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2010-10-03 ExCom

10/03/10 ExComm Meeting

6:30 pm in the clubhouse.

Attending: Jennifer Kroon (Commodore), Adam Bertsch (co-1st Vice Commodore), Rob Miller (2nd Vice Commodore), Clément Barthès (3rd Vice Commodore),  Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Noah Salzman (Secretary), and Virginia Luchetti and Barbara Kochan (co-Rear Commodores).

Officer Reports:

Rear: Senior Skipper study group has started, and sailing instructor clinics will start soon. There will be seminars and lectures by Sr skippers and certificed sailing instructors from other orgs. Nelz is taking on Sat lesson coordination. Yesterday we had over 50 people take sailing lessons despite the October date.

Treasurer: We have $24,402 in the bank, down $6,968 from our last regular meeting 8/15 when we had $31,370. We still have a reimbursement claim in to the Department of Boating and Waterways for $13,101.91 for reimbursement for 2 outboard motors for our rescue skiffs and 30 wetsuits, and plan to submit for $15,393.55 more reimbursement for 21 more wetsuits, and new Bahia sails and masts.  We have received but not yet paid for the RS Vision dinghy $6000 and we've not yet been billed by the City for 2009 and 2010 hoist maintenance fees, max $2700. The income and expenditures below are for 8/15-9/11 (no meeting 9/11) and 9/12-10/3.

Income 8/15-9/11:

Regular memberships $14,575.00 UC workstudy reimbursement $1,027.21 Donations, interest, racing booklet $231.63 Windsurf locker membership $210.00 Total: $16,043.84

Income 9/12-10/3:

Regular memberships $11,480.00 UC workstudy reimbursement $449.14 Windsurf locker membership $190.00 Donations, interest $26.97 Total: $12,146.11

Expenses 8/15-9/11:

Dayleaders--wages, taxes, payroll processing $3,057.80 Yard rent & fees Sept $731.33 Safety Equipment--54 PFD's $709.94 Keelboats--bottom cleaning, cleats, padeyes, line, nav lights, cleaner $644.29 Clubhouse and Yard--porta-pottie service, DSL, painting supplies and sprayer, plywood and hinges for trash can enclosures $617.72 Insurance--deposit on workers comp premiums $535.00 Bank--credit card processing fees $305.74 Teaching expense--food for Fast Track BBQ $150.00 Cruising-dock fees Angel I. cruise $60.00 tax form filing fees $60.00 Dinghies--4 Bahia jib halyards $38.00 Rescue Skiff--fuel $30.97 Office supplies--answer sheets, laminating $17.52 Total: $6,958.31

Expenses 9/12-10/3:

Dinghies--7 Bahia masts, 8 sets Bahia main-jib-gennaker (DBW grant), 2 masthead floats, aluminum for tillers, rig tape $13,148.87 Windsurfing--10 RRD boards, 91 - 148l including 2 Evo's, 2.9 m N Pryde Combat Sail $9,443.25 Dayleaders--wages, taxes, payroll processing $3,709.45 Keelboats--bottom paint Donald haulout 6/21/09 (thanks Deepak!), cam cleat rebuild kits, power cord (thanks Sheldon!), handrails, stainless plate, carabiners, food for workparty (thanks Clement), etc. $567.31 Clubhouse and Yard--10 rolls fence weave plastic, porta-pottie service, DSL, dump fees, chairs, dolly tire and tube $566.87 Bank--credit card processing fees $243.24 Rescue Skiff--fuel, engine fuel system cleaner $160.71 Safety Equipment--sunscreen! $140.56 Teaching expense--food for Fast Track BBQ 7/22/10 $94.06 Stamps $88.00 Tools--drill bits, center punch, cutoff blades, ruler $37.39 Total: $28,199.71

Agenda Items

  1. Jennifer Kroon (JK) moved to approve the expenditures summarized in the Treasurer's report, Virginia Luchetti (VL) seconded (2nd), unanimously approved (UA).
  2. JK moved to have November General Membership Meeting at 4pm Sunday November 14th at the club with a pie contest, JK will bring snack as well, Rob Miller (RM) 2nd, UA.
  3. RM moved to approve Bryce Hathaway's Sr Windsurfer project which consists of organizing 3 waterstarting clinics, and Violaine Hamel's Sr Windsurfer project which is organizing 3 windsurfing injury avoidance clinics, JK 2nd, UA.
  4. JK moved adjourn, CB 2nd, UA.  Meeting adjourned 6:32 pm.