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2011-02-17 ExCom

2011-02-17 - ExComm meeting before the GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING
Thursday February 17, 2011
at the Berkeley Yacht Club, 6 pm
Excomm Members Present
Jennifer Kroon, Commodore
Heidi Kearsley, Vice-Commodore
Adam Bertsch, Co-1st Vice
Rob Miller, 2nd Vice
Clement Barthes, 3rd Vice
Barbara Kochan, Co-Rear Commodore
Noah Salzman, Secretary
Senior Projects:  Kim Nguyen- May Sailing Fastrack, Stephano Cardinale- June Sailing Fastrack, Virginia Luchetti- work as Sat Morning Lesson Coor., Jennifer Johnson- Youth Rides Coordination
Announcement Lists Chair:  Michael Scalet
Youth Ride Coordinator Chair: Jennifer Johnson
Expansion of Introductory Sails: JK moved, RM 2nd, unanimous
Free quarterly membership for youths in summer youth group Intro Sails:  JK moved, discussion of liability to club, RM moved to table for more discussion, BK 2nd, unanimous approval