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1995.11.16 - Excom

Thursday November 16, 1995

November 16, 1995


Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, November 16, 1995. Outgoing Commodore Scott Hotes opened the meeting and newly elected Commodore Bill Csajko presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM. In attendance were Scott Hotes, Bill Csajko, Veronique Anxolabehere, Olivier Colliou, Dan Acland, Louis Benainous, Jesse Smith and Jennifer Kirkland. Also in attendance were members Rebecca Hausman and Ken Shepherd.

Scott Hotes moved to elect Jesse Smith as Port Captain. The motion was seconded by Louis Benainous and the motion passed by unanimous vote.

Scott Hotes moved to elect Bill Csajko as Commodore. The motion was seconded by Dan Acland and it passed by unanimous vote.

Bill Csajko moved to elect Jennifer Kirkland as secretary. The motion was seconded by Dan Acland and the motion passed by unanimous vote.

A report of the club=s finances was not available.


Commodore=s Report (Bill Csajko)

Marina Lease Holder=s Group Meeting: Bill attended a meeting of Marina lease­holders. CSC was commended for their help in the Hawaiian Chieftain Halloween event held October 28­29. The subject of CSC=s role in promoting business in the Marina was discussed in more detail under Agenda Items.

Club House Cleanup: The club house cleanup was held November 11­12 and was deemed a great success. Veronique was commended for her work in organizing and leading the event.

Budget: Officers were urged to keep a close watch on their respective budgets. Since most memberships are signed in the summer months, income is expected to level off. The expenditure for motors was much higher than anticipated. Dan asked how to address questions regarding budget when the treasurer is in abstentia. Dan also raised the issue of sails purchased last year being reflected on this year=s budget. Olivier requested more detailed information on budgeted money for windsurfing maintenance versus equipment. Bill responded that Patrick has been very helpful with questions, and inquiries sent through e­mail have been addressed promptly.

Vice Commodore=s Report: (Veronique Anxolabehere)

Clubhouse Clean­Up: Special thanks was extended to Robert Ofseviit, who was instrumental in many of the Clubhouse improvements .

General Meeting: Jennifer Kirkland was commended for her cooking the dinner. Veronique also suggested ex­com members enhance the professionalism of their presentations at general meetings. Newsletter: Given the lower than expected attendance for the meeting, Rebecca suggested that invitations should be sent, or the announcement should be more prominently displayed in the newsletter. Due to excessive postage costs, invitations can not be mailed separately, but will be included with the newsletter. Anyone with newsletter submissions or announcements for Christmas­time and beyond can alert Veronique through e­mail.

Charity Social Service Center Event­11/18: Forty youths will be coming to CSC for a mini­cruise and mini Lido race on Saturday, November 18. Senior skippers are still needed to help out with the event. Bill raised the issue of coordinating the Saturday lessons around the activity. Dan suggested we bring the lidos back in when the group arrives.

First Vice Commodore=s Report (Narcisse) No report.

Second Vice Commodore=s Report (Olivier Colliou)

Equipment Maintenance: Now that the season is about over, the focus will be on maintenance of windsurfing equipment. Windsurfing Lessons: Due to difficulties in getting instructors for Saturday lessons, requests for lessons should be directed to Olivier. He is more than happy to arrange lessons for anyone who is interested.

Appointing an Assistant: The possibility of having Bill Moseley as an assistant was discussed. Dan related that two people can not hold the same office, but an assistant can be appointed to share the duties. A free membership can be earned for assistance given. Olivier made a motion to give free membership to Bill Moseley for his work as assistant. The motion was seconded by Dan and was passed unanimously.

Third Vice Commodore=s Report (Dan Acland)

Battery Charger: Problems with an Ensign's electrical system caused the death of a battery charger. The battery charger was replaced and the electrical problem was fixed.

Dismasted Dewey: The new mast has arrived. Tim Brandon has agreed to supervise the hardware rigging of the mast, with Graham Hale assisting Dewey should be completely operational within the next few weeks.

Rear Commodore (Louis Benainous)

Lessons: Despite the lack of wind, people are still coming out for lessons. The idea of changing keel boat lessons to Saturday afternoons was discussed in detail as an agenda item.

Boat Acquisition: Discussed as an agenda item.

Port Captain=s Report: (Jesse Smith)

Dayleaders: Some difficulties have arisen with scheduling dayleaders. The current calendar sign­up system will be replaced with pre­set work days/times. Plans are also underway for volunteer dayleaders to get formalized rescue training through Cal Adventures.

