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2010-05-16 General Membership Meeting

General Membership Meeting

May 16, 2010 at the Cal Sailing Club

Commodore Allan Champion called the meeting to order at 12:38 pm. 

Officer Reports-
2nd Vice Report - we got lots of good stuff, it should be a great season, welcome to JJ as the new Windsurf Clinic Chair, we now are having windsurf lessons on Saturday and Sunday mornings, there should be lots of great sailing and windsurfing this season!

Vice Commodore:  membership is up, all is great!

Treasurer: the annual Financial Statement and just-approved budget is posted online on the club website and on the bulletin board in the clubhouse.  (copy included below).

1st Vice: most Bahias are working, getting tillers and other needed parts.

Commodore: thanks to all the members that brought stuff to share, especially Katharine Miller, and sorry that there will be no more Friday night racing, but we can't afford it.


The following members were unanimously approved to the Executive Committee:

Port Captain: Dave Hoyt

Secretary: Noah Salzman

Treasurer:  Peter Kuhn

Rear Commodore: Barbara Kochan

Third Vice Commodore: Clément Barthès

Second Vice Commodore: Rob Miller

First Vice Commodore: Adam Bertsch and Michael Scalet (shared post)

Vice Commodore: Heidi Kearsley

Commodore: Jennifer Kroon

Meeting adjourned 12:42 pm, rice and beans for all!


Annual Statement of Financial Condition May 1 2010

As of May 1st we had $15,222 in the bank, and our property is worth $332,054 (depreciated book value). Cash is down $22,410 from 5/1/09, property is up $62,185. This statement prepared without audit from the club’s books.


Income 5/1/09 to 4/30/10:


Regular Memberships


Department of Boating and Waterways Boating Safety Education Equipment Grant: Reimbursement for 2 Bahias, 75 PFD’s, 13 Beginner Windsurf Boards and Sails, 2 P15 mains, 6 Bahia mains, 7 Bahia jibs, 2 Merit jibs, less proceeds from sale of Hunter 146’s


UC Workstudy Reimbursement for 55% of dayleader wages


Windsurf Locker Memberships (total for year was $14,910; thanks Isabella and all the windsurf lockerers!)


Surplus Equipment Sales (Two Hunter 146's, Lasers, Trailers, Ensign Dewey, Radio)


Donations including escrip


Booklets, T Shirts, Burgees, Wetsuits


BBQ Donations


YRA memberships







Expenses 5/1/09 to 4/30/10:


Windsurfing Equipment: 29 boards, 43 sails, 30 booms


Dinghy Equipment: 3 Bahias, 12 Bahia mains, 7 Bahia jibs, 2 P15 mains, 2 Bahia masts, paddles, hiking straps


Dayleader Wages, Taxes, Payroll Processing


Dinghy Maintenance: anchors, tiller extensions, line, shackles, cleats, blocks, nuts, bolts, epoxy, gloves, etc.


Other Events & Activities: Fast Tracks, Windsurf Seminars, Workparties


Insurance (Liability & Workers Compensation)


Keelboat Equipment: Merit Dr Who, Bottom Paint Donald And Pomodoro, 2 Merit 75% Jibs, Commander Drifter, Used 2 Hp Motor


Lease Payments (2 Months At $462, 10 Months At $485.10, $1931 Hoist Maintenance Fee)


DMV Registration, Use Tax On New Boats, Property Taxes


Clubhouse Maintenance: Garbage Service, Cleaning Supplies, Etc


Clubhouse Investments: windsurf mini sail rack structure and awning, clubhouse deck bench, jy rack, mural, lockers, windsurf container board and boom racks, dumpster locks, umbrellas for yard


Safety Equipment: PFD's, sunscreen, visual distress signals


Keelboat Maintenance: bottom cleaning, commander rudderhead and tiller parts, sail repairs and parts, radio, electrical supplies, lines, bumpers, shackles, epoxy, gloves, etc.


Food For Open House BBQ's


Skiff And Engine Maintenance & Fuel


Credit Card Processor Fees, Bank Fees


Accident Expense (Ambulance, Medical Co-Pays)


General Membership Meetings: BYC Rental 5/27 and 11/22, Food


Tools: Power And Hand Tools


Printing, Postage, Flyers, Ads, Dues, DBW Conference


Windsurf Maintenance: epoxy, fiberglass and carbon cloth, gloves, solvent, sail repair tape, harness lines, downhaul line, etc.


Office Supplies: stamps, binders, printer paper and toner, poster board, markers, log books


Clothing for sale to members, J dock keys





Big thanks to everyone who worked hard for the club!


Budget for 5/1/10 to 4/30/11

Expected Income

Memberships (Regular and windsurf locker)


DBW reimbursement for 2 outboard motors, 1 trainer dinghy, 12 beginning windsurf boards and sails, 60 wetsuits


UC Work-Study Reimbursement


Donations, surplus sales, interest, etc.


Total Income



Expected Operating Expense







Printing, Ads, other Communications


Dinghy maintenance


Keelboat maintenance


Windsurfer maintenance


Skiff and engines maintenance, fuel


Buildings & Grounds maintenance, DSL, portapotties, dumpster, lifejackets, etc.


Club activities


Miscellaneous expenses (credit card processing, DMV reg, etc.)


Total operating expenses




Expected Capital Expense (Equipment)

DBW reimbursed items (listed above)


Dinghies (new sails, masts, etc.)


Keelboats (major repairs)


Windsurfing (intermediate/advanced boards, sails)




Clubhouse & Yard Improvements


Total Capital Purchases


Total Spending