All Meeting Minutes

2008.05.28 - General

Wednesday May 28, 2008
at the Berkeley Yacht Club, 7 pm

Excomm Members Present

  • Allan Champion, Commodore
  • Pamela Crawford, Co-Vice-Commodore
  • Heidi Kearsley, Co-Vice-Commodore
  • Auric Horneman, Co-1st Vice
  • Rob Miller, 2nd Vice
  • Edward Anelli, Co-3rd Vice
  • Brian Buchanan, Co-3rd Vice
  • Michael Scalet, Port Captain
  • David Fraser, Rear Commodore
  • Jennifer Kroon, Secretary
  • Peter Kuhn, Treasurer

Members in attendance: There were 81 members at the meeting, well in excess of the required quorum of 10% of the current membership, which is 496 according to the membership database.

The Commodore started the meeting at 7pm and announced that Cal Sailing Club would be joining Berkeley Yacht Club in creating a special plaque to honor Ken Shepherd, who is in poor health, for his service in teaching and sailing.

Officer Reports (haikus)

Commodore: Bahias are coming/Good surf gear and sails are here/Get that rating now

Co-Vice Commodore (Pamela): We need new food chair/for Open House/an equal opportunivore

Co-3rd Vice (Brian): Keelboats are working/except for Pomodoro/hopefully fixed soon

2nd Vice: Lots of new boards and sails/time to learn a few new moves/Aiee! Windy! Windy!

Co-1st Vice (Auric):We have a few boats/Most of them float/We will soon have more

Rear: To teach is to learn/Paradise

Secretary: Thank you very much/everyone at the club/You're so good and nice

Treasurer: Cash comes in, goes out/Things get bought, get used, get tossed/I take all that's left

Treasurer’s Annual Report for FY 07-08 5/1/07 – 4/30/08

Assets as of 4/30/08: $45,749 in cash and $208,356 (depreciated book value) in property, liabilities: $0.

Cash is up $10,210 from 05/01/07; property is up $32,475 (book value)

Revenues 05/01/07 – 04/30/08: $165,412; expenditures: $155,202.

This fiscal statement was prepared without audit from the books and records of the corporation.

Signed, Peter Kuhn, Treasurer.

regular memberships $100,527.00
DBW grant reimbursement (Safety week, Lido dollies, Hunters $26,000.00
UC workstudy reimbursement $13,640.00
windsurf locker memberships (includes some previous year, some current year) (thanks Isabella and all the ws lockerers!) $12,130.00
BBQ donations $3,220.00
oil spill insurance payment $2,995.00
booklets, T shirts,burgees, wetsuits $1,933.00
donations $1,721.00
surplus equipment sales $1,358.00
YRA memberships $1,000.00
1st aid seminar payments, records search reimbursement $624.00
interest $264.00
Total $165,412.00
Windsurfing equipment: 25 boards 27 sails, masts, booms, etc. $36,079.00
dayleader wages, taxes, payroll processing $30,555.00
Dinghy equipment: H146's, JY15 sails, dolly casters, 5o5 fixup stuff $13,867.00
insurance (liability & workers comp) $10,197.00
Keelboat investments: commander mast parts, Pomodoro haulout $8,196.00
Dinghy maintenance $7,301.00
Other Events & Activities Fast Tracks, 1st aid seminar, Safety week, windsurf seminars, workparties $7,010.00
food for Open House BBQ's $6,322.00
Keelboat maintenance $6,121.00
lease payments (12 months at $462) $5,544.00
Clubhouse Maintenance: garbage service, cleaning supplies, etc $3,159.00
Windsurf maintenance $3,110.00
General Membership Meetings: BYC rental, food, postage, etc. $2,887.00
Skiff and engine maintenance & fuel $2,414.00
wetsuits, booklets $2,299.00
Tools: power and hand tools, sew machine $2,144.00
DMV registration, use tax on new boats, property taxes $1,880.00
safety equipment: PFD's, sunscreen, visual distress signals $1,573.00
Printing, postage, flyers, ads, dues $1,534.00
credit card processor fees, bank fees $1,223.00
Clubhouse investments: deck table, DSL trench conduit, dumpster lock $775.00
Skiff & engines--motor parts $545.00
Office supplies, YRA, misc. supplies $467.00
Total $155,202.00

Item requested by member

Ed Shirk presented his first of three items that he requested to be put on the agenda for the meeting, to amend the Bylaws to remove Article III Section 7. Action Without Meeting from the club's Bylaws. He said this section was most unusual, and dangerous because actions would not be recorded. He moved to strike Article III, Section 7 in its entirety, and to renumber the rest of Article III of the Bylaws accordingly.