Capsizing Record: Ken Shepherd inquired if a record exists on capsizes. Jesse responded that capsizes get recorded only when there are special circumstances, such as injury or boat damage. Louis concurred that a record on capsizes would be good; we could track boats which are hard to right. Jesse agreed to start a capsize log.

Secretary=s Report: (Jennifer Kirkland)

Back­up Files: Bill agreed to hold all the back up files of CSC records.

Library: The idea of assembling a sailing resource library was discussed as an agenda item.

Committee Reports

T­Shirt Committee: (Rebecca Hausman)

T­Shirts: Rebecca is still looking for a place to print up more t­shirts. The price may be going up. The windsurfer t­ shirts are selling well. Sportswear is kept in the locked cabinet in the Clubhouse. A price list is also posted above the calendar in the Clubhouse.

Bill also announced that burgee flags are on sale for $22. The question of whether having these flags will result in reciprocal privileges with other sailing clubs was raised by Dan. Louis urged Dan to test it out on the next cruise. The Golden Gate may recognize reciprocity.


Boat Acquisition:

Hobie One­14:

Dan: Found out that the November production of the Hobie One­14 has already begun, and that there will be no December production. The June production schedule is still planned. If CSC were to request special modifications, there would need to be 10 boats on order for the manufacturer to make them.

Rebecca: Talked with people on the design team. Everything said about the One­14 was positive and related well to CSC needs. Rob Anderson of Cal Adventures has sailed it on our waters. He said it was a good boat: stable, slow and strong, and that the design, a Brandenburg design, was also very good. Through Rebecca=s persistent efforts, a test sail of a One ­14 has been arranged. California State University­ Sacramento has agreed to lend us a regular, non­ industrial version of the One ­14 to test sail. Insurance issues regarding liability have been resolved, as well. Kirk Jenkins will bring one down on a Sunday and return it on another Sunday. The specific day and length of stay will be determined. If all goes well, the boat should be here within a few weeks, hopefully corresponding with the arrival of the new Lido.

Lido: The new Lido should be out by December 9­10 and a test sail has been planned ASAP. Rebecca would like a design team of CSC members to evaluate its construction and make recommendations for modification. Louis wants as many people as possible to sail it and give as much input as possible before ex­com makes a decision. Ken commented that Ed Shirk and Peter Kuhn have also been actively involved with the Lido and need to be updated. Dan suggested creating a form to evaluate boat performance. Bill, Jesse, and Louis all suggested boats be skippered by seniors.

Dan made a motion for test boats to be skippered by seniors only. The motion was seconded by Jesse and was passed by unanimous vote.

Changing Keelboat Lessons to Saturday

The general consensus was positive for changing keel boat lessons to Saturday afternoon during the fall and winter months. Dan suggested that someone check with the interim marina manager first, as technically, it is against the rules to pleasure sail in the marina. It might also be wise to limit the lessons to one boat, so it does not conflict with other members= access to them. Louis would like a predetermined date to return the lessons to Wednesday nights. The start date for Saturday afternoon keelboat lessons will be set after everyone involved is consulted.

Marina Lease Holder=s Meeting

Bill felt the Halloween activity improved CSC=s standing with Marina lease holders. Participating in future events would foster a good relationship with the community and businesses in the area. Dan commented that helping businesses set up for events would be very helpful. Jesse agreed and suggested that we allow members to get work credit for helping out.

Another event has been scheduled for December 16th. The lease holders envision a night procession of sail boats by the Berkeley Yacht Club. All boats will be decorated with Christmas lights, and the best decorated boat will win dinner for four at Skates. All those interested in participating should contact Bill.

A Cajun Festival is also in the planning stages for May 18th.

CSC Sailing Library

Jennifer brought up the idea that members donate used books and tapes on sailing to be loaned out to other members. Concerns about space and storage were raised by Jesse. Dan remarked that with the proposed changes to the clubhouse, space limitations should not remain a problem. The topic will be brought up for further discussion at a later date.

Lido Safety

Due to concerns surrounding the integrity of the Lidos= centerboards, a capsize trial was proposed. It was planned that a group should be formed to take out all the lidos, capsize them and identify those which need centerboard repair, or those that should be removed from the fleet.

The meeting was adjourned at 9 PM.

The next scheduled Executive committee meeting is scheduled for November 30, 1995.