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2011-01-30 ExCom

01/30/11 ExComm Meeting

5:23 pm in the clubhouse.

Attending: Heidi Kearsley (Vice-Commodore), Rob Miller (2nd Vice Commodore), Clément Barthès (3rd Vice Commodore),  Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Noah Salzman (Secretary), and Bobby Arthurs (Port Captain).

Officer Reports:

2nd Vice:  All windsurfing Srs are reminded that they will lose their rating if they don't teach, repair, daylead, test, clean up, administer or do other work for the club--at least10 hours every three months, signed off by the Dayleader on their rating cards.

3rd Vice: I expect to be a father come July, color me gone from CSC from then for about a year.  (Congrats to Rika, who's welcome to leave the baby with Clément and come drink with us any time.)

Treasurer: The club's finances are in good shape, income exceeds expectations and spending is below budgeted levels in almost every category.  We've applied for $42k in DBW teaching equipment grants for more wetsuits, dinghy sails, windsurf boards and sails, and keelboat sails masts and rigging.

We have $38,722 in the bank, up $4,302 from our last regular meeting 11/14/10 when we had $34,420.  We have payments scheduled for insurance $7,530 hull cleaning $204 and tax $10.  We have received but not yet been billed for the RS Vision dinghy $6000 and we've not yet been billed by the City for 2009 and 2010 hoist maintenance fees, max $2700. The income and expenditures below are for 11/14/10 - 1/30/11.



DBW grant reimbursement $15,393.55
Regular memberships $7,741.00
UC workstudy reimbursement $2,183.65
DMV Bahia registration refund, donations, interest $256.15
Total: $25,574.35

Expenses :


Dayleaders--wages, taxes, payroll processing $6,711.76
Windsurfing--Toucan board, 8 Simmer sails, 8 Ripper 4.2 sails, 2 Ezzy Wave Sails, Maui 10.5 and 520 carbon mast. $6,305.12
Clubhouse and Yard--board hospital flooring project supplies, 5 rolls plastic fence weave, PFD container project supplies, sink project supplies, metal trashcans and chairs for yard, charging cradle for VHF radio, computer keyboard, dump fees, garbage service, Porta-Pottie service, DSL service. $2,294.30
Keelboats--Commander Genoa, UPS, dive five hulls 10/7/10, straps, caulk, line, rig tension gage, coax cable, hasp, lube, epoxy hardener $1,864.18
Rent to City for yard and clubhouse space Dec and Jan $1,462.66
Dinghies--Registration 3 Bahias, trap ring, caulk, spinny tape, CF letter kits, Ubolts, screws, nuts, washers
return ring pliers, 12 tiller extension universal joints, cleats, beads for Bahia frankentillers
Insurance--workers comp $590.00
Accident repair--vet bill from rat poison, teak for collision repair $458.32
Activities--food for Nov GMM, workparty, teaching $441.98
Bank--credit card processing fees $164.12
Rescue Skiff--fuel, engine parts $155.44
Business License, postage, sales and use tax $80.15
Total: $21,272.32



Agenda Items

  1. Rob Miller (RM) moved to approve the expenditures summarized in the Treasurer's report, Heidi Kearsley (HK) seconded (2nd), unanimously approved (UA).
  2. HK moved to spend up to $700 for a band for square dancing at the General Membership Meeting at 6pm Thursday February 17th at the Berkeley Yacht club, this will be the club's only cost since BYC is not charging rent and the dinner will be potluck with pie and salad contests, Peter Kuhn (PK) 2nd, UA.
  3. PK moved to spend up to $3,000 on vet bills for club members' including dayleaders' dogs who ate rat poison in the yard, RM 2nd, UA
  4. PK moved to pay the $7,530 renewal premium for liability insurance, RM 2nd UA.
  5. RM moved to approve John Gagnon's Sr Windsurfer project which consists of organizing weekday windsurfing classes, probably Monday afternoons starting May, and Eric Iverson's Sr Windsurfer project which is organizing board repair clinics and a how to guide, Bobby Arthurs (BA) 2nd, UA.
  6. BA moved to approve Alejandro Dorazio's Sr. Skipper project which consists of repairs to the board hospital, PK 2nd, UA
  7. PK moved to vote on Howard Fong's request to use club kayaks, in conjunction with his own, on cruises to Angel I. and other Bay destinations, BA 2nd, consensus was that club kayaks are suited only for use near club, unanimously unapproved.
  8. BA moved adjourn, Noah Salzman 2nd, UA.  Meeting adjourned 5:35 pm.