All Meeting Minutes

2008.02.17 - General

Sunday February 17, 2008


The General Membership Meeting was held at the Cal Sailing Club starting at 1 pm. Pizza, salad, samosas, cookies and cake were served by the club. Members brought dogs, beer, and children. All of the following officers forebore to bore the members with reports:


  • Commodore (Allan Champion): off skiing
  • Co-Vice Commodore (Pamela Crawford): present and confiscating megaphones
  • Co-Vice Commodore (Heidi Kearsley) off on dangerous missions
  • Co-First Vice Commodore (Carl Caven): present, chowing, and sailing
  • Co-First Vice Commodore (Auric Hornemann): off racing
  • Second Vice Commodore (Rob Miller): brang beee!
  • Co-Third Vice Commodore (Brian Buchanan): off racing
  • Co-Third Vice Commodore (Edward Anelli): present, but didn't bring Uther
  • Rear Commodore (David Fraser): present, partying, and sailing
  • Secretary (Jennifer Kroon): Costco commando, present front and center
  • Port Captain (Michael Scalet): present and fully functional
  • Treasurer (Peter Kuhn): there and doling out money


The meeting went on until around dark when the last members went home.

Statement of Financial Condition February 1 2008

As of February 1st we had $41,546 in the bank, down $2,260 from October 31st when we had $43,807, and our property is worth about $175,000.

In the three months Nov-Dec-Jan, we collected:
Cal Boating grant for (2) Hunter dinghies, (12) beginner windsurf boards and sails, (8) dinghy dollies $25,000.00
regular memberships $6,347.00
UC workstudy reimbursement $4,010.00
sale of 20 ft container, 25 hp outboard motor $1,358.00
Donations, wetsuit sales, escrip, interest, etc. $704.00
BBQ donations (one Open House) $65.00
Total $37,484.00
And in the same three months we spent:
windsurfers--7 boards, 18 sails, 15 booms, etc. $14,726.00
keelboats--Pomodoro haulout, Commander mast parts and paint supplies, Ensign parts, sail repairs, $7,893.00
dinghies--Capri 14.2, JY#6, bottompaint removal JY#5, masthead floats $6,040.00
dayleader wages, payroll processing $4,040.00
Wetsuits for sale to members $2,061.00
lease fees ( 2 mos at $462/mo) $924.00
DMV reg fees, use tax new JY $746.00
skiff & engines: engine parts, new seat for backup skiff $654.00
clubhouse: garbage service, cocoa, BBQ parts and casters, hangers, workparty snax $653.00
General Membership Meeting 11/4/07 $455.00
Insurance--workers comp $440.00
tools--shop vac, grinder, gloves, drill bits, shovels, binocs, paintbrushes, etc. $396.00
Teaching Expense: Sat am snax, Aug 07 fasttrack snax $245.00
Lat 38 ad, Windsurf mag subscription $206.00
credit card processing, bank charges $162.00
OH BBQ cost (12/16 OH) $104.00
Total $39,745.00

We have a claim in for oil spill damage to our income and boats. Big thanks to everyone who worked hard for the club!