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1995.03.02 - Excom

Thursday March 02, 1995

March 8, 1995


Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, March 2, 1995. First Vice Commodore John Drewery presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:40 PM. In attendance were John Drewery, Mark Donovan, Rebecca Haussmann, Louie Benainous, Stephen Gehlbach, and Bill Csajko. Also in attendance were members Ken Shepherd, Peter Kuhn, Bob Collins, Saul Schumsky, and Andrew Altounyan.

The meeting was preceded by a lecture by Saul Schumsky on "Motors and Motoring".

No financial report was provided at the meeting.


Commodore's Report (Scott Hotes)

No report was given.

Vice Commodore's Report (Veronique Anxolabehere)

No report was given.

First Vice Commodore's Report (John Drewery)

Dinghy Status. The 470's and the Contender are repaired. The Laser with the torn maststep was also repaired. The cost for the new maststep and various Lido parts was $300. Stephen moved to spend the $300 for the new maststep and Lido parts; Rebecca seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Second Vice Commodore's Report (Mark Donovan)

New Sails. Mark purchased the two new Windwing 6.0 Novice sails.

Board Repair. Sander is now repairing one of the Senior boards.

Sail Donation. We received a donation of an 8.0 sail; needs to be lettered.

Third Vice Commodore's Report (Rebecca Haussmann)

Louie. Rebecca and a member named Collins worked on Louie's gel coat. Zaaf is still working on the seats and other parts of the cockpit.

Uncle Donald. A member named John did a very good job of cleaning up Uncle Donald.

Boat Covers. Martin may make boat covers for the keelboats. 

Rear Commodore's Report (Louie Benainous)

Lecture Series. The first lecture in the lecture series was given today by Saul Schumsky. It was very well attended, with about 12 people present. Due to the high turnout, we may have to consider holding the lectures, and therefore the Executive Committee meetings, at a larger location such as the Berkeley Yacht Club. The lecture today lasted about an hour and a half, and we may want to consider starting the Executive Committee meetings at 7:30.

Port Captain's Report (Stephen Gehlbach)

30 HP Yamaha. The cost for tuning up the 30 HP skiff engine is only $125.

Treasurer's Report (Patrick Twohy)

No report was given.

Secretary's Report (Bill Csajko)

Constitution and By-Laws. The Club's Constitution and By-Laws, as revised and approved at the last General Membership Meeting, were printed out and are now available for reference at the Club.

Boat Registrations. The boat registration numbers were not yet put on the boats lacking them. There is a need to put the numbers on Huey, since two of the keelboats are not sailable right now, and we need it for Open House this weekend.


Motors Committee (Peter Kuhn)

Motor Status. Out of eight outboards in the Club, only two are working right now. Comments on various engines are as follows:

  • The 18 HP skiff engine may make it through the summer, but it is doubtful.
  • The 8 HP cruising engine has stripped threads on one of the thumbscrews; Peter ordered the parts for repair.
  • The Nissan 5 HP is making bad noises, probably due to worn bearings. Bob Collins will take it to West Marine to have it looked at.
  • One of the Suzuki 4 HP engines is working, and the other is missing a thumbscrew washer (which Peter has ordered).
  • The Evinrude 6 HP is barely usable.
  • The Chrysler engine is no good.

In conclusion, Peter suggests we purchase a new skiff engine.

Skiff Hulls. The skiffs need reinforcement of the floors, since cracks in the floor has allowed water to seep in and caused the balsa core to rot. Someone needs to volunteer to repair the hulls.

Donations Committee (Saul Schumsky)

Potential Donations. Saul stated that he heard that someone wanted to donate a Santana 22 to the Club. Ken Shepherd stated that someone wanted to donate a Pearson Electra to the Club in return for a year's membership.


Cabin Doors. Zaaf had requested that the Executive Committee reconsider the decision to refinish Louie's cabin doors in lieu of replacement. There was no consensus to reconsider the decision; Rebecca will again reconsider it after Zaaf completes the rest of the work on the boat.

Lack of Students. Louie stated that there were very few students lately, and perhaps this was a problem the Club needs to address. The consensus of the Executive Committee is that this is normal in consideration of the weather and the time of year, and that no special action needs to be taken at this time. An accurate count of the number of members at this time is needed.

Swap Meet. At last Sunday's swap meet at the Berkeley Yacht Club, Rebecca sold a couple of Club shirts, and Peter Baczek sold some sails.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 PM.

The next Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 16, 1995. The lecture prior to the meeting will be "Navigating the Bay: Charts, Tides & Currents" by Daniel Wildermuth.