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2010-05-04 ExCom Online

Online Motions Passed 05-04-2010

1.  Ashby Shoal Breakfast May 16:  Paul Kamen suggested that CSC join the dragon boaters and local kayakers for early morning breakfast on Ashby Shoal.  Low tide will be about -1.4 around 8:30 am.  Peter Kuhn moved that any Jr or above who wants to take a dinghy or windsurfer to Ashby Shoal on the morning of May 16 be allowed to do so.  Heidi Kearsley seconded, passed unanimously.

2.  Nenya for sale:  Clement Barthes, 3rd Vice Commodore, notes that Nenya is in need of way more TLC than can be justified by the club's use of the boat, and suggests we find it a private home.  Peter Kuhn offered to donate a month's worth of slip rental to anyone who will take this boat, and moved to
a) first offer Nenya for free to all of our volunteer keelboat fixers, and if no takers
b) Then we offer it for free to any CSC member on the announce list, and if no takers
c) Then we offer it for sale on Craigslist for $300, and if no takers
d) Then we hire someone to saw it up and take the debris to the dump, any usable parts to be sold as surplus if not usable by the club. 
Included in this motion is approval to spend up to $1,000 for disposal costs.  Clement seconded, passed unanimously.