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ExComm 2012-06-03

2012-06-03 ExComm Meeting

In the club house, 6:30pm.

Executive Committee members present: Jennifer Kroon (Commodore), Adam Bertsch (1st Vice Commodore), Rob Miller (2nd Vice Commodore), Yves Parent (co-Rear Commodore), Stephanie Evans (Secretary), and Peter Kuhn (Treasurer). Also present: Michael Moore, Jane Morson.

Officer reports:



Since the election at the General Membership Meeting failed to attract a quorum:

1. Adam Bertsch (AB) moved to nominate Todd Price as 1st Vice Commodore, Rob Miller (RM) seconded —received 2 votes.

2. RM moved to nominate Adam Bertsch and Michael Scalet as co-1st Vice Commodores, Jennifer Kroon (JK) seconded —received 4 votes.

3. JK moved to elect Michael Moore (aka Bucky) as co-Port Captain along with Sophia Horiuchi, RM seconded —received 6 votes.

4. JK moved to elect the remaining officers: Jennifer Kroon (Commodore), Heidi Kearsley (Vice Commodore), Rob Miller (2nd Vice Commodore), Kevin Rendueles (2nd Vice Commodore), Yves Parent and Barbara Kochan (Co-Rear Commodores), Stephanie Evans (Secretary), and Peter Kuhn (Treasurer). Stephanie Evans (SE) seconded, unanimously approved.

5. AB moved that he and Michael Scalet (MS) be approved to spend up to $1,000 to fly to Portland to test sail the RS Venture as the new lesson boat, and, if they think it’s good, purchase one to bring back to the club and test over the summer. 

Discussion: We want a boat that is stable and fun (like the Bahia), but not too-low performance like the Precision.  AB & MS are focusing on the lesson/training boat over a performance boat (a replacement for the JY-- the RS500) they’re considering as the RS500 is already well established and won’t require as thorough testing as the Venture; and our club needs good training boats for our novice and junior members to thrive. The Bahia hulls are hard to fix (no solid weld or repair like you can do with a fiber glass hull), s while they're durable, once the hull is compromised, they quickly decline. PK’s concern about the RS Venture is that we don’t know if it is selling well (it is an expensive boat at $14,325 in a depressed economy) and may stop being manufactured; this may mean we will not be able to complete our fleet and/or get replacement parts from RS as it ages.  We’ve also experienced some unreliableness from this vendor in terms of delivering on time. PK proposed that George (the vendor) bring the Venture down to us, and we, plus Cal Adventures (who has also expressed an interest), and possibly TISC will test it out. If we like it, we’ll buy one to test for the summer.  In terms of time seriousness, AB wants to get a full summer with the Venture to see if it’ll hold up to our conditions here in the Bay and how students will do with it.  If we wait another summer, the Bahia fleet will have aged another year and we’ll have to buy more boats at once, rather than gradually buying a new fleet and keeping our fleet mostly 'fresh'. When we bought the Bahias, we had let the prior fleet degenerate so much that we had to buy 8 Bahias in one year.  We’d like to avoid that.

Due to the concerns about the cost of flying up to Portland to test the boats, and the vendor’s somewhat unreliable history, no one approved this motion. 

RM moved that we amend the motion—the vendor brings one Venture down for us to test, and if he won’t agree to bring it down, then AB & MS are approved to spend up to $1,000 to go to Portland to test sail it anyway, but not to buy on the spot and instead discuss with ExComm once we have more information about the Venture's production prospects/RS's commitment to the boat; JK seconded—5 voted in favor, 1 opposed.  Approved.

PK moved to approve the following senior projects:

Yuri – repairing boats.

RM seconded, UA.

Jane Morson wanted to have it on the record that Sypko Andreae had recently passed away, and had been an involved and highly respected sailor and teacher at CSC. 

Sypko will be remembered as a kind, patient and sure sailor and teacher.

6. JK moved that we adjourn, RM seconded, UA. Meeting adjourned at 7pm.