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1995.10.12 - Excom

Thursday October 12, 1995

October 16, 1995


Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, October 12, 1995. Commodore Scott Hotes presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 PM. In attendance were Scott Hotes, Veronique Anxolabehere, Narcisse, Olivier Colliou, Dan Acland, Louis Benainous and Bill Csajko. Also in attendance were members Robert Ofsevit and Sylvaine Guille.

The meeting was preceded by a lecture on "Sail Trim" by Peter Baczek.

A report on the status of the Club's finances was not available. 


Commodore's Report (Scott Hotes)

Halloween Event. Scott has not received much input from the membership concerning the planned Halloween event with the Marina lease-holders group on October 28-29. He and Dan are still planning an attack on the AHawaiian Chieftain@ on the Lidos.

Moonlight Madness. The Moonlight Madness on October 7 was very successful. Approximately 50 people attended, and six boats went sailing. The party lasted until one in the morning. 

Vice Commodore's Report (Veronique Anxolabehere)

Mast Give-away. Veronique received a check for $25 from Bill Chapman for the old mast we let him take from the yard.

Floating Bottle. The Floating Bottle is at the printer, and Veronique expects to get it mailed out on Monday or Tuesday. She thanked Sylvaine Guille, Robert Ofsevit, and Mark Hurty for the work they performed in preparing this issue. Veronique moved to give Mark Hurty a free membership for each quarter that he helps in performing the desktop publishing work in connection with the Floating Bottle. Dan seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Club Haul-Out. Veronique still plans on having the Clubhouse overhauled on November 11-12.

General Membership Meeting. The next General Membership Meeting is on Thursday, November 2. Jennifer Kirkland will prepare the food for the event.

First Vice Commodore's Report (Narcisse)

Dinghy Replacement. We are scheduled to test sail the Hobie One-14 this Saturday at Lake Natoma near Sacramento. People interested in going along should meet at 11:30 AM at the Clubhouse. Narcisse and Bill are the only ones definitely planning on going right now. Bill will try to check out the place on Friday since he will be in Sacramento that day. Peter Kuhn is in southern California and will try to visit Schock to look at the new Lidos.

Dinghy Status. All the dinghies are in good shape right now.

New Jibs. We received two of the new Lido jibs from Pineapple Sails. We were charged for having the jibs fabricated on an expedited basis, although they were delivered later than ordered. Scott will check into the billing.

Second Vice Commodore's Report (Olivier Colliou)

Departing Windsurfer. Xavier Leleu, a Senior Windsurfer, returned to France after being here a year.

T-shirts. Olivier has finished his design for a Club windsurfing t-shirt, and has ordered 50 t-shirts. The cost per t-shirt for us is $6. He will unveil the design at the General Membership Meeting.

Third Vice Commodore's Report (Dan Acland)

Ensign Racing. The Friday night racing season is over, and our Club took two firsts over the season. Graham Hale was skipper both times.

Louie Repair. Graham has completed repairs on ALouie.@

Dewey Repair. The mast is still being worked on in Sausolito. 

Rear Commodore's Report (Louis Benainous)

Louis had no items to discuss under his report.

Treasurer's Report (Patrick Twohy)

No report was provided.

Port Captain's Report (Stephen Gehlbach)

No report was provided.

Secretary's Report (Bill Csajko)

Operating Rules. Bill handed out copies of the new Operating Rules to the Executive Committee. Inserts were put in the existing books to identify the major rule changes. Louis will check into whether we can decrease the unit cost for printing new Operating Rules by having them offset printed.

Combining Books. Peter Kuhn had suggested combining the Blue Book, Windsurfing Manual, and Operating Rules into one AIntroductory Handbook@ that would provide all the information required of members up to the Junior level. The Operating Rules section would only summarize the rules and refer the member to the one book left at the Club. The single handbook could save the Club money through reduced printing costs. The suggestion was not adopted.


Rating Committee. Robert Ofsevit asked about the process for nominating a Senior Skipper to the Rating Committee, and, specifically, if Scott could be placed on the Committee. After considerable discussion relating to the process of nominating members to the Rating Committee and the role of the Chairperson of the Rating Committee in that process, it was decided to put off any decision until the next meeting.

Teaching Credit. Robert Ofsevit asked if teaching credit could be obtained for providing lessons outside the scheduled lesson periods to Junior Skippers training to become Senior Skippers. Bill noted that the Operating Rules preclude this, and that Senior Skippers are supposed to provide a leadership role in the Club, which would include encouraging and assisting members seeking Senior ratings.

Candidates for the Executive Committee. Dan read his proposed letter to prospective candidates for office at the upcoming General Membership Meeting. The list will predominantly include Senior Skippers who have not held office on the Executive Committee in the past. The letter will be sent out next week.

Waiver of Liability. Scott discussed with a lawyer the pros and cons of including a waiver of liability statement on the membership cards. The advice he received is that the waiver would help in court for minor accidents, but probably not for major problems. Scott will obtain wording to include on the membership cards that are going to be printed.

Potential Conflict of Interest. The potential for conflict of interest with regard to the Port Captain position was discussed. Jesse, a current Dayleader, is considering running for the position of Port Captain. Scott noted that in the past we have had Port Captains who were Dayleaders with good results, including Stephen Gehlbach and someone in the 1980's.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.

The next Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 26, 1995. A lecture on "Fiberglass Repair Basics" will be presented by Rob Jones prior to the meeting at 6:00 PM.