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General Membership Meeting 2012-11-8

       The Cal Sailing Club November General Membership Meeting was held at the Berkeley Yacht Club at 7:30pm.  At the time of the GMM, we had 783 members, and needed 78 members for a quorum of 10%. Over 100 people attended.

Executive Committee members present: Jennifer Kroon (Commodore), Heidi Kearsley (Vice Commodore), Seamus Vanecko (co-1st Vice Commodore), Rob Miller (2nd Vice Commodore), Kevin Rendueles (3rd Vice Commodore), Barbara Kochan and Yves Parent (co-Rear Commodores), Michael Moore and Sophie Horiuchi (co-Port Captains), Stephanie Evans (Secretary), and Peter Kuhn (Treasurer).


1. Officer reports:

Rob Miller, 2nd Vice Commodore: We had a great year of windsurfing at the Cal Sailing Club. We taught approximately 1000 people to windsurf this season. We had some great intermediate and advanced windsurfing clinics throughout the season. We have eight new senior windsurfers. A big shout out to all the folks that made the lessons happen this year! Especially to Tom Trippe and Will Spargur for showing up week after week to do the beginning lessons, you guys rock! Thanks to Sofien Soheri and Peter Najim for running a summer long series of freestyle clinics. A big thanks to all the folks that kept our windsurfing fleet afloat, especially for repairing all those catapult damaged noses (our number one board repair :^(. Week after week, I saw Michael McKinley, Carl Caven, among others repairing the boards that we love to sail.

Yves Parent, co-Rear Commodore: We taught 6 sailing fast tracks this year and will teach 6 more next year; we’ll be holding a senior study group in the spring. Big thanks to the regular keelboat teachers: Michael Faw, Michael Kelley, Sheldon Coad, Caryl Woulfe, David Frasier, Steven Burchick, Marshall Lomboard, and many more!

Barbara Kochan, co-Rear Commodore: Big thanks to all those who taught windsurfing so much this year, and we’re always looking for teaching suggestions!

Sophie Horiuchi and Michael Moore, co-Port Captains: Big thanks to our wonderful dayleaders for helping keep members safe this season and ensuring that memberships are up to date before people use equipment. We’ll keep our dayleaders on up to Winter Break, and have volunteer dayleaders during Winter break on non-lesson days.  Big thanks to our VDLs this season: Yves, Lon, Tudor—please check in with Sophie if you want to be a VDL, or are already rated as one!

Seamus Vanecko, co-1st Vice Commodore—we bought two new dinghies this year, the Venture and RS500, which have been very popular. Big thanks to Felipe, Lon and Ben for putting so much time in repairing our dinghy fleet!

Heidi Kearsley, Vice Commodore: For all the successful open houses this year, big thank you to all who skippered and pitched.  And huge thank you to the wonderful food crew at Open Houses and this GMM!

Kevin Rendueles, 3rd Vice Commodore: The keelboats have been great this year; we did purchase a new vessel—Portugal Princess (Commander) to add to our fleet. Thank you to Sheldon Coad, Yves Parent, Greg Sweriduk, Michael Faw, Carla Co and Guarav Saple for putting in so much work to repair our fleet of Keelboats—our boats are not young!

Peter Kuhn, Treasurer, had printouts of the Quarterly Financial at each table; the report had been posted on the website prior to the meeting:

Quarterly Statement of Financial Condition Nov 1 2012

2. Dues Increase—ExComm has moved to increase dues to those listed below and are putting it forward to the General Membership for a vote:  

$99 for quarterly membership

$89 for student/senior quarterly membership

$297 for annual membership

$66 for minor membership

$149 for quarterly family membership

Discussion: we need to increase dues to match our levels of offerings: novice and advanced equipment use, novice and advanced sailing and windsurfing lessons, repairs and maintenance for the equipment and the associated operating expenses for the club.

Opposition: some club members felt the increase was too much and a more modest increase should be made; their concern was that more casual users might balk at the $99 price point.

Of 103 members in attendance at time of vote, 92 voted in favor, 5 against, and 6 abstained.

The dues increased was passed with over 2/3s majority vote in favor.

 3. Officer Elections

The following members running for the uncontested election received unanimous approval of members present:

Sophie Horuchi and Michael Moore for co-Port Captains

Stephanie Evans for Secretary

Peter Kuhn for Treasurer

Yves Parent and Barbara Kochan for co-Rear Commodores

Kevin Rendueles for 3rd Vice Commodore

Rob Miller for 2nd Vice Commodore

Heidi Kearsley for Vice Commodore

There was one vote against Seamus Vanecko and Michael Scalet for co-1st Vice Commodores, cast by Seamus himself at his wife’s insistence; otherwise, unanimously approved (sorry, Seamus).

The position for Commodore (currently held by Jennifer Kroon) was contested by Todd Price. The majority vote went to Jennifer Kroon.

That concluded the club’s official business, and we went on to announce the pie contest winners and watch Captain Ron,.

The winners of the pie contest:

1st prize went to Andrea Searay with her Apple Berry pie

 2nd prize went to Jerika with a Sour blackberry walnut pie

3rd prize went to Leslie Forero with her caramel sea salt tartlets

4th prize went to Katie with a sweet potato pie

Thank you everyone for coming!  See you in February for the next GMM!