club's articles of incorporation; the answer was negative. The membership then voted by hand on the proposed changes to the By-Laws; the motion was approved, 24 for, 1 against, and 3 abstain (for not having read the document).

A motion was proposed to delay the vote on the proposed changes to the By-Laws until the next General Membership meeting; there was no second. A motion was then raised to vote on the proposed changes to the By-Laws. Bill Gavelis stated that there was insufficient time given to the membership to review the document; reasons given for voting now were that members have had a lot of time to be involved in the process of revising the document, and if the vote is not done now it may never get done. Scott was then asked to go over some of the proposed changes to the By-Laws. These include changes in how members are nominated for officer positions, how to deal with Executive Committee vacancies, making the Treasurer duties legal, and changes to the Port Captain's duties. Someone asked if having lower fees for students discriminated against non-students; it was noted that student fees are not discussed in either the Constitution or By-Laws. Scott noted that if anyone finds problems with the Constitution or By-Laws between now and the next General Membership meeting, any further revisions could be voted on then. The membership then voted by hand on the proposed changes to the By-Laws; the motion was approved, 21 for, 0 against, and 4 abstain (for not having read the document).

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 PM.