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2011-07-17 ExComm

7/17/11 ExComm Meeting

6:36 pm in the clubhouse.

Attending: Jennifer Kroon (Commodore), Heidi Kearsley (Vice Commodore), Rob Miller (2nd Vice Commodore), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Katie Tripp (Port Captain), and Noah Salzman (Secretary).

Officer Reports:

Treasurer: We have $16,184 in the bank, down $4,591 from our last meeting 6/5/11 when we had $20,775.

Income 6/5 - 7/17/11:

Regular memberships $30,139.00

UC workstudy reimbursement $518.79

Windsurf locker memberships $305.00

Donations $34.92

Total: $30,997.71

Expenses 6/5 - 7/17/11

Windsurfing--14 Ezzy sails, 5 masts, 4 Ripper 3.3 rigs, epoxy, carbon fiber cloth, gloves, sanding disks, blue tape $10,151.37

Keelboats--P Princess and equipment, parts for crew overboard floats, winches, anchor tips, panel, labels, heatshrink, coax connectors Merit electrical and antenna repair, winch repair supplies, fenders, hull cleaning 4 boats 6/9/11, 172' 3/8 line, 4 boat hooks, throw rope, anchors, 2 bilge pumps, shackles, whipping twine, throw rope, bilge pump, shackles, whisker poles, flares, 600' roll 3/8" 3 strand line for docklines, return unused keelboat engine parts $7,313.60

Dinghies--remainder purchase 8 sets JY main jib, 8 sets Bahia jib gennaker, 2 P15 jibs; also 9 sail slugs; sail covers, 4 trapeze hoist sets (2 boats), 12 rolls electric tape (rigging), 12 clamcleat 211Mk2, 3 anchors G5 and chain and shackles, 6 3' wood paddles, tyvek coveralls, gloves, goggles, mallet, markers, dish detergent, cleats, rings, trap sets, carabiners, solvent, lanyard, 36 shackles, cotter rings, nonskid for JY's, Bahia gnav ends, sail repair tape, CF registration letters and numbers $7,229.34

Dayleaders--wages, taxes $3,234.51

Taxes--use tax on out of state purchases, DMV for P. Princess $2,317.00

Rent--license rent and capital fund contribution $1,266.16

Clubhouse and Yard--clubhouse computer, porta-pottie service, DSL, cups plates cocoa tea, weed whacker line, hinges hasps for windsurf rental lockers, two way radios for OH keelboat rides from J dock, clubhouse light fixture ballast and tubes $1,251.92

Activities--food for 6/12/11 6/26/11 and 7/10/11 OH's, lesson snax Sat 6/18 Mon 6/20 Thurs 6/25 $1,016.82

Bank--credit card processing fees $687.36

Rescue Skiffs--fuel, battery, lanyard, shackles for sling, emergency sling leg parts $380.83

Insurance--workers' comp premium, add P Princess to marine liability $339.00

Safety Equipment--binocs, VHF radio $204.97

Office supplies--checks, stamps $195.88

Total: $35,588.76

We still have a reimbursement request in to the Department of Boating and Waterways for $25,549.10. This is on our $42,000 grant money for this year, to cover windsurf boards and sails, wetsuits, dinghy sails, and keelboat masts and rigging.

2nd Vice Commodore Report: We had an excellent Q and A clinic with Andy Brandt of ABK Boardsports on July 6th. Andy will be back in August to answer baffling windsurfing questions. We'll be having a Rigging Clinic on Tuesday evening, July 19th at 7 pm (thanks Onur!), so if you want to learn how to properly rig our sails, be there on Tuesday evening. Did I say there would be pizza? Thanks to all the folks for keeping the lessons going and keeping the boards on the water!

Agenda Items

1. Rob Miller (RM) moved to approve the expenditures listed in the Treasurer's Report, Jennifer Kroon (JK) seconded (2nd), unanimously approved (UA).

2. JK moved to approve the following Sr. projects:

--Stephanie Evans and Angela Kohtz, womens clinic

--Lon Dober, membership and ratings analysis

--Curt Brown, teaching

--James McConaghie, dinghy repair clinics

Noah Salzman 2nd, UA.

3. Heidi Kearsley moved that the August General Membership Meeting be a Commodore's Ball at the clubhouse Friday August 5th starting at 7 pm, RM 2nd, UA.

4. Emergency online motion passed 6/9/11: Peter Kuhn (PK) moved: "Michael and Sheldon want to buy another Commander, and fix it up for CSC use. I move to spend up to $6k and vote yes." Voted yes: JK, Noah Salzman, Katie Tripp, Virginia Luchetti, Clement Barthes, Adam Bertsch, RM, Heidi Kearsley. UA

meeting adjourned 6:38 pm.