All Meeting Minutes

1995.05.04 - General

Thursday May 04, 1995


Cal Sailing Club

The general membership meeting of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Berkeley Yacht Club on Thursday, May 4, 1995. Commodore Scott Hotes presided.

Preliminary Meeting

A short meeting of the Executive Committee was held prior to the general membership meeting to discuss the creation of a Novice Windsurfer sail locker. The meeting was called to order at 6:45 PM. Executive Committee members in attendance were Scott Hotes, Mark Donovan, Rebecca Haussmann, Louis Benainous, Stephen Gehlbach, and Bill Csajko. Also in attendance were members Bill Prinzmetal, Tony Phillips, and Olivier Colliou.

Bill Csajko stated that Stephen and several members had removed the spare skiff from the locker, cleaned it out, and set it up as a locker for rigged Novice Windsurfer sails. Bill organized this preliminary meeting since it appeared there was some controversy regarding this action and thought it should be discussed in an open forum. Bill Prinzmetal discussed the positive aspects of the action (less wear on the sails due to elimination of constant rigging and derigging, easier to change sail sizes, increased availability of sails, and will help give students in next week's windsurfing fast-track program more time to sail), and some of the negative aspects (students will not learn rigging as well, students may take wrong size sail). He suggested we may want to try this out as an experiment.

Tony and Mark discussed some of their concerns about the action. Tony stated that most wear results from sailing, not rigging, and reiterated that students will not learn how to properly rig sails. Mark stated that when given a choice between a rigged sail that is the wrong size and an unrigged sail that is the proper size, Novice Windsurfers will likely choose the rigged sail, resulting in more problems with them sailing.

Other points brought up in general discussion included whether to put only smaller sails in the locker, if this creates a security problem for the sailboat sails stored in the back of the locker, and if there is a problem with security with the spare skiff and engine.

The conclusion was to try out the Novice Windsurfer sail locker for a month and see if there are any discernable positive or negative impacts. The inclusion of a rigging test for Junior Windsurfers will be considered to offset the decrease in practical rigging. The preliminary meeting ended at 7:10 PM.

General Membership Meeting

The general membership meeting was called to order at 8:20 PM. A quorum of the membership (41 out of 198) was in attendance. Executive Committee members in attendance were Scott Hotes, John Drewery, Mark Donovan, Rebecca Haussmann, Louis Benainous, Stephen Gehlbach, and Bill Csajko.


Commodore's Report (Scott Hotes)

Budget. Scott stated that the Club did well financially last year, with income exceeding expenditures by about $5,400. He noted that we will have to spend money this year on repairing the skiffs, and purchasing new cruising outboards, so we will probably just break even. The $40,000 the Club has in Treasury Bills mature in April 1996, and we will be considering replacing the Lido's with this money. Members interested in helping in the selection of a replacement dinghy should come to the Executive Committee meetings. Bill Gavelis noted that Dan Dobbs had visited the White Boat Company on the east coast, which manufacture dinghies based on the Lido hull, but with more floatation. Pictures of the boat are posted on the back wall of the Clubhouse.

Volunteer Dayleaders. A significant part of our budget goes toward Dayleader pay. Scott noted that people have volunteered to daylead in the past in return for free memberships, and that this is encouraged to help keep down expenses. Stephen Gehlbach stated that he would discuss it more under his report.

Cruises. Scott stated that there is a big need for Cruising Skippers, especially newer Cruising Skippers, to schedule Club cruises, since the cruising calendar shows no upcoming cruises. 

Vice Commodore's Report (Scott Hotes for Veronique Anxolabehere)

Open Houses. The last two Open Houses, in March and April, were successful, bringing in about 30 new members. The next Open House is this weekend, and is well advertised.

Floating Bottle. Anyone who wishes to contribute to the next issue of the Floating Bottle should submit articles to Ben Keeler, or put them in Veronique's folder.

Berkeley Bay Festival. Our Club's participation at the festival was successful, with over 200 rides given by Bill Gavelis, Dan Acland, Bill Csajko, Louie Benainous and others.

First Vice Commodore's Report (John Drewery)

Dinghy Status. Two Lidos are not sailable due to the centerboards being broken recently by people improperly righting the boats. We should encourage lowering the mainsail after a capsize to help prevent further damage. Also, the centerboard cases will need to be strengthened during the next six months. One Rhodes 19 is working, and the other will also be sailable soon. The Lasers and Bytes are all okay. He thanked the people who tied down the dinghies before the last storm, although a 470 still got knocked over and was damaged. He got rid of one 470 and the 420. A dinghy road trailer is for sale. He needs lots of help with dinghy repairs if we are to have a full complement of Lidos. 

