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1995.03.30 - Excom

Thursday March 30, 1995

March 31, 1995


Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, March 30, 1995. Commodore Scott Hotes presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 PM. In attendance were Scott Hotes, Veronique Anxolabehere, John Drewery, Mark Donovan, Rebecca Haussmann, Louie Benainous and Bill Csajko. Also in attendance were members Ken Shepherd and Peter Kuhn.

The meeting was preceded by a lecture by Dave Cary on "Sail Trim".

As of March 30, 1995, the Club has the following sums of money in their respective accounts:

Checking $2,471

Money Market $18,609

Treasury Bills $40,000

Total $61,080


Commodore's Report (Scott Hotes)

Open House. There is an Open House this weekend. Zaaf Hasnain and Jeff will prepare the barbecue. The Berkeley Bay Festival is the following weekend. Veronique will set up the booth and take pictures.

Vice Commodore's Report (Veronique Anxolabehere)

No report was given.

First Vice Commodore's Report (John Drewery)

Rhodes 19. The white Rhodes 19, "Lion", will be painted as a Senior project. No other work is required to make it sailable.

Second Vice Commodore's Report (Mark Donovan)

Windsurfing Tests. Mark had some windsurfing tests printed up, and found there were already a number of them at the Clubhouse, therefore there are now about 10 copies of the windsurfing test.

Swap Meet. Mark and Tony Phillips attended a swap meet. They sold two sails, and bought three fins. He will apply the $40 net profit from the sails toward purchase of other items at another swap meet.

Third Vice Commodore's Report (Rebecca Haussmann)

Louie. The repair work on "Louie" is moving along well. All woodwork that is being refinished has three coats. It will take Zaaf and Dan Acland about three weeks more to complete the work.

Sails. Rebecca ordered the sails for Daisy from Pineapple Sails. It will take 6-8 weeks for the sails to be done.

Rear Commodore's Report (Louie Benainous)

Lecture Series. Attendance at tonight's lecture was even better this week. Approximately 20 people attended.

Teaching. There are still not that many students showing up for Saturday lessons. No one has yet received information on the number of members from Daniel Wildermuth. Per the membership card log book, 136 memberships were sold in the last three months. Including long-term memberships and free memberships, there are approximately 200 members in the Club right now.

Port Captain's Report (Stephen Gehlbach)

No report was given.

Treasurer's Report (Patrick Twohy, via e-mail message dated March 29, 1995)

Tax Problem. Patrick is working to prevent disaster in the form of the state deactivating us as a California corporation. It seems a previous treasurer neglected to file a 1992 state tax statement. We don't owe taxes, we just have to tell them so. Patrick knew of the problem a year ago but forgot about it. When Patrick received a notice from the Franchise Tax Board last September, he misunderstood and promptly sent them a copy of the 1993 return.

The most recent notice said we have to get this thing fixed or we lose our status as a corporation, but of course the deadline had already passed. So Patrick called Kathy McGraw, our lawyer. She contacted the Franchise Tax Board and got them the agree that they would hold off if we would file the 1992 form by this Friday, which Patrick will do.

WWW Site. Patrick is writing and assembling a complete World Wide Web site for the Cal Sailing Club. Brian Battuello has started on it and has a home page, which he proposes we modify. The site will include photos (contributions needed), descriptions of the Club, how to join, our equipment, how to get there (with map), minutes of the last Executive Committee meeting, lists of Executive Committee members (with photos), rating committee people, Seniors and Cruising Skippers.

It's kind of ambitious since this is his first shot at writing documents in hypertext, and it will need to be updated fairly regularly.

What Patrick needs is: a)Input. Is this a good idea? Any thoughts about what we ought to put in it? Any other tips?, b)Photos. He is thinking about heading by the Club with a camera someday soon, and c) A scanner. He will rent one if necessary, but perhaps someone we know has one we can use to scan in photos. Louie has a scanner which he offered to let the Club use.

Secretary's Report (Bill Csajko)

Registrations. The remainder of the registration stickers have been received. Only a small number of boats remain that need stickers. Stickers will not be put on two boats: 1) the white Rhodes 19, since it will be painted in the near future, and 2) the 470 that will be junked. The remainder of the stickers will be put on the boats this weekend, along with any required new or revised registration numbers.

Electronic Files. Bill is continuing to expand the CSC electronic file repository. It is now up to about 10 megabytes. Disks containing the files will not be left at the Club, since they contain files we do not want public, such as the tests. Bill and Louie will each retain a set of the files on disks. Louie has some additional files he received from Charles Clausen. 


Motor Committee

Engine Repair. Peter Kuhn moved to spend up to $300 to repair the 5 HP Nissan outboard engine. John seconded the motion. The motion passed with six in favor, and one abstention.


Senior Written Test. Peter Kuhn noted that the Senior Skipper written test could be improved. John will try to rewrite it.

Gas Cans. The problem of people using inappropriate gas mixtures for the outboard engines was discussed. One engine, the 30 HP Yamaha, has its own self-contained oil reservoir, and uses straight gas. All the other engines require a gas/oil mixture of 50:1. Using the wrong gas for the engines damages them. Various ways to prevent using the wrong gas mixture were discussed, including a suggestion by Ken Shepherd to put the Yamaha gas containers in a separate locked box accessible with only a Dayleader key.

Lido Cruise to Brooks Island. Peter Kuhn moved to authorize a cruise to Brooks Island sometime this summer with the Lidos. The motion was seconded by Bill. The motion passed with six in favor, and one abstention.

Membership Meeting. The next General Membership Meeting will be held on Thursday, May 4th, at the Berkeley Yacht Club. Officer elections will be held at the meeting.

Start Time for Meetings. The start time for the Executive Committee meetings was again discussed, due to conflict with the lectures when they run late. Louie is having someone see if the lectures can be held over at the Harbormaster's building. The general consensus is to still schedule the meetings to begin at 7:00.

Membership Chair. Due to the lack of responsiveness in receiving information from the current Membership Chair, Rebecca volunteered to assume the duties.

Boat Donation. The Ensign Electra that is being offered to the Club as a donation was looked at by Brian Battuello. He thinks it is in too poor a shape for us to accept.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 PM.

The next Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 13, 1995. The lecture prior to the meeting will be "Heavy Weather Sailing" by John Drewery.