All Meeting Minutes

2008.01.20 - Excom

Sunday January 20, 2008

Executive Committee Members Present


  • Allan Champion, Commodore
  • Pam Crawford, Vice Commodore
  • Carl Caven, co-1st Vice Commodore
  • Auric Horneman, co-1st Vice Commodore
  • Rob Miller, 2nd Vice Commodore
  • David Fraser, Rear Commodore
  • Peter Kuhn, Treasurer

Other CSC Members Present


  • Clayton Seward
  • Heidi Kearsley
  • Isabella La Rocca
  • David Harlins (Sk8r)
  • John Mankey

Officer Reports

Treasurer's Report

We have $50,687 in the main accounts, down $6,487 from December 15th when we had $57,174.

In the last eight weeks we have taken in:
Regular memberships $1,861.00
Wetsuit sales $455.00
UC workstudy reimbursement $312.00
YRA membership $100.00
BBQ donations OH 12/16 $65.00
Burgee sale $25.00
interest on money market account $24.00
Total $2,842.00
And we have spent:
Wetsuits $2,061.00
Sales and use tax 2007 $1,388.00
Windsurf—Hansen sails and masts, nose guards, windsurf mag subscription Keelboats- $1,367.00
Commander mast parts and metal work, painting supplies, 1st aid kits and dock box supplies $1,245.00
Dayleader wages, taxes, payroll processing $1,184.00
IRS-fine for late 990 return (sent excuse already) $660.00
lease payment Jan $462.00
Garbage dumpster service Jan - Mar $327.00
Skiff: jump seat for backup skiff, engine parts $286.00
Lat 38 Racing Calendar ad $196.00
Fast Track Snax Aug 07 (thanks Norm!) $190.00
BBQ food 12/16/07 $104.00
Credit card fees $40.00
Dinghies: nuts and bolts $14.00
Credit--return of oil absorber $195.00
Total $9,719.00

In addition, we have $1259 in the CSC Xtras account.

We’ll be getting a bill for about $8k any day now for our annual liability insurance premium.

Motion: approve Treasurer’s report by PK, AC seconded, passed unanimously


Windsurf Gear—Motion by RM to purchase 4 new Sr boards and masts and other used gear from Wyatt Miller for up to $5,000, AC seconded, passed unanimously.

Discussion of Open House dates—some members on list have said they want winter Open Houses, but no one has yet volunteered to be responsible for the setup before, clean up after.

Motion: March – November Open Houses by DF, AC seconded, passed unanimously. AC presented the 2008 Open House Schedule:

  • Sunday, March 23
  • Sunday, April 6
  • Sunday, May 4
  • Sunday, May 18
  • Sunday, June 15
  • Friday, July 4
  • Sunday, July 27
  • Sunday, August 10
  • Sunday, August 24
  • Sunday, September 7
  • Sunday, September 21
  • Sunday, October 19
  • Sunday, November 2

General Membership Meeting: PC proposes Mon Feb 4, Mon May 5, Mon Aug 4, and Mon Nov 3, at BYC. Discussion: PK notes Feb 4 date too soon to allow minimum 20 day notice as required by bylaws, cost of renting BYC is $425 and we’ve had difficulty in scheduling date with BYC, renting other venues is even more expensive. RM says he liked Nov 4th meeting at CSC, general agreement, DF and AC note weather as issue for winter meetings, AC will meet with BYC 2/13 to discuss cost for future meetings, PK proposes 2/17 meeting at CSC with rain date 2/24 if 2/17 is forecast to rain, PK will reserve Marina meeting room as backup.

ExComm meeting dates: AC proposes to schedule them with online motion.

Co-Vice Commodore appointment: PC proposes Heidi Kearsley to be co-Vice Commodore, AC appoints her, unanimous approval.

DF moves to adjourn; AC seconds; passed unanimously, meeting adjourns 6:20 pm.