Second Vice Commodore's Report (Mark Donovan)

Windsurfing Status. The windsurfing equipment is in better shape than the dinghies, since the equipment must be replaced every 3-4 years. Last year we bought Junior-Plus/Senior booms and universals, and this year we will purchase Novice booms and universals. He thanked Bill Prinzmetal, Tony Phillips, Clive Scullion and Chung for their help over the last six months.

Novice Windsurfer Sail Locker. Mark announced the new Novice Windsurfer sail locker.

Third Vice Commodore's Report (Rebecca Haussmann)

Keelboat Repairs. Work on "Louie" is not totally done due to the frequency of rain this winter, but Rebecca will have a work party this weekend to finish it. "Dewey" needs the boom repaired. Rebecca thanked Dan Acland, Zaaf Hasnain, Peter Kuhn, and Peter Baczek for their help.

Small Repairs. Rebecca suggested that any time a small repair is required, that you take the initiative to purchase the required parts or materials, perform the repair, and put in for reimbursement. This will help get things repaired more quickly. Dan Acland noted that people must be able to distinguish between repair and improvement.

Letter to Teachers. Rebecca wants to send out a letter to all the members who teach, listing all the gripes people have about improper sailing techniques (such as jumping on centerboards, not knowing how to anchor, etc.) with the intent of getting the teachers to teach the proper skills. She will accept any suggestions on what to include in the letter.

Rear Commodore's Report (Louis Benainous)

Lecture Series. The bi-weekly lecture series has been a success over the last few months. Each lecture has been well-attended, averaging 15-20 students. The next, and last, of the series is next week on "Celestial Navigation."

Lessons. Louis encouraged people to come on down and teach during the scheduled lesson periods.

Fast Track. Brian Battuello has arranged the first Fast Track teaching program to begin next Monday. He has sufficient teachers for next week, but needs volunteers for the next two sessions in June and July.

Keelboat Lessons. The keelboat lessons have been going well, thanks to Bob Collins.

Teaching. Louis suggested that teachers find out what the students do not know (such as anchoring, righting a capsized boat, heavy weather sailing, etc.) and teach these skills.

Windsurfing Fast Track Program. Tony Phillips noted that the first Fast Track program for windsurfing starts this Saturday, ending the following Friday along with the regular Fast Track program, followed by a party at the sake factory from 9 PM to midnight.

Teaching Curriculum. Peter Baczek asked if there are any plans to make a teaching curriculum to improve the quality of the students' sailing skills. Louis noted that there is a teaching manual, but that in itself does not appear to be working, and suggested that people giving tests need to be more critical and not allow people to pass so easily.

Port Captain's Report (Stephen Gehlbach)

Port Captain Duties. Stephen reminded people that the main duty of the Port Captain is to hire and retain Dayleaders, with skiff maintenance being a secondary duty. He thanked Peter Kuhn and Tim Brandon for their help with the skiffs.

Volunteer Dayleaders. Stephen stated that a reason there have not been as many volunteer Dayleaders is due to few problems with the paid Dayleader schedule. In the future he will have people call volunteer Dayleaders instead of paid Dayleaders if a scheduled Dayleader cannot work. There will be a training session in June for Dayleaders, and anyone interested in volunteer dayleading is welcome.

Clubhouse Changes. The carpet in the Clubhouse was removed this winter. T-shirts are now being sold at the Clubhouse, and sales have already improved. You are now able to recycle at the Clubhouse. Peter Kuhn and Tim Brandon helped clean out a lot of old, unusable stuff from the yard, including one of the 470's and the 420.

Skiffs. The 30 HP outboard motor is now working, but the hull is damaged. The motor mount for the 18 HP outboard motor failed, and the engine fell in the water. It is being repaired, and may be under warranty. The 5 HP engine is being used in the meanwhile.

Dayleaders. One of the Dayleaders is leaving because he is graduating.

Work Day. Peter Kuhn asked if the Port Captain can call a work day, and was told yes.

Secretary's Report (Bill Csajko)

World Wide Web Site. Bill stated that Patrick Twohy put a lot of work into setting up a home page for the Cal Sailing Club on the World Wide Web. The site will include such information as a description of the Club, how to get here, minutes to the Executive Committee meetings, a picture of Bigfoot, and other useful information. It is hoped that the added exposure, particularly at the University, will attract more members.

E-mail Minutes. Bill has been distributing the Executive Committee meeting minutes by E-mail. Any members who wish to receive the minutes and any other items of interest were asked to sign up on a list or send an E-mail message to Bill at 

Treasurer's Report (Patrick Twohy)

No report was provided.

