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1995.11.30 - Excom

Thursday November 30, 1995

November 30, 1995


Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, November 30, 1995. Commodore Bill Csajko presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM. In attendance were Bill Csajko, Veronique Anxolabehere, Narcisse, Olivier Colliou, Dan Acland, Louis Benainous, Jesse Smith and Jennifer Kirkland. Also in attendance was Membership and T-shirt Chair Rebecca Hausman.

A report of the club=s finances was not available.


Commodore=s Report (Bill Csajko)

Hobie Update:

The Hobie is coming on Sunday, December 3rd. We will have it for two weeks.

Volunteer :

Bill received an e-mail message from a sailing instructor out of University of Michigan. Evidently, this person would like to volunteer from late April to the end of June. A discussion ensued regarding possible roles he could fill at CSC. There were concerns raised about creating a special position for him. Given the structure (or lack thereof) of CSC, there are ample opportunities for volunteer work without an official position being designated. It was decided that he should be fully informed of the structure of CSC. We should also explore with him exactly what his expectations would be should he come here.

Vice Commodore's Report (Veronique Anxolabehere)

Open- House

There is an open- house scheduled for December 2-3.

Floating Bottle:

The newsletter will be mailed out by December 18 at the latest. Anyone with last minute submissions should e-mail Veronique by Monday 12/4.

Charity Social Service Center Event-11/18:

The event was a great success. Thanks were extended to the many members who came out and assisted. Press releases will be sent out publicizing CSC's contribution to the community.

First Vice Commodore=s Report (Narcisse)

Supply Purchases:

All those making supply purchases for lidos need to observe the $100 spending limit. There are concerns that we may be exceeding the budget.

Lidos: All lidos are operational.

505: Work is underway on the 505.

Trailer: A trailer tire is in need of repair.

Anchors: Anchors need to be re-lined and re-chained.

Inventory: A comprehensive list of supplies in the tool-shed will be ready soon.

Second Vice Commodore=s Report (Olivier Colliou)

Windsurfing Written Test: Olivier will be revising the written test for windsurfing.

New Sails: Olivier is exploring the possibility of buying one or two sails in the 6-0 plus range.

Third Vice Commodore=s Report (Dan Acland) No Report.

Rear Commodore's Report (Louis Benainous)

Mass Lido Capsize: A mass capsize of the lidos will take place on December 10th. the lidos which are unrightable will be repaired or taken out of the fleet. All those with a wetsuit or a desire to get wet are encouraged to participate.

Lecture Series: The lecture series will continue its hiatus through the winter. It is expected to resume this spring. 

Port Captain=s Report: (Jesse Smith)

Work-Study Program: UC Berkeley claims that CSC is four months behind in work-study payments. Although a check from CSC was issued, UCB has no record of payment. Unless arrangements are made immediately, this program may be suspended. Difficulties in getting UCB's statements in a timely manner were acknowledged. July and August statements were received and placed in the treasurer's box. Pat is aware of the problem, and will try to track down the check that was sent.

Low-Tide: On December 18th and 19th there will be less than 1 hour of water for lido sailing. A question was raised whether or not the club should be open on these days. It was decided that the club will remain open for seniors and for anyone wanting to come out and visit.

Treasurer's Report: (Patrick Twohy)

Bounced Checks: A check for two student memberships made out by one individual bounced. Ex-com decided we should pursue payment.

Work-Study Payment: Patrick sent a check for four months of dayleading to UCB. Apparently UCB has not been consistent in issuing statements. July and August statements were just received, and received after the ones for September and October.

Membership Cards: The numbering of membership cards are a continuing concern. Without a consistent numbering system, there is no way to track the number of memberships or the amount of money coming in. A method for numbering cards has been devised.

Printing Costs: There has been a lot of money expended for printing booklets. Patrick advises everyone to observe the $100 spending limit.

Memberships: We are ahead by $1000 from last year for memberships. This increase is due to sign-ups from the last few weeks.

T-shirts: We are way behind last year in t-shirt sales. The fact that we do not have a company printing up the shirts explains the problem. Once the shirts are printed, sales will resume. Windsurfing t-shirts are in good supply, however.

Secretary=s Report: (Jennifer Kirkland) No report.

Committee Reports

Membership Committee: (Rebecca Hausman) .

Update on Fleet Replacement:

The Hobie will be here for two weeks starting this weekend. The new Lido will be here December 9-10. This boat will be the regular version; we will have to customize it to fit our needs. Ed Shirk, Paul Kamen and Peter Kuhn will evaluate the boats' construction and will report back with their findings. All other members are encouraged to sail the boats and give their input, as well. A performance evaluation form will be on hand to facilitate this process. Both boats will be considered senior boats, but any member can sail them with a senior on board. 

Further Considerations:

Rebecca proposed three additional stages to complete the process of fleet replacement. 1) Someone needs to be responsible for compiling information on the comparative value of each boat in terms of performance, construction, design and cost. 2) There is a need for one person to negotiate with the dealers during the buying process. 3) Someone will need to get the new boats into the "ready to sail" state and oversee issues of integrating the boats into the club's program.


Winter Events: Veronique was concerned that we have only two activities scheduled for the winter months. With the exceptions of the General Meeting and the New Year's cruise, we have nothing planned. All members are encouraged to bring in suggestions for activities.

Outside Dressing Rooms: Narcisse has drawn up plans for the proposed outdoor dressing rooms. Plans for construction are on hold, due to reservations about safety issues in having an outside structure and about quality of materials used. Rebecca suggested that we get a budget for material acquisition. Dan raised the issue of getting a permit for building modifications. He suggested that we talk with CAL Adventures about their experience with getting approval. The current understanding is we can build as long as the construction is considered temporary.

Dan's final qualifying cruise for cruising skipper is December 9th.

The meeting was adjourned at 9 PM. The next scheduled meeting is December 14.