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2008.04.01 - Excom

Tuesday April 01, 2008
Action without Meeting-Written Record

Actions Taken Without Meeting

Following motions were made in writing, and unanimously approved in writing. The written record appears below the online motions. The names of the Executive Committee members are abbreviated as follows:


  • Allan Champion (Commodore): AC
  • Pamela Crawford (Co-Vice Commodore): PC
  • Heidi Kearsley (Co-Vice Commodore): HK
  • Auric Horneman (Co-1st Vice): AH
  • Carl Caven (Co-1st Vice): CC
  • Rob Miller (2nd Vice): RM
  • Edward Anelli (Co-3rd Vice): EA
  • Brian Buchanan (Co-3rd Vice): BB
  • Michael Scalet (Port Captain): MS
  • David Fraser (Rear Commodore): DF
  • Peter Kuhn (Treasurer): PK
  • Jennifer Kroon (Secretary) JK

Pizza for the Hansen Lecture

PK: I move we spend up to $600 on pizza for the fundraiser (Hansen lecture) 4/2/8 7p at BYC. HK: I second it.


  • PK:moved
  • HK:seconded
  • AC: I say yes.
  • AH: Second and yes!
  • RM: I vote aye!  can we have anchovies?
  • BB: I second/vote aye, and request that at least one of the Lanesplitters pizzas be vegan.
  • DF: OK.
  • MS: ok.
  • JK: yup.