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2010-05-21 ExCom Online

Motion passed online:  Peter Kuhn moved that CSC not file an insurance claim, and that CSC spend up to $5,000 to cover the direct cost of repairing the damage to the other boat from collision with a CSC boat on Friday 5/14/10. This expenditure is to be paid from the "Accident Repair" account, which has zero dollars in the current budget.  The reason for not filing a claim is to save our insurance in case we incur a much larger loss in the future.  We would stand a better chance of being able to get that future claim covered without being cancelled if we have no previous claims.  Rob Miller seconded, passed unanimously.  (Note: This was an emergency motion since our insurance agent needed to know immediately if we wanted to file a claim.  The estimate for the repair was provided 5/19, and was for slightly less than $5,000, excluding sales tax, with contingency for unseen damage.)