All Meeting Minutes

2008.03.16 - Excom

Sunday March 16, 2008

Excomm Members Present:


  • Allan Champion, Commodore
  • Heidi Kearsly, Co-Vice Commodore
  • Carl Cave, Co-First Vice Commodore
  • Rob Miller, Second Vice Commodore
  • David Fraser, Rear Commodore
  • Michael Scalet, Port Captain
  • Peter Kuhn, Treasurer
  • Jennifer Kroon, Secretary

General Members Present


  • Jason Morton
  • Todd Price
  • Mark Castle

Office Reports

Treasurer's Report

We have $33,652 in the main accounts, down $17,035 from January 20th when we had $50687.

In the last eight weeks we have taken in:
Regular memberships $8,246.00
UC workstudy reimbursement $1,404.00
Wetsuit sales $723.00
IRS-refund (reduced fine for late on 990 return) $600.00
YRA membership $500.00
Interest on money market account $46.00
Donations, booklets, lift tickets $31.00
Total $11,550.00
And we have spent:
Insurance--liability (annual), workers comp (quarterly) $8,311.00
Windsurf--4 boards, 6 masts, harness lines, shims, marking paint $8,192.00
Keelboats- Pomodoro bottom, Commander compression post and mast parts $5,341.00
Dayleader wages, taxes, payroll processing $3,234.00
Dinghies: Laser Pro rigkits, nuts and bolts $1,219.00
Lease payment Feb and March $924.00
General Membership Meeting 2/4/08 food $474.00
DMV reg fees for JY6 and trailer $215.00
Clubhouse: Trencher for DSL line, saw blades $174.00
DBW Grant Conference registration $162.00
Credit card fees $102.00
Tools--keelboat pump $83.00
Office Supplies-stamps, dryboard markers $56.00
Teaching & Workparty snax $55.00
BBQ food 12/16/07 $22.00
Sec State corp filing fee $20.00
Total $28,584.00

In addition, we have $1259 in the CSC Xtras account, and the oil spill insurance claim should settle soon for about $4k.

Peter Kuhn moved to approve the Treasurer's report and all expenditures it covers, Allan Champion seconded, passed unanimously.



  • Online Motions
  • Senior Projects
  • Porta Potty
  • 5o5
  • Dinghy Purchase
  • Excomm Meetings
  • Windsurfer Teaching Chair

Online Motions

Excomm ratified all of the online motions that have been passed since the last excomm meeting. Below are the motions. All passed unanimously, as required for online motions.


Online Motion 1. Green Laser donation: Auric Hornemann moved to accept donation of a Laser for use as the low tide rescue skiff, Peter Kuhn seconded.

Online Motion 2. Insurance payment: Peter Kuhn moved to spend $7808 for 1/14/08 - 1/14/09 business, hull, P&I and liability insurance, including some hull insurance for DBW owned boats and coverage (up to $75,000) for fire and other property damage. Jennifer Kroon seconded.

Online Motion 3. JY Masts and parts: Michael Scalet moved to spend up to $2500 for masts and other JYaccessories such as telescoping tiller extensions, Allan Champion seconded.

Online Motion 4. Reciprocal privileges with Fairwind Yacht Club: Peter Kuhn moved to reciprocate an invitation received from Fairwind Yacht Club: , "Fairwind Yacht Club cordially extends to the officers and members of Cal Sailing Club and their guests, the privileges of our fleet for the 2008 season" by offering an automatic free membership in Cal Sailing Club, with a rating commensurate with their rating at Fairview, to any Fairwind Yacht Club member visiting Cal Sailing Club. Auric Horneman seconded.

Senior Projects

Motion: Approve Todd Price's, Lance Kim's and Theron Shaw's Senior Projects. Todd has been coordinating the Saturday morning dinghy lessons and making sure that everyone gets a lesson as soon as possible. Todd will continue to coordinate the Saturday morning lessons. Lance worked on the JYs, getting the new masts up. Both projects have been completed. Theron Shaw's Senior project will be the replacing of the radio and repairing the companionway hatch on Pomodoro. Jennifer moved, Rob seconded, passed unanimously.

Porta Potty

Spend up tp $120 a month for a porta potty and service for the club. Peter moved, Heidi seconded, passed unanimously.


John McBride will take the 5o5 out of the boat yard and dispose of it and take the trailer. He will take the roller furling and the main sheet block and any other valuable hardware off of it before he takes the boat. Jennifer moved, Peter seconded, passed unanimously.

Dinghy Purchase

note: this is a revote on a motion that was passed in December. The meeting minutes from the December meeting are missing and will be posted as soon as the current secretary has them.

Motion: Spend up to $11,000 for a new dinghy. Carl moved, Michael seconded, passed unanimously.

Discussion: Excomm is considering purchasing a Laser Bahia, RS Vision or a Topper Omega to test their suitability for the club. Both the RS Vision and the Topper Omega have proven records as teaching dinghies in the UK and Europe. They also are known for their minimal maintenance after being sailed in conditions similar to ours. The Laser Bahia is new to the market, but it is almost identical in design and construction to the RS Vision, and is expected to perform similarly as well.

Excomm Meetings

The following dates are set for excomm meetings for the rest of the year:

  • 3/30
  • 4/13
  • 4/27
  • 5/11
  • 5/25
  • 6/8
  • 6/22
  • 7/6
  • 7/20
  • 8/3
  • 8/17
  • 8/31
  • 9/14
  • 9/28
  • 10/12
  • 10/26
  • 11/9
  • 11/23
  • 12/7
  • 12/21

Windsurfing Teaching Chair

Jameel would like to resign as Windsurfing Teaching Chair and Rob Reinburg would like to become the chair. Allan appointed Rob as the new Windsurfing Teaching Chair.