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2011-05-22 ExCom (before GMM)

5/22/11 ExComm Meeting before General Membership Meeting

12:38 pm in the yard by the clubhouse.

Attending: Heidi Kearsley (Vice-Commodore), Rob Miller (2nd Vice Commodore), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Barbara Kochan (co-Rear Commodore), and Noah Salzman (Secretary).

Officer Reports:

Treasurer:  We have $21,501 in the bank, up $2,653 from our last meeting 5/1/11 when we had $18,848.

Income last 3 weeks:
Regular memberships    $12,041.21
Windsurf locker memberships    $4,555.00
UC workstudy reimbursement    $2,277.24
windsurf locker late rent fee payment, member clothing acct closeout, escrip donation, interest    $45.48
Total:    $18,918.93

Expenditures last 3 weeks:
Accident repair--repairs to MV Fairliner hit by CSC boat    $7,453.00
Dayleaders--wages, taxes    $4,271.59
Windsurfing--5.4 and 5.9 sails (Duke, North Sails), 25 skinny mast shims, 5 mast extensions, 10 extension collars    $1,314.16
Clubhouse and Yard--garbage collection, porta-pottie service, propane, hasp and hinges windsurf locker, cups, mix sticks    $681.41
Taxes--Vision use tax and registration     $649.00
City--lease fee May    $620.33
Dinghies--Bahia sail covers    $450.40
Keelboats--jib repair    $231.51
Bank--credit card processing fees    $220.67
Activities--camping and dock fees Angel I cruises, sat am lesson snax    $166.30
Rescue Skiffs--fuel, engine parts    $164.30
Tools--screwdrivers, bits, pliers, knives    $37.50
Safety--bandaids for 1st aid kit    $5.38
Total:    $16,265.55

Big thanks to everyone who has worked hard for the club, sorry the world didn't end yesterday, but we had fun anyway.

Agenda Items

1.   Rob Miller (RM) moved to approve the expenditures listed in the Treasurer's Report, Peter Kuhn (PK) seconded (2nd), unanimously approved (UA).

2.   RM moved to approve the following ratings and Senior projects:
-Sergi Molin's cruising rating
-Joel Brand's dinghy cruising rating
-Sam Kary's senior  project, July Fast Track
-Adam Goode's  senior project, teaching
-Ming Hua's  senior project, teaching
Noah Salzman 2nd, UA.

3.  RM moved to sell the Laser hull that has been sitting on top of a container for over a year, PK 2nd, UA.

4.  Heidi Kearsley (HK) moved to spend up to $3,000 on new, inexpensive foul weather gear for the club, PK 2nd, UA.

5.  PK moved to provide free windsurf lockers, where they remain unrented with no renters waiting, to Rob Miller, Barbara Kochan, and Heidi Kearsley, RM 2nd, UA.

6.  PK moved to approve the following budget for 5/1/11 - 4/30/12, and to also approve
spending (as money is available) up to the amounts listed under Expected Operating Expenses and Expected Capital Expenses, but not duplicating amounts previously approved such as money for the DBW reimbursed items.

Expected Income:
Memberships (Regular and windsurf locker) $145,000
DBW reimbursement $42,000
UC Work-Study Reimbursement $20,000
Donations, surplus sales, interest, etc. $2,000
Total Income $209,000

Expected Operating Expenses:
Dayleaders $40,000
Insurance $11,000
Lease $9,000
Printing, Ads, other Communications $1,000
Dinghy maintenance $9,000
Keelboat maintenance $5,500
Windsurfer maintenance $1,000
Skiff and engines maintenance, fuel $3,000
Buildings & Grounds maintenance, DSL, portapotti, dumpster, etc. $6,000
Club activities $7,000
Miscellaneous expenses (credit card processing, DMV reg, accident repairs, sales
tax, credit card fees ) $18,000
Total operating expenses $110,500

Expected Capital Expenses:
DBW reimbursed items: dinghy sails, windsurf boards and sails, wetsuits,
keelboat masts and rigging $42,000
Dinghies (other than DBW reimbursed items) $15,000
Keelboats (major repairs) $7,500
Windsurfing (other than DBW reimbursed items) $30,000
Tools $1,000
Clubhouse & Yard Improvements $3,000
Total Capital Purchases $98,500
Total Spending $209,000

Effect on Cash Assets
Cash 5/1/11 $18,848
Expected Income FY 11-12 $209,000
Total Spending Budgeted FY 11-12 $209,000
Cash assets expected 4/30/11 $18,848

The meeting was adjourned 12:45 pm.