Michael Nielsen seconded the motion.

Michael Scalet moved to limit the discussion on each item to 15 minutes.

Peter Kuhn seconded, and noted that he appreciated the thought that had gone into these items, but that the Bylaws say a member can request an item, not items.

The motion to limit the discussion to 15 minutes on each item passed with only 4 votes in opposition.

Sheldon Coad said that the club needs transparency, and Ex Comm should take action without meeting only when urgently needed for safety.

Michael Nielsen noted that ExComm had spent more than $10,000 on one boat, the Bahia, and presented it to the members as a fait accompli, while the keelboat fleet was subsiding rapidly.

Bill Prinzmetal said this ExComm is the most effective ever in getting things accomplished, and the reason why is that they take care of business easily

Malu Lujan said she appreciates both Ed's motion and the current Excomm, and feels that a happy medium could be reached, by announcing upcoming decisions ahead of votes.

Pamela Crawford noted that when she was Port Captain many years ago, ExComm meetings dragged on for hours, and that the current ExComm has short meetings because they use online discussions instead of involving everyone at a meeting; the new way is 100 times better than the old way, which is expedient, given everyone's busy lives.

Alistair Boettinger noted that given all the time put into the club by members of ExComm, the club should try to make it as easy as possible for ExComm, and that the decision on the Bahia did not come out of nowhere, but was the product of a long-standing debate.

Tyler Elliott said that if the minutes are there, the club members can see what ExComm is up to.

Bill Marion noted that talk of finding a middle ground is irrelevant, since all that the members can do is vote on the motion on the table.

Nick Locicero reminded everyone that ExComm members are elected, so talk of checking what they do seems foolish.

Felix Goebels said older club members saw things happen slowly, and thus want to put a cap on this. Swift action works better very often.

Heiko Panther asked to hear what ExComm members have to say.

Peter Kuhn replied that the section of the Bylaws that the motion would remove is derived from California Corporate law, it is one of several methods of taking action that the law offers to facilitate corporation management. Excomm has used this section to do things like authorize money for pizza for the Hansen lecture, set the date for the Ashby Shoals breakfast, and the action has been recorded in the minutes as required by law. ExComm has had online discussions in between meetings, and had online votes to see where members stand, but has never taken action without recording the vote in a meeting, or as required by law for an action taken without meeting.

David Fraser noted that ExComm could be more transparent, but has nothing to apologize for, and it would be foolish to take away this power, or to second guess ExCommm.

Jill Marshall said she supports ExComm, but governments can go wrong, and there should be an opportunity for people to know stuff coming up, via the list server or whatever.

Paul Kamen voiced support for the motion, saying that online discussion among ExComm members is useful, but the membership has no access to the discussion, and in the public sector this would violate the Brown Act in multiple ways.

Peter Baczek also voiced support for ExComm, and said he didn't see why ExComm should have to meet every two weeks, but he supports the motion, when the only venue is email, other members can't participate. The keelboats are falling apart.

Auric Horneman said ExComm's online discussion archives should be made public, that would solve the problem.

The Secretary said the fifteen minutes were up, Michael Nielsen moved to extend the discussion another ten minutes, Sheldon Coad seconded, the motion to extend the discussion was defeated.

The Commodore called the vote on the motion to amend the Bylaws, the motion failed to pass, 13 votes in favor and 44 votes opposed, 8 abstentions. The Commodore noted that the motion would have needed a 2/3 majority to pass.

Ed Shirk withdrew his other two motions.

Fast Track Announcement

Matthias Roschke announced a weekend Fast Track for Novice Skippers, to be held June 21-22, in keelboats, then dinghies, to assist members in preparing for the Jr. Skipper test. Members can sign up to teach or enroll by contacting him.

Thanks to the Kitchen Crew

Narcisse announced that Jennifer Kirkland, who has a new baby, Abigail Grace, had made the Moroccan couscous, Steve Burchik had produced Gran Marnier sauce over brownies, Karen and Leah and many others had helped, the Commodore offered the club's deepest gratