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2010-11-14 General Membership Meeting

CSC General Membership Meeting
14 November 2010
Location: CSC Boat Yard

Pre-meeting: mass pie consumption and foamy beer.  About 80 people were present, including guests, about two dozen pies, about 6 dogs and at least that many members' children.

Called to order at 4:15 pm by Jennifer Kroon, CSC Commodore.

Officer reports:

Rob Miller, 2nd Vice -- Windsurfing is going well, we're buying new equipment

Clément Barthès, 3rd Vice -- Keelboats are going well, we're keeping them fixed

Nominations and Elections:

There were no contested elections. For each position below the club members listed were nominated for the position, seconded, and approved by voice vote of over 50 members, with one additional member abstaining.

Commodore: Jennifer Kroon

Vice Commodore: Heidi Kearsley

First Vice Commodore: Michael Scalet, Adam Bertsch

Second Vice Commodore: Rob Miller

Third Vice Commodore: Clément Barthès

Rear Commodore: Barbara Kochan, Virginia Luchetti

Port Captain: Bobby Arthurs

Secretary: Noah Salzman

Treasurer: Peter Kuhn

Other motions:

Jennifer asked the attendees if there were any other motions, questions, comments... none were made.

Meeting called to a close at about 4:45 pm.  Beautiful sunset.