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2011-05-01 ExCom

5/1/11 ExComm Meeting

6:38 pm in the yard by the clubhouse.

Attending: Jennifer Kroon (Commodore), Heidi Kearsley (Vice-Commodore), Adam Bertsch (co-1st Vice Commodore),  Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Virginia Luchetti (co-Rear Commodore), and Noah Salzman (Secretary).

Officer Reports:

Treasurer:  We have $18,848 in the main accounts, up $5,580 from our last meeting 4/17/11 when we had $13,268.

Income 4/18-5/1/11

Regular memberships $6,625.00
Windsurf locker memberships $1,960.00
UC workstudy reimbursement $151.25
interest $0.40
Total: $8,736.65

Expenses 4/18-5/1/11

City--hoist maintenance fee

Dinghies--labor for sail covers for Bahias and Bahia main repair $675.00
Dayleaders--taxes, payroll processing online $362.12
Keelboats--hull cleaning, Merit mainsail covers labor $301.26
Insurance-monthly premium for workers comp insurance April $298.00
Bank--credit card processing fees $142.84
Safety--CPR training, bandaids, $132.24
Rescue Skiffs--fuel $103.23
Office Supplies--laser printer toner cartridge, wireless router modem $65.53
Clubhouse and Yard--extra porta-pottie bill $37.55
Tools--crimper and wire stripper $26.05
Total: $3,156.55

We have a reimbursement request in to the Department of Boating and Waterways for $21,830.11.  This is on our $42,000 grant money for this year, to cover windsurf boards and sails, wetsuits, dinghy sails, and keelboat masts and rigging.

The fiscal year is over and the actual figures are pretty close to the budget.  --We started with $15k and ended with $19k, so we overall were pretty much where we expected, since the budget called for $204.5k income and $204.5k expenses; actuals were $216k income and $212k expenses for 5/1/10 - 4/30/11.

  • Regular memberships were up $5k/yr compared to the previous year, an increase of 3%.
  • Accident repairs cost us $7k so far we hadn't expected
  • Rob Miller (2nd Vice, windsurfing) did a good job of spending money, while Adam Bertsch and Michael Scalet (co-1st Vice Commodores, Dinghies), and Clément Barthès (3rd Vice, Keelboats) slacked off a tad.
  • Party time was pretty much replaced by potluck

The proposed budget, to be submitted for approval vote at the ExComm meeting before the General Membership Meeting 5/22/11 will probably have some increases compared to last year, and some decreases, but will most likely be pretty much the same.  The current draft calls for expected income of $209k matching expected spending of $209k.

Agenda Items

1.  Jennifer Kroon (JK) moved to approve the expenditures listed in the Treasurer's Report, Peter Kuhn (PK) seconded (2nd), unanimously approved (UA).

2.  Noah Salzman (NS) moved to spend up to $8,000 for repairs to the M/V Fairliner that was hit by a CSC boat, JK 2nd, UA.  Discussion: this is an unavoidable expense, the damage originally thought to be small but the Fairliner was extensively rotted necessitating major repairs.

3.  JK moved to spend up to $1,500 on keelboat parts and supplies, Noah Salzman (NS) 2nd, UA.  This is interim until the new budget and approvals are passed for this fiscal year.

meeting adjourned 6:45 pm.