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2010-11-14 ExCom

11/14/10 ExComm Meeting

3:30 pm in the yard (before the General Membership Meeting).

Attending: Jennifer Kroon (Commodore), Heidi Kearsley (Vice Commodore), Rob Miller (2nd Vice Commodore), Clément Barthès (3rd Vice Commodore),  Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), and Virginia Luchetti and Barbara Kochan (co-Rear Commodores).

Officer Reports:

3rd Vice Commodore: Dr Who (Merit 25 keelboat) has new bottom paint.

Treasurer: We have $34,420 in the bank, up $10,018 from our last regular meeting 10/3 when we had $24,402. We have a reimbursement claim in to the Department of Boating and Waterways for $15,393.55 for reimbursement for 21 more wetsuits, and new Bahia sails and masts.  We have received but not yet paid for the RS Vision dinghy $6000 and we've not yet been billed by the City for 2009 and 2010 hoist maintenance fees, max $2700.

Income 10/3- 11/14/10:

DBW grant reimbursement $13,101.90
Regular memberships $8,355.00
UC workstudy reimbursement $3,464.08
Windsurf locker membership $170.00
Donations, interest, race booklet $6.77


Spending 10/3- 11/14/10:

Dayleaders--wages, taxes, payroll processing $4,632.99
Keelboats--Deposit on mast for Pearson Commander, bottom paint Dr. Who, dive five hulls 10/7/10,VHF radio, teak strips, rig tape, labels, gelcoat, power cord, cable ties $2,664.15
Sales and Use Tax $2,178.00
Rent to City for yard and clubhouse space (Oct and Nov) $1,462.66
Dinghies--anchors, gloves, blocks, cleats, dust masks, filler, bolts for frankentillers, nuts, washers, parts for Bahia gennaker poles and ramps, (6) Bahia trapeze wires, cotter rings, ring pliers, Bahia genn pole ends, gnav control block, line $1,095.92
Clubhouse and Yard--paint for murals, garbage service, DSL service for clubhouse computer, Porta-Pottie service, dump fee, plywood for BBQ tabletop, paint for PFD container, varathane, brush, roller, sandpaper, recharge fire extinguishers $1,094.75
YRA dues 2006-9 $575.00
Insurance--workers comp $373.00
Rescue Skiff--fuel, engine parts $305.14
Printing $276.46
Bank--credit card processing fees $217.79
Safety Equipment--new binocs for dayleaders, gauze for 1st aid kit $161.25
Windsurfing--spray paint $21.91
Tools--jig saw, service manual Honda 2hp outboard $20.49
Total: $15,079.51

Agenda Items

1.  Rob Miller (RM) moved to approve the expenditures listed in the Treasurer's report, Jennifer Kroon (JK) seconded, unanimously approved (UA).
2.  Senior Projects:
  • Pedro Yribarren Sr Windsurfer project to consist of new flooring for the board hospital, with a budget not to exceed $1,000 (project complete!)
  • Joel Brand Sr Skipper project to consist of teaching (JK is appointing him as Monday and Thursday sailing lesson chair)
  • Enere Levy Sr. Skipper project to consist of work on changing Commander mast
JK moved to approve the above projects, Virginia Luchetti (VL) seconded, UA
3.  JK moved to approve Onur Filiz's Cruising Skipper rating, RM seconded, UA
4.  JK moved to adjourn, RM 2nd, UA, meeting adjourned 3:40pm.