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2010-02-07 Excom

Excom Meeting Minutes, CSC, 7 Feb 2010, 5:29 PM

Attending: Mark Brody, Peter Kuhn, Rob Miller and (by phone) Heidi Kearsley and
Allan Champion, later Jennifer Kroon

Officer Reports: none

Agenda Items:
RM: February General Membership Meeting to be held 2/28/10 starting 2pm at Cal Sailing Club clubhouse, there is no business to transact.  Seconded by PK, approved  unanimously.
PK: Approve Steve Burchik's Sr project to work on a ratings database, seconded by MB , approved  unanimously.
MB: Gerald Robinson to replace me as 1st Vice Commodore, seconded by RM, approved unanimously.

PK moved to adjourn meeting, RM seconded,  approved unanimously, meeting adjourned 5:29:25 pm