General Discussion

Social Activities/Fast Track Program. Brian Battuello announced that there will be a door prize of three bottles of the finest sake from the sake factory, to be raffled off at the Fast Track graduation party a week from Friday. There is a need for instructors for the two Fast Track programs after next week. A handout can be picked up listing all the upcoming social activities.

Racing Program. Bill Gavelis noted that there are now about 18 Racing Skippers. Only a couple of weekends did not have Lido races this winter due to low tides. Rated members are encouraged to purchase racing manual for $2 from the Dayleader and take the racing test, and anyone can crew on a boat with little or no experience.

Donations. Saul Schumsky, the donation committee chairperson, stated that the Club has been offered a donation of a Santana 22. He outlined the process that the Club uses in deciding to accept donations. He noted that the Ensigns are getting old, and we may want to get rid of an Ensign and replace it with the Santana 22. Negative aspects are that it may take a lot of money to make it fully sailable, it may not last as long as the Ensigns have, and it will not handle the same as an Ensign. Peter Baczyk said we may want to consider getting another slip and keep all the boats. John Drewery noted that the cockpit in the Santana is much smaller than an Ensign, and barely seats four. Bob Collins was concerned about what to do when one Ensign is under repair, how it would affect the Wednesday night keelboat lessons. Ken Shepherd noted that we just fixed all the Ensigns, and a boat as old as the Santana may require a lot of costly work. Saul stated that he has not fully inspected the boat yet, and does not know what all has to be done to it yet. Peter Kuhn suggested that if we are given the extra yard area we requested from the City as part of our new lease that we may be able to keep it on a trailer and put it in with the hoist. Saul noted that it does not have a trailer. Brian Howell asked if there was a possibility of getting better quality Ensigns. Saul stated that we rarely have the opportunity to get replacement Ensigns since there are not many on the west coast. Brian Battuello stated that he looked at an Electra recently, which is similar to the Ensign, and it was in worse shape than ours.


The election results are as follows:

Commodore. Scott Hotes was nominated by John Drewery, seconded by Dan Acland. Scott accepted the nomination. There were no other nominations, and Scott won by unanimous vote.

Vice Commodore. Veronique Anxolabehere was nominated by Peter Kuhn, seconded by Saul Schumsky. Veronique had previously provided Scott a note saying she would accept the nomination. There were no other nominations, and Veronique won by unanimous vote.

Bill Gavelis noted at this time that although to new members the elections may seem rigged, due to lack of opposition and the quickness of the voting, the reason is there is rarely any competition for the positions, and anyone interested in a position is encouraged to run.

First Vice Commodore. John Drewery was nominated by Peter Kuhn, seconded by Martin Schaaf. John did not immediately accept the nomination, and, being there were no other nominations, the vote was put off until later.

Second Vice Commodore. Olivier Colliou was nominated by Mark Donovan, seconded by Tony Phillips. Olivier accepted the nomination. There were no other nominations, and Olivier won by a near-unanimous vote, with one abstention.

Third Vice Commodore. Dan Acland was nominated by Rebecca Haussmann, seconded by Saul Schumsky. Dan accepted the nomination, on the condition that Barbara Roos work with him in the position (although she would not have any of the privileges of an Executive Committee member). There were no other nominations, and Dan won by a near-unanimous vote, with one vote against.

Rear Commodore. Louis Benainous was nominated by Bill Csajko, seconded by Mark Donovan. Louis accepted the nomination. There were no other nominations, and Louis won by unanimous vote.

Port Captain. Stephen Gehlbach was nominated by Peter Kuhn, seconded by Mark Donovan. Stephen accepted the nomination. There were no other nominations, and Stephen won by unanimous vote.

Treasurer. Patrick Twohy was nominated by Peter Kuhn, seconded by Martin Schaaf. Patrick had previously provided Scott a note saying he would accept the nomination. There were no other nominations, and Patrick won by unanimous vote.

Secretary. Bill Csajko was nominated by Mark Donovan, seconded by Peter Kuhn. Bill accepted the nomination. There were no other nominations, and Bill won by unanimous vote.

First Vice Commodore. Other nominations were sought for the position of First Vice Commodore. Eric Wittig was nominated by Stephen Gehlbach, seconded by Martin Schaaf. Eric declined the nomination. Scott Hotes went through the list of Senior and Cruising Skippers who had not yet served on the Executive Committee to find prospective candidates. Scott nominated Greg Davis, who declined the nomination. John Drewery finally accepted the nomination. There were no other nominations, and John won by unanimous vote.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 PM. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 11, 1995. The lecture prior to the meeting will be "Celestial Navigation" by John Drewery and Scott Hotes.