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2010-04-18 Excom

Excom Meeting Minutes, CSC, 18 April 2010, 7:40 PM

Attending: Allan Champion (Commodore), Heidi Kearsley (Vice Commodore),  Edward Anelli (3rd Vice Commodore), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Rob Miller (2nd Vice Commodore), Noah Salzman (Secretary), Michael Scalet (Port Captain), Clement Barthes, Adam Bertsch, and (by telephone) Jennifer Kroon (co-Rear Commodore)

Officer Reports:

Treasurers Report

The money is roaring in, thanks to Noah's website, and it's roaring right back out, thanks to all the good stuff that all the fine people are getting to keep our gear in tip top shape. Looks like we will have a great season!

Money we have: $10,234 as of 4/18/10
Compared to last meeting we had: $8,266 as of 2/14/10
So we are up: $1,968

Income last 9 weeks:
Regular memberships $20,499.00
Windsurf locker memberships $1,960.00
UC workstudy reimbursement $3,272.38
DBW grant reimbursement $2,715.53
Donations, dead mast aluminum sales, interest $412.84
Total income 2/14 - 4/18/10: $28,859.75

Expenditures last 9 weeks:
Insurance--annual liability, 2 installments Workers comp $8,619.00
Windsurf-3 Fanatic boards 107 to 123l, 6 Simmer sails 4.7 to 7.8 $4,869.25
Dayleader wages and taxes $4,561.52
Dinghies--Bahia parts order from Sound Boatworks, trap lines, cleats, paddles,
Bahia jib halyards, anchor, hatch O-rings, rudder downhaul cleats $2,322.28
Clubhouse--new deck bench supplies, new mural paint, garbage, DSL, portapotties, new umbrellas for yard $2,207.65
City yard license payments Mar and April $970.20
Keelboats--, bottom cleaning 5 hulls 2 times, tiller cover, varnish (thanks Sheldon!), coax cable for Meritorious radio install (thanks Clement) $733.76
Activities--OH 3/21, food for Sat lesson BBQ, dinghy repair workparty, wetsuit repair supplies, Sun party, 2 tanks propane, cups $567.63
Taxes: Merit Dr Who registration DMV, use/sales tax, corporate statement filing fee $540.02
Tools--sander plates, sander, grinder, sanding disks, rope cutter gun blades $459.19
Bank--credit card processing fees $403.94
Safety equipment--gallon sunscreen, XXL and XXXL mens wetsuits $280.56
Printing--Flyers, sign in books $207.76
Misc--DBW conf reg fee, stamps $80.74
Skiff fuel $68.00
Total expenditures 2/14 - 4/18/10: $26,891.50

Agenda Items:

Rob Miller (RM) moved to approve all the expenditures listed in the Treasurer's report, Peter Kuhn (PK) seconded, passed unanimously.

Allan Champion (AC) moved to approve Sheldon Coad's Cruising Skipper rating, Edward Anelli (EA) seconded, passed unanimously.

Michael Scalet (MS) moved to spend up to $4,500 to replace Bahia gennakers as money becomes available and after basic training dinghy maintenance needs are assured, RM seconded, passed unanimously.

MS moved to spend up to $6,000 to replace Bahia mainsails and jibs as money becomes available and after other basic training dinghy maintenance needs are assured, RM seconded, passed unanimously.

AC accepted EA's resignation and moved to appoint Clement Barthes as interim 3rd Vice Commodore, EA seconded, passed unanimously.

MS moved to spend up to $500 for an additional dayleader desk membership computer, AC seconded, passed unanimously.

Jennifer Kroon (JK) moved to approve the proposed Sr. Skipper projects, consisting of organizing Fast Track dinghy lesson programs, of Peter Ledochowitsch, Wayne Demmill, Deepak Koushik, and Steve Shepard, AC seconded, passed unanimously.

RM moved to approve Sr. Windsurf project, consisting of new mural, for Conny Bleul, PK seconded, passed unanimously.

JK moved to schedule regular Friday evening Game Nights on club dinghies, including such games as Ultimate Frisbee, box, etc. to be open to Jr's and above rated skippers who have taught at least once per month, PK seconded, passed unanimously.

MS moved to approve one free regular size windsurf equipment storage locker each to Isabella LaRocca (windsurf locker chair), Mitsuhiro Ozaki (windsurf sail repair chair), Ming Hua (volunteer dayleader), and Domond Lee (volunteer dayleader), RM seconded, passed unanimously.

Heidi Kearsley (HK) moved to approve the General Membership meeting date and time and agenda: May 16th 2010 at the clubhouse at 12:30 pm with elections for club offices and no other scheduled agenda for the meeting, AC seconded, passed unanimously.  Meeting will be followed by Open House.

PK moved to adjourn, HK seconded, passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned 7:42 pm