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2011-08-28 ExComm

8/28/11 ExComm Meeting

6:32 pm in the clubhouse.

Attending: Jennifer Kroon (Commodore), Heidi Kearsley (Vice Commodore), Adam Bertsch (1st Vice Commodore), Rob Miller (2nd Vice Commodore), Katie Tripp (Port Captain), and Peter Kuhn (Treasurer)

Officer Reports:

Treasurer: We have $31,127 in the bank, up $14,968 from our last meeting 7/17/11 when we had $16,184.

Income 7/17 - 8/28/11:

Regular memberships $26,832.00

DBW Grant Reimbursement $25,549.10

UC workstudy reimbursement $1,556.08

Windsurf locker memberships $610.00

Donations $2.03

Total: $54,549.21

Expenses 7/17 - 8/28/11:

Dinghies--RS Vision, Vision mast, Vision rudderhead and tiller, 5 Bahia masts, Bahia hatches, Bahia rudder, 16 trapeze lines, 7 rolls line, 36 cam cleats, shackles, 6 rolls non-skid, 12 tiller/extension universal joints, Bahia jib halyard, sail repairs, sail slides $16,800.95

Windsurfing--Firemove 110l board, 12 Simmer 5/4/3 wetsuits, 15 harnesses, 26 uphaul lines, 6 booms, 20 boxes disposable gloves, 2 packs sanding discs, 24 rolls sail repair tape $5,601.66

Dayleaders--wages, taxes $5,120.38

Keelboats--Port. Princess wiring and other improvement supplies, Commander Daisy mast rigging and boom refurbishment, fenders, padlock, radio, flare kit, bottom cleaning, sail repairs, slugs, webbing, twine $4,632.86

Activities--food for movie night 6/3, OH 6/12 and 7/24, Racing party 7/28, Manish party 8/1, GMM 8/5, OH 8/14 and 8/21, windsurf clinic 7/6, rig clinic 7/19, Sat lesson snax 7/30 and 8/13, windsurf clinic 7/27, workparties repair clinic 7/16 and keelboat repairs 7/16, womens keelboat clinic 7/26 $2,098.12

Clubhouse and Yard--BBQ, porta-pottie service, DSL, garbage collection, cups, propane, dishwash detergent, acetone, recycling can, trash can liners, dump fee $1,456.74

Taxes--property tax on boats, possessory interest on clubhouse and yard $1,195.92

Rescue Skiffs--fuel, motor parts $807.06

Accident repair--parts to fix outboard motor hit by CSC boat $688.37

Rent--license rent and capital fund contribution $645.83

Bank--credit card processing fees $598.15

Office supplies--printing 2000 flyers 800 waivers 8 signup books $256.82

Tools--riveter, 2 cordless drills $185.51

Safety Equipment--VHF radio $88.46

Insurance--workers' comp policy renewal deposit less $1,192 refund on last year's premiums -$596.00

Total: $39,580.83

We will be submitting a reimbursement request for $16,450.90 to the Department of Boating and Waterways for dinghy sails and keelboat masts and rigging as soon as we have paid for the second Commander mast. This will complete reimbursement for our equipment for which we got a $42,000 grant this year.

Agenda Items:

1. Rob Miller (RM) moved to approve the expenditures listed in the Treasurer's Report, Jennifer Kroon (JK) seconded (2nd), unanimously approved (UA).

2. JK moved to approve the following Sr. projects:

--Michael Hyde, organizing Fast Track

--Michael Needham, teaching

--Matthias Vallentin, windsurf clinics

AB 2nd, UA.

3. Heidi Kearsley moved to have a Fast Track 9/5 - 9/9/11 and to spend up to $250 on food for a party 9/9. JK 2nd, UA.

4. JK moved to spend up to $2,000 on parts for the skiff motor and $5,000 on upgrades to the website. RM 2nd, UA.

meeting adjourned 6:40 pm.