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1995.08.03 - General

Thursday August 03, 1995

August 4, 1995


Cal Sailing Club 

The general membership meeting of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Berkeley Yacht Club on Thursday, August 3, 1995. Commodore Scott Hotes presided. The meeting was called to order at 8:00 PM. Approximately 50 members were in attendance. Executive Committee members in attendance were Scott Hotes, Veronique Anxolabehere, Olivier Colliou, Dan Acland, Barbara Roos, Louis Benainous, and Bill Csajko.


Commodore's Report (Scott Hotes)

Club Finances. As of August 2, 1995, the Club has the following sums of money in their respective accounts:

Checking $20,925

Money Market $18,970

Treasury Bills $40,000

Total $79,875

New Senior Skipper. We have one new Senior Skipper since the last General Membership Meeting, Dan Acland.

Membership Chair. Rebecca Haussmann has taken over the duties of chairperson of the Membership Committee.

White Rhodes. Scott noted that Robert Ofsevit did a great job painting the white Rhodes 19.

Dewey Dismasting. "Dewey" was dismasted, and after looking at other boats to replace it, have decided to replace the mast instead. Senior and Cruising Skippers need to inspect the rigging prior to sailing to assure accidents like this do not happen in the future. An attempt will be made to instruct someone in the inspection and tuning of standing rigging.

First Vice Commodore. John Drewery, who was elected to the position of First Vice Commodore at the last General Membership Meeting, was replaced by Narcisse.

Volunteers. We are low on Dayleaders in August. Scott asked for volunteers to daylead, otherwise the Club will have to shut down for a good portion of August. A former Dayleader also complained that we were short of instructors on Monday and Thursdays, and we need more people to volunteer to teach those days.

Berkeley Youth Alternatives. A Senior Skipper is needed to give a ride to the Berkeley Youth Alternatives next Thursday. Greg Davis volunteered.

Replacement Dinghy. Scott looked at a Catalina Capri 16.5 today in Santa Rosa. We are considering purchasing a dinghy as a trial prior to replacing the Lido fleet. The subject was deferred until later in the meeting.

Slip Fees. We have been paying slip fees for "Daisy" since we acquired it about a year ago. The Sea Scouts get more free slips than us, and whenever Scott asks about providing our Club an additional free slip, we are told to "wait until the master plan is completed." Scott also discussed the rumors of the City developing the South Sailing Basin, to the exclusion of our Club, and that he and others will attend pertinent meetings to keep track of the issue and make sure our Club's position is heard. Scott was asked about the status of extending the lease area for the Clubhouse, and he said it also is waiting on the master plan. Recommendations from the membership included making a presentation to the City Council, and getting a group of people to attend the next Waterfront Commission meeting (September 13 at 7 PM). It was noted that this is not an immediate problem, and we just need to be aware of it.

Vice Commodore's Report (Veronique Anxolabehere)

Banquet Chairperson. Veronique noted that we need someone to volunteer to be the Banquet Chairperson. The person would be responsible for preparing the dinner served at each General Membership Meeting, and would receive free membership in return.

Thanks. Veronique thanked Brian Battuello for all his work at the Open Houses.

Membership. There are 518 members as of today in the Club.

Advertisement. A new member, Philip Bell, volunteered to talk to journalists about the Club, and try to get favorable articles printed.

Floating Bottle. Veronique is looking for someone to volunteer to be the editor for the Floating Bottle. The person would be responsible for getting the articles for the newsletter, planning far enough in advance to assure a newsletter every quarter. Someone is already responsible for layout.

T-shirts. Rebecca Haussmann is the T-shirt chairperson, and shirts are available for sale at the meeting.

First Vice Commodore's Report (Narcisse)

No report was provided.

Second Vice Commodore's Report (Olivier Colliou)

Windsurfing Status. The windsurfing equipment is in good to great status. We have 11 Novice boards, 2 Junior boards, 9 Junior-Plus boards, and 3 Senior boards.

Novice Windsurfer Sail Locker. The Novice sail locker, which was discussed at the last General Membership Meeting as a test, has worked very well.

Windsurfing Lessons. Bill Prinzmetal is giving windsurfing lessons at 9:30 on Saturday mornings.

New Senior Windsurfer. We have one new Senior Windsurfer since the last General Membership Meeting, Xavier Leleu.

Third Vice Commodore's Report (Barbara Roos)

Dewey Repair. It will cost about $700 to replace the mast on Dewey, doing the work ourselves.

Volunteers. Barbara and Dan are looking for volunteers to replace the partners, clean the bottoms, and check the shrouds on the other two working Ensigns.

Haul Out. The next haul out for the keel boats is in September or October (Huey and/or Dewey).

Pulpit Replacement. The pulpit and stanchion will be replaced on one of the Commanders.

Thanks. Barbara thanked Bob Collins, John Mankey, and Peter Baczek for providing keelboat lessons on Wednesday nights. She also thanked the Cruising Skippers for providing all the cruises this summer.

Banner. Barbara asked if anyone knew the location of the Club banner.

Repair Book. A new book is kept in the dock box for skippers to note suggested repairs to the keelboats.

Rear Commodore's Report (Louis Benainous)

Junior Skipper Teachers. Louis noted that Junior Skippers were providing a lot of teaching on lesson days, particularly Robert Ofsevit, Martin Schaaf, and Veronique Anxolabehere.

Roundtable Discussion. A roundtable discussion on Lido teaching was held prior to the last Executive Committee meeting. 

Senior/Cruising Skipper Help. Senior and Cruising Skippers should spend more time assisting Junior Skippers develop sailing skills. Junior Skippers should ask Senior/Cruising Skippers for individual lessons.

Thanks. Louis thanked Bill Prinzmetal for his work in teaching windsurfing.

Lecture Series. We have just started the second set of lectures this year.

Port Captain's Report (Stephen Gehlbach)

No report was provided.

Secretary's Report (Bill Csajko)

Operating Rules. Bill made proposed revisions to the Operating Rules to change old or obsolete rules, and add rules that would improve the Club. The proposed changes will be left at the Clubhouse for a month or two, and then the Executive Committee will vote on the changes in consideration of any comments received from the membership.

World Wide Web Site. Bill noted that people who have not yet heard of our WWW site should contact him for information.

E-mail Minutes. Bill has been distributing the Executive Committee meeting minutes by E-mail. Any members who wish to receive the minutes were asked to contact him.

Treasurer's Report (Patrick Twohy)

No report was provided.

General Discussion

Lido Replacement. Scott noted that we are considering replacing the Lido fleet. The Catalina Capri 16.5 is one that is being considered. A major concern with the existing Lidos is that they are very hard to right after a capsize. We will purchase a dinghy sometime this summer and test it out prior to replacing all the Lidos. Considerable discussion ensued as to the pros and cons or various replacement boats. Scott stated we will vote on whether to buy a Capri at the next Executive Committee meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 PM. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 17, 1995.