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2011-11-27 General membership meeting

The Cal Sailing Club November General Membership Meeting was held in the yard next to the clubhouse.

Executive Committee members present: Jennifer Kroon (Commodore), Heidi Kearsley (Vice Commodore), Rob Miller (2nd Vice Commodore), Clement Barthes (3rd Vice Commodore), Barbara Kochan (Co-Rear Commodore), Noah Salzman (Secretary), and Peter Kuhn (Treasurer)

Steven Burchik gave a very tasty presentation of chocolate making, including a taste test and samples of truffles and fine chocolates.

Jennifer Kroon brought samples of the CSC 2012 calendar, for sale on

The potluck feast included several homemade soups, salad, rolls, pies, and desserts


Treasurer's report (made available on the website two weeks before the meeting, with copy posted on the official bulletin board):

Statement of Financial Condition November 1 2011

As of October 31st we had $21,627 in the bank, up $8,422 from August 1st when we had $13,205, and our property was worth $369,952 (depreciated book value).

In the three months August-September-October, we collected:

Regular memberships $44,369

DBW grant reimbursement $25,549

UC workstudy reimbursement $5,539

windsurf locker memberships $610

donations--Boy Scouts, escrip $156

Total Income $76,224


And in the same three months we spent:

Windsurfing fleet--7 boards, 20 masts, 15 XT Seat and NRG harnesses, 26 harness lines, 21 booms, 10 2 bolt mast bases, 10 universals, 10 extension collars, 14 rolls sail repair tape, gloves, sanding disks, dust masks, mix sticks, paintbrushes, cups $16,546

Keelboat fleet--new mast for Commander Donald and supplies and parts, P Princess compass and wiring supplies and coaming wood and winches, Commander boom refurbishment, hull cleaning, fenders, padlocks, line, cleats, caulk, epoxy resin hardener, shackles, sail repair, keelboat outboard motor parts $12,197 Dayleader wages and taxes $11,684

Dinghy fleet--5 Bahia masts, Bahia rudder, Vision halyard, sail repairs, slides, roller furling drums, trapeze lines, tiller extension universal joints, cleats, line, shackles, anchors, tape, rivets, screws, etc. Less refund on JY centerboards $9,549

Safety equipment--18 foul weather bibs and 14 jackets, 12 wetsuits, 2 gal sunscreen $4,310

OH BBQ's, food for 8/5/11 GMM, cruise dock fees, social events, lesson snax, Fast Track parties $2,687

Use tax on wholesale purchases, DMV registration renewal 27 boats $2,465

Clubhouse--BBQ, laser printer and toner, portapottie service, DSL service, garbage service, copying for signup sheets, propane, cups, forks, plates, fan for wetsuit repair $2,362

City of Berkeley--license fee for space, capital improvements fund contribution, hoist maintenance fee $1,948

Skiffs and engines--engine and skiff parts, fuel $1,470

Credit card processing, bank fees $1,108

Tools--engine diagnostic kit, 2 cordless drills, 2 riveters, sockets, pliers, screwdrivers, meter $809

Accident repair--repairs to boats hit by CSC $805

Insurance--workers comp deposit and premiums, less refund on 2010 workers comp insurance -$138

Total spending $67,802


We received $25,549.10 as our first reimbursement on our $42,000 grant from Cal Boating, and have a reimbursement request in for the remaining $16,450.90. This year’s grant paid for 41 wetsuits, 8 beginner windsurf boards, 33 windsurf sails, and 2 keelboat sails, and will pay for dinghy sails (8 sets Bahia jib gennaker and 8 sets JY main jib sails and 2 P15 jibs) and keelboat sails, masts, and rigging (2 Commander masts). We’ve submitted a grant application for next year to pay for more wetsuits, dinghy sailboat masts and sails, beginner windsurf boards and sails, and keelboat masts sails and rigging.

Big thanks to everyone who worked hard for the club!


No official election was held because a quorum (10% of current regular members) was not obtained. The club had 552 current regular members, and only 41 current regular members attended the meeting. However, an unofficial advisory vote was held, first for the uncontested offices, and then with a secret ballot for Commodore. The following members running for the uncontested election received unanimous approval:

Heidi Kearsley for Vice Commodore
Adam Bertsch and Michael Scalet, running together for 1st Vice Commodore
Rob Miller for 2nd Vice Commodore
Kevin Rendueles for 3rd Vice Commodore
Yves Parent and Barbara Kochan, running together for Rear Commodore
Sophia Horuchi for Port Captain
Peter Kuhn for Treasurer
Stephanie Evans for Secretary

The result of the secret ballot for Commodore was 30 votes for Jennifer Kroon, 7 votes for Todd Price, 1 vote for Heidi Kearsley, and 3 abstentions.