All Meeting Minutes

2011-06-05 ExCom

6/5/11 ExComm Meeting

5:06 pm in the clubhouse.

Attending: Jennifer Kroon (Commodore), Rob Miller (2nd Vice Commodore),  Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Virginia Luchetti (co-Rear Commodore), and Noah Salzman (Secretary).

Officer Reports:

2nd Vice Commodore:  The season is getting off to a slow start with these really wierd June Monsoons.  Lots of people are windsurfing and the weekend lessons are going well.  Look for more new equipment to arrive soon! 

co-Rear Commodore: Saturday morning lessons are going fine.

Treasurer:  We have $20,775 in the main accounts, down $727 from our last meeting 5/22/11 when we had $21,501.

Income 5/23 - 6/5/11:

Regular memberships $8,900.00

Windsurf locker memberships $1,820.00

UC workstudy reimbursement $1,106.40

Windsurf locker late rent fee payment, surplus radio sale, payroll tax and DMV fees refund $183.24

Total: $12,009.64

Expenses 5/23 - 6/5/11

Keelboats--mast for Commander less $1,000 deposit paid 11/10, Commander sail covers labor, hull cleaning $3,587.62

Windsurfing--RRD Freestyle Wave 75 LTD board, 15 mast extensions, 5 rolls sail repair tape, formula boom, 5 RDM mast shims, 6 rolls line 4 and 5 mm, 15 uphauls, 6 fins $3,226.27

Dayleaders--wages, taxes $3,030.41

Dinghies--Bahia sail covers, Vision rudder pivot nut and bolt, line for halyards and sheets--328' 3 mm red, 656' 6 mm silver/navy, Bahia jib halyard $1,010.58

Activities--food for Fri night dinghy cruises, Mon-Thurs lesson snax, Fast Track party food, GMM food, 4/16 OH BBQ $649.65

Rescue Skiffs--fuel, engine parts, new slings $316.30

Insurance--workers' comp premium $298.00

Clubhouse and Yard--porta-pottie service, DSL, cups, bowls, plates, cocoa, tea $216.70

Bank--credit card processing fees $197.71

Refund membership $99.00

Taxes--2010-11 tax return filing fees $60.00

Printing--waivers for OH $43.90

Total: $12,736.14

We still have a reimbursement request in to the Department of Boating and Waterways for $25,549.10, revised upwards by them from previous $21,830.11.  This is on our $42,000 grant money for this year, to cover windsurf boards and sails, wetsuits, dinghy sails, and keelboat masts and rigging.  Tax return for last fiscal year is filed and posted on website.

Agenda Items

1.  Jennifer Kroon (JK) moved to approve the expenditures listed in the Treasurer's Report, Peter Kuhn (PK) seconded (2nd), unanimously approved (UA).

2.  PK moved to approve the following Sr. projects:

--Adam Goode, teaching

--Guillaume Bauzouin, teaching

Noah Salzman 2nd, UA.

3.  JK moved to elect the following ExComm officers (there wasn't a quorum at the General Membership Meeting May 22 so the current ExComm is supposed to elect the next ExComm):

Commodore- Jennifer Kroon
Vice Commodore- Heidi Kearsley
co-1st Vice Commodores-  Adam Bertsch and Michael Scalet
2nd Vice Commodore - Rob Miller
3rd Vice Commodore- Clément Barthès
Co-Rear Commodores- Virginia Luchetti and Barbara Kochan
Secretary- Noah Salzman
Treasbags- Peter Kuhn
Port Captain- Katie Tripp

meeting adjourned 5:08 pm.