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2011-04-03 ExCom

4/3/11 ExComm Meeting

5:37 pm in the yard.

Attending: Jennifer Kroon (Commodore), Heidi Kearsley (Vice-Commodore), Rob Miller (2nd Vice Commodore), Clément Barthès (3rd Vice Commodore),  Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), and Barbara Kochan (co-Rear Commodore).

Officer Reports:

Treasurer:  We have $12,533 in the bank, down $26,189 from our 1/30/11 meeting, when the bank held $38,722.

Income 1/30 - 4/3/11

Regular memberships $14,320.00
UC workstudy reimbursement $4,616.55
Windsurf locker memberships $2,175.00
Surplus board sale, donations, interest $213.84
Total: $21,325.39

Expenses 1/30 - 4/3/11

Windsurfing--(8) Fanatic Shark 135 and 150 boards and nose shields, 15 Simmer sails 5.0 to 7.2, (both on DBW grant) spray paint $12,737.62
Dayleaders--wages, taxes, payroll processing $9,041.08
Insurance-annual premium for liability and fire insurance, workers comp insurance Feb and March $8,854.00
Safety Equipment--41 wetsuits (DBW grant) $5,813.53
Dinghies--Bahia rudder blades, modify 1 Bahia mainsail, materials 4 Bahia mainsail covers and 1 jib cover, 2 Bahia boom ends, gnav toggles, (2) 300' spools 4 mm line, epoxy resin, hardener, filler, sail repair tape, masthead float fasteners, spray paint, tarps for sail cover prototypes, return charges Bahia jib roller furling drums, Bahia spreader brackets, trap handles, rope $2,513.50
Accident repair--vet bills from rat poison $2,016.48
Clubhouse and Yard--supplies board hospital wall repair, sail locker roof supplies, clubhouse/yard keys, VHF radio for dayleaders, wetsuit glue, wetsuit zipper repair, BBQ parts, sharpies, dump fees, garbage service, Porta-Pottie service, DSL service. $1,941.54
Activities--BYC bartending rental, snack, and band for Feb GMM, workparties 2/6 3/12 3/21, teaching snack, propane $1,268.49
Taxes--sales tax on purchases, streetlight tax $982.37
Keelboats--materials for sail covers, dive five hulls 1/26/11, line, parts for crew overboard floats $935.24
Rent to City for yard and clubhouse space , less previous overpayment, Feb and March 2011 $463.71
Tools--riveter, air compressor, sander, shop vac, burr, drill bits $320.28
Bank--credit card processing fees, bounce fee $295.80
Rescue Skiffs--fuel, engine parts $186.61
Miscellaneous--registration and lunches for DBW conference, printing 1000 flyers, craft sticks, print dayleader checklists $143.88
Total: $47,514.13

We have a reimbursement request in to the Department of Boating and Waterways for $21,830.11.  This is on our $42,000 grant money for this year, to cover windsurf boards and sails, wetsuits, dinghy sails, and keelboat masts and rigging.

Second Vice Report:  The Season has officially started!  We have received 9 new Junior boards, (5 150 L and 4 135 L boards).  Novices, this means it is time to try to become a Junior Windsurfer.  Beginning windsurfing lessons have started with a few brave souls trying it out each weekend.  Look for Sunday lessons to start at the beginning of May.

Agenda Items

1.  Rob Miller (RM) moved to approve the expenditures listed in the Treasurer's Report, Jennifer Kroon (JK) seconded (2nd), unanimously approved (UA).

2. RM moved to approve spending of $20,070 more out of total $42,000 grant, to be reimbursed by the Department of Boating and Waterways, on wetsuits ($6,000 total grant budget, of which $5,612 has already been spent), trainer dinghy sails ($10,000 total grant budget, none spent yet), windsurf lesson boards and sails ($14,000 total grant budget, already spent), and keelboat masts, sails and rigging ($12,000 total grant budget, of which $2,218 has already been spent).  JK 2nd, UA.

3. JK moved to offer youth memberships for free to participants in our summer youth group programs, PK 2nd, UA.  Discussion PK noted CSC youth memberships are only issued after parents agree to risks and CSC not providing specific supervision for youth, parents must sign waivers.

4.  PK moved to approve following Sr projects:  David Jaeger, teaching; Kevin Rendueles, motor repairs, Onur Filiz, board repairs.  RM 2nd, UA.

5.  JK moved approve her appointment of Kevin Rendueles as motor chair, PK 2nd, UA.

6.  PK moved approve Joshua Leihe's Cruising Skipper rating, JK 2nd, UA.

meeting adjourned 5:39 pm.