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ExComm 2012-04-22

2012-04-22 ExComm Meeting

At the Cal Sailing Club clubhouse, 6:30pm

Executive Committee members present: Jennifer Kroon (Commodore), Adam Bertsch (co-1st Vice Commodore), Sophie Horiuchi (Port Captain), Stephanie Evans (Secretary), Yves Parent (co-Rear Commodore), Kevin Rendueles (3rd Vice Commodore), and Rob Miller (2nd Vice Commodore).

Officer reports:


We have $22,724 in the bank, up $4,334 from our last meeting 2/29/12 when we had $18,390.

Income 3/1/12 - 4/22/12

Regular memberships
UC workstudy reimbursement
Windsurf Locker memberships
Donations: escrip, google accounts test deposit

Expenses 3/1/12 - 4/22/12

Dayleaders--wages, taxes $4,497.35
Website--new membership and security software, installation and programming $2,625.20
Rent--license rent and capital fund contribution x 2 months, hoist fee 2011 $2,437.35
Dinghies--Bahia shrouds, teflon spray, drain plugs, epoxy, caulk, cleats, blocks, shackles, links, hiking sticks, whipping twine, spinnaker repair tape, hose clamps, screws, cleat, lanyard, adapter, eyestraps, screws, jib halyards, gorilla tape for Bahia hull defect repair, , hitch pin for dolly axle $1,779.52
Clubhouse and Yard--lumber for BBQ table on deck, propane, porta-potty service, DSL service, garbage service $1,346.16
Keelboats--tiller/rudder head for Port. Princess, fasteners, fuel tank, spout, connector, epoxy resin, track stops, lightbulbs for nav lights, wire, connectors, line, caulk, backing plates, hull cleaning 3/23/12, eyestraps, ring, shock cord, eyestrap, fasteners, sail lube, snap shackle, horn cleat, riser, strap $1,182.11
Activities--food and supplies for Open House and Pig Roast 4/14/12, Sat BBQ's, teaching seminar pizza 3/6/12, easel, markers for seminar $732.76
Insurance-- workers' comp premium x 2 mos. $527.00
Bank--credit card processing fees $431.82
Aquatic Center Director's Conference (note this will show income as payments come in) $356.77
GMM 2/29/12 pizza $273.06
Rescue Skiffs--fuel, motor parts $126.49
Taxes--sales/use tax, filing fee $92.00
Windsurfing--epoxy pumps, mix sticks $89.06
Tools--epoxy, plastic welder, locking pliers, slipjoint pliers, calipers, superglue $46.13
Total: $16,542.78

Co-1st Vice Commodore

Adam Bertsch and Michael Scalet had proposed we allot $20,000 for the year to purchase one new training/teaching-oriented boat (similar to Bahia), and one higher performance boat (similar to JY15). 
This was not included in the budget for next year, but we do not have affordable prices for these boats yet, anyway. Michael and Adam are considering the RS Venture (currently listed ~$14,000 per boat) for teaching boats and the RS 500 (currently listed ~$11,000 per boat) as the performance boat--but the current price is cost prohibitive.  They'll have to see what kind of discount CSC could get and revisit this proposal to purchase new boats to replace current fleet if we can bring the price down to an affordable amount.


1. Jennifer Kroon (JK) moved to approve the expenditures listed in the Treasurer's report, Adam Bertsch (AB) seconded (2nd), unanimously approved (UA).

2. JK moved to approve the following senior projects:

Eugene (Genya) Bolotin - pig roast for open house

Sebastian Conrady - fixing gennakers/rigging

Eoin Schell - teaching & fixing website

Sergio Rizzo - 20 hrs of teaching

John Jensen - 20 hrs of teaching

Yves Parent (YP) 2nd, UA.

3. JK moved to approve the following budget for FY 2012-3:

Budget for Fiscal Year 2012-2013
Expected Income Budget
Memberships (Regular and windsurf locker) $148,000
DBW reimbursement $40,000
UC Work-Study Reimbursement $17,000
Donations, surplus sales, interest, etc. $1,000
     Total Income $206,000
Expected Operating Expenses  
Dayleaders $38,000
Insurance $14,000
Lease $10,000
Printing, Ads, other Communications $1,000
Dinghy maintenance $9,000
Keelboat maintenance $7,000
Windsurfer maintenance $1,000
Skiff and engines maintenance, fuel $3,000
Buildings & Grounds maintenance, DSL, portapotti, dumpster, etc. $6,000
Club activities $5,000
Miscellaneous expenses (credit card processing, DMV reg, accident repairs, website programming, sales tax, credit card fees ) $15,000
     Total operating expenses $109,000
Expected Capital Expenditures  
DBW reimbursed items: dinghy sails, keelboat masts and rigging $40,000
Dinghies (other than DBW reimbursed items) $10,000
Keelboats (major repairs) $10,000
Windsurfing (other than DBW reimbursed items) $30,000
Tools $2,000
Clubhouse & Yard Improvements $5,000
     Total Capital Purchases $97,000
Total Spending $206,000

AB 2nd, UA.

4. JK moved to approve 2 Introductory Sails to be held at the Tidewater Boating Center in Oakland (dates TBD) as a pilot for partnering with the East Bay Regional Park District. The Introductory Sails will happen on a weekend day, following the same requirements as our current Introductory Sails (or Open Houses). Cruising skippers would sail 2 keelboats and 2 dinghies down (or tow or trailer dinghies) to offer rides. If it goes well, we may do 2 more.

Discussion: EBRPD is VERY interested in partnering with a community sailing organization at Tidewater. There are some issues with the location for CSC, we would not be able to duplicate what we have in Berkeley, but it is a good opportunity. If we are willing to partner with them at Tidewater, it could lead to other opportunities at other Parks locations. They have also said that they have a couple grant writers on staff that might be able to provide us with support.

Rob Miller (RM) 2nd: 5 voted yes, 0 voted no, 1 abstained. Approved.

One member suggested we consider Marina Bay as an alternate CSC location.

5. RM moved that we hold the next GMM on Sunday, 5/13 at 1pm (very low tide) in the club yard. YP2nd, UA.  Heidi Kearsley will work on entertainment and food details.

Meeting adjourned 7:00pm.