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2011-01-09 ExCom

1/9/11 ExComm Meeting

5:45 pm in the clubhouse.

Attending: Jennifer Kroon (Commodore), Rob Miller (2nd Vice Commodore), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Noah Salzman (Secretary, by telephone), Barbara Kochan (co-Rear Commodore), Mark Yampanis, and Yves Parent.

Officer Reports:

Commodore: It's too cold for me to sail!

Second Vice: Baja was great.

Co-Rear: plan teacher meetings regarding windsurf lesson curriculum and teaching techniques around April

Treasurer: no report

Agenda Items

  1. Jennifer Kroon (JK) moved to approve the following dates for Open Houses/Introductory Sails, including the Berkeley Bay Festival Saturday April 16 12-5 pm, but not July 4th, Rob Miller (RM) seconded (2nd), unanimously approved (UA).
    April 3*
    April 16*- Berkeley Bay Festival
    June 12
    June 26
    July 10
    July 24
    Aug 14
    Aug 21
    Sept 4*
    Sept 18
    Oct 2
    Oct 16
    *not enough water for keelboats at dock by clubhouse, keelboats to run from J dock
  2. JK moved to approve having the February General Membership Meeting on Thursday, February 17th at the Berkeley Yacht Club, with a contest for pies and salads and square dancing, Barbara Kochan (BK) 2nd, UA.
  3. Peter Kuhn moved to approve Yves Parent's Sr Skipper project of making a video on jibing, JK 2nd, UA.
  4. RM moved adjourn, JK 2nd, UA.  Meeting adjourned 5:49 pm.