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ExComm 2012-02-29

2012-02-29 ExComm meeting

At the Berkeley Yacht Club before the General Membership Meeting, 5:50 pm

Executive Committee members present: Jennifer Kroon (Commodore), Adam Bertsch (co-1st Vice Commodore), Sophie Horiuchi (Port Captain), Stephanie Evans (Secretary), Yves Parent (co-Rear Commodore), Barbara Kochan (co-Rear Commodore), Kevin Rendueles (3rd Vice Commodor), and Peter Kuhn (Treasurer)

Officer reports:


We have $18,390 in the bank, down $11,224 from our last meeting 1/15/12 when we had $29,614.

Income 1/16 - 2/29/12

Regular memberships $7,577.00

UC workstudy reimbursement $1,388.78

Donations: escrip $5.28

Total: $8,971.06

Expenses 1/16 - 2/29/12

Insurance--annual premiums for marine liability, hull insurance, and commercial property insurance; workers' comp premium $11,715.00

Keelboats--winch pedestal backing plates and traveller for Port Princess, Merit main repair, winch handles, dock power cord, sewing kit box, part for Meritorious motor, tape, hose, gloves, buckle, loop, fasteners, caulk tubes, sail repair tags $2,465.56

Dayleaders--wages, taxes $1,634.71

Clubhouse and Yard-- propane, cups, plates, forks, napkins, glass cleaner, dishdetergent, shower key, rice cooker, bowl, porta-potty service, DSL service, garbage service $964.17

Windsurfing--98l JP Freestyle board $850.00

Rent--license rent and capital fund contribution $645.83

Rescue Skiffs--fuel, motor parts, skiff steering cable $589.66

Tools--Fein Multimate, hammer, mallet, hacksaw, wrenches, extension cord, sockets, shopvac foam and filters $434.81

Activities--food and supplies for Open House and Taco Party 2/26/12 $269.05

Dinghies--clevis pins, rings, tape, lanyards, sail repair, rivets, masthead for P15 $228.52

Bank--credit card processing fees $225.12

Printing: 5000 flyers for Open Houses $172.86

Total: $20,195.29


1. Jennifer Kroon (JK) moved to approve the expenditures listed in the Treasurer's report, Adam Bertsch (AB) seconded (2nd), unanimously approved (UA).

2. Peter Kuhn (PK) moved to approve the following senior projects:

Patrick Flaherty - Continue and complete a keelboat Sailling Instruction manual

Luke Fredericks - Teaching

Phillipe Steinman - Teaching

Alejandro Levander - Organize and coordinate the April Fast Track

Nathan Ilten - Organize and coordinate the May Fast Track

Kevin Dudney - Organize and coordinate the June Fast Track

Jason Caldwell - Organize and coordinate the July Fast Track

Jennifer Kroon (JK) seconded, unanimously approved.

3. Yves Parent (YP) moved to approve scheduling Fast Track lessons during the following dates:

April 23 - 27

May 21 - 25

June 18 - 22

July 9 - 13

August 6 - 10

September 10 - 14

Jennifer Kroon (JK)seconded, unanimously approved.

4. Stephanie Evans (SE) moved to approve spending the following amounts on items that are reimbursable expenditures under the 2012 Cal Boating Grant and to approve signing of the contract:

Wetsuits $4,500.00

Trainer Dinghy Sailboat Masts and Sails $13,500.00

Windsurf Lesson Equipment (Boards and Sails) $14,000.00

Keelboat Sails, Masts, and Rigging $8,000.00

Jennifer Kroon (JK) seconded, unanimously approved.

5. JK moved to approve appointment of Lara Gunn as Saturday Lessons Chair, UA.

Stephanie Evans (SE) seconded, unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned 6:05pm.