All Meeting Minutes

2008.05.18 - Excom

Sunday May 18, 2008
At the Cal Sailing Club, 6:30 pm

Excomm Members Present:


  • Allan Champion, Commodore
  • Heidi Kearsley, Co-Vice Commodore
  • Carl Caven, Co-1st Vice Commodore
  • Auric Horneman, Co-1st Vice Commodore
  • Rob Miller, 2nd Vice Commodore
  • David Fraser, Rear Commodore
  • Michael Scalet, Port Captain
  • Jennifer Kroon, Secretary
  • Peter Kuhn, Treasurer

Other members present:

  • Jane Morton
  • Jason Duell
  • Matthias Roschke
  • Paul Kamen
  • Clayton Seward
  • Jim Pottenger
  • Aaron Gutierrez

Member requests

Due to time restraints, Jane Morton and Jason Duell asked to present information to excomm before any reports or other items on the agenda.

Jane presented Excomm with information regarding the RS Vision, which is now available to be imported to North America through Thomas Fogh in Ontario Canada, at a special rate since he is a Cal Sailing Club member. Boats might be shipped from the UK in a month.

Jason Duell approached Excomm about an idea of a separate email list that is for announcements only. Allan appoints Jason Duell "Announcement Chair," to be the moderator of the announcement list. Jennifer moved to approve his appointment and to authorize an official Cal Sailing Club moderated announcement list. Rob seconded the motion, approved unanimously. Announcement chair will set up the list as he sees fit.

Officer Reports

Allan: Donald got a new motor mount. Allan appoints Riley Kuhn as the new Youth Chair for the club. Approved unanimously by excomm.

Peter: We have $42,153 in the main accounts, down $1,025 from April 28th when we had $43,178.

Our income in the last three weeks:
Regular memberships $8,326.00
Windsurf Locker memberships $6,860.00
UC workstudy reimbursement $1,464.00
booklets, donations- includes $522 from escrip for 2007 credit card $543.00
YRA membership $200.00
BBQ donations 5/4/08 $149.00
Interest on money market account, booklets $23.00
Total $17,565.00
And we have spent:
Dinghies- Laser Bahia $9866, 2 Hansen Laser sails $1196, H146 hiking strap parts, JY parts and sail letters $11,625.00
Dayleaders $2,182.00
Windsurf-2 Fanatic Eagle 114 l boards, paint for rolling beginner board rack $1,349.00
Clubhouse- sail locker materials, windsurf sail awning roller parts, City lease, porta pottie service, $1,149.00
Skiff and engines- rescue skiff bottom prep, fuel, parts for sketchmobile motor $610.00
Activities and Events--5/4/08 BBQ, Fast Trak finish party $610.00
PFDs -- 13 PFDs from Aquata $445.00
Keelboats-4 hulls cleaned 5/5, winch repair kits, fire extinguisher, spare fuel filters $24.00
DMV register Bahia- they will refund excess $100.00
Teaching & Workparty- Sat am lesson snax $87.00
credit card fees $11.00
Total $18,192.00

In addition, we have $1289 in the CSC Xtras account. Peter moves to approve all of the expenditures in the Treasurer's report, Jennifer seconds, approved unanimously.

David: Matthias will be coordinating a weekend fast track for those sailors who cannot make the evening ones, but would like the intensive training towards becoming a junior. Will take place June 21st and 22nd.



  • Senior Project
  • Budget
  • Purchase of additional Bahias
  • Disposal of Lidos

Senior Projects

Peter moves that we approve the installation of anchor boxes and hiking straps to the Hunters as Jason Duell's and Bobby Arthurs Jr.'s senior projects. Rob seconded, unanimously approved.


Peter moves to approve the following budget, Carl seconded. Passed unanimously. Thanks Peter for putting it together!

Expected Income
Memberships (Regular,YRA, and windsurf locker) $105,280.00
DBW reimbursement $16,800.00
UC Work-Study Reimbursement $16,445.00
Donations, surplus sales, interest, etc. $12,000.00
Total $150,525.00
Expected Operating Expenses
Dayleaders $31,800.00
Insurance $10,200.00
Lease $5,544.00
Printing, Ads, other Communications $2,000.00
Dinghy maintenance $8,000.00
Keelboat maintenance $6,000.00
Windsurfer maintenance $3,000.00
Skiff and engines maintenance, fuel $2,500.00
Buildings & Grounds maintenance, DSL, porta pottie, dumpster, lifejackets, etc. $6,000.00
Club activities $16,000.00
Miscellaneous expenses (credit card processing, DMV reg, etc.) $7,000.00
Total $98,044.00
Expected Capital Expenditures
Dinghies (includes paying for current Bahia and for 4 more boats) $58,325.00
Keelboats (major repairs, not including insurance pay on Pomodoro) $6,000.00
Windsurfing boards, sails $12,000.00
Rescue Skiff $1,000.00
Clubhouse & Yard Improvements $2,000.00
Total $79,325.00

Total Spending: $177,369

Effect on Cash Assets

Cash 5/1/08: $45,749

Expected Income FY 08-09: $150,525

Total Spending Budgeted FY 08-09: $177,369

Cash assets expected 4/30/09: $18,905

Purchase of Additional Bahias

Carl Caven moves to purchase 4 more Bahias and spare parts, not to exceed $42,000.

Discussion: Excomm and members present discussed the merits of buying 4 more Bahias.

  • Paul Kamen said the club would be crazy to buy these boats now. Peter said he knew from crazy, and the club would be crazy not to buy these boats now.
  • Several excomm members spoke on how well the boat has performed in the almost 2 months that we have had it, how well this type of construction performs on similar boats in similar conditions to ours, and how it is constantly being used.
  • Memberships are up 25 percent for May already, having new, well designed boats will help increase memberships and active members to stick around. Many of the windsurfers have expressed interest in learning how to sail and trying out the boat.

Heidi seconded the motion, 7 ayes, 1 abstention.

Disposal of Lidos

Michael moves that we donate/sell all of the remaining Lidos. Peter made an unprintable speech about the notion that we should try to patch the Lidos up to last another summer, then seconded the motion, passes unanimously.

Jennifer moved to adjourn, David seconded, passed unanimously.