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2010-05-16 ExCom

5/16/10 ExComm Meeting (before GMM)

12:05 pm in the clubhouse.

Attending: Allan Champion (Commodore), Heidi Kearsley (Vice Commodore),  Adam Bertsch (representing Lydia Lopez, 1st Vice Commodore), Rob Miller (2nd Vice Commodore), Clement Barthes (3rd Vice Commodore), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Noah Salzman (Secretary), Michael Scalet (Port Captain), and Jennifer Kroon (co-Rear Commodore)

Officer Reports:

2nd Vice Commodore: we got sun, lotsa stuff just arrived and more is coming!

1st Vice Commodore: we got some stuff to fix all the boats, need more stuff!

Treasurer: As of today, we have $17,890 in the bank, up $7,656 from our last meeting 4/18/10 when we had $10,234.

Income 4/18 to 5/16/10

Windsurf locker memberships $10,640.00

Regular memberships $10,472.96

UC workstudy reimbursement $1,623.14

Donations, 4/18 OH BBQ donations radio and harness sales, interest $352.06

Total: $23,088.16

Expenses 4/18 to 5/16/10:

Windsurf--12 beginner sails (DBW), (12) harnesses, (9) spreader bars, (30) footstraps, (30) uphauls, (10) basepads, (4) mast extensions, (30) mast base & univ., (4) booms, (4) spools downhaul line $8,061.42

Dayleader wages and taxes $2,561.67

Keelboats--bottom cleaning, Meritorious radio, sail repairs $1,118.95

Safety equipment-- XXL and XXXL womens wetsuits (DBW), radios, binoculars $840.32

Clubhouse--lumber for racks, garbage, dump fee, DSL line for clubhouse computer, portapotties, another umbrella for yard $754.06

Dinghies--326' 4 mm prestretch, 200' 7/64" amsteel, 100' 1/8" amsteel line, trap cleats, rig tape, blocks, bungee cord, thimbles, shackles, JY plugs, bails, Bahia drain plugs, snap shackle for P15 bow $630.20

City yard license payment $485.10

Activities--dock fee, sat workparty food $231.68

Insurance--add Vision to liability insurance $221.00

Skiff fuel $154.86

Printing and Office Supplies--brochures, lesson signup books, lesson credit receipts, pens, tape $154.58

Bank--credit card processing fees $139.95

Tools--organizer box, padlock $78.02

Total: $15,431.81

Agenda Items

  1. Allan Champion (AC) moved to approve the annual financial report and budget for 5/1/10 - 4/30/10, which is posted here, and will be included in the GMM minutes, Rob Miller (RM) 2nd, unanimously approved (UA).
  2. AC moved to approve the expenditures summarized in the Treasurer's report, RM 2nd, UA.
  3. AC moved that there be no keelboat racing; club keelboats may not race in Friday night or other organized races, Jennifer Kroon (JK) seconded, UA.
  4. AC appointed Jennifer "JJ" Johnson as Windsurf Clinic Chair, RM moved to approve the appointment, JK seconded, UA.
  5. RM moved to spend up to $27,500 on intermediate/advanced windsurf equipment and maintenance expenses not covered by the DBW grant, to be spent as the club's finances permit, Peter Kuhn (PK) seconded, UA.
  6. Adam Bertsch (AB) moved to spend up to $8,000 on dinghy maintenance and $20,000 on dinghy equipment not covered by the DBW grant, to be spent as the club's finances permit, Michael Scalet (MS) seconded, UA.
  7. Clément Barthès a proposé de dépenser jusqu'à 4.000 $ sur le maintien de quillard et 10.000 $ sur le matériel quillard, à dépenser comme les finances du club le permettent, Michael Scalet (MS) appuyé, approuvé à l'unanimité. (Translation: Clément Barthès (CB) moved to spend up to $4,000 on keelboat maintenance and $10,000 on keelboat equipment, to be spent as the club's finances permit, Michael Scalet (MS) seconded, UA.)
  8. JK moved that Michael Scalet be allowed to do up to 4 dinghy cruises (or qualifying dinghy cruises) outside the "Dinghy Cruising Area" before the end of the summer.  Only Seniors would be allowed and the cruises cannot extend north of the Richmond Bridge or south of the Bay Bridge.  Clément Barthès appuyé (seconded), UA.
  9. JK moved that Michel Dedeo be in charge of arranging the rental of the lockers next to the board hospital which are not used by excomm members or members granted locker privileges by excomm.  In exchange Michel would be granted a free locker.  Yearly rentals would be $200 annually starting June 1.  Free lockers to be granted to Francis Smith, John Mankey, Virginia Lucchetti, Mark Yampanis, and Bobby Arthurs.  MS seconded, UA
  10. JK moved to adjourn, AC seconded, UA.  Meeting adjourned 12:20 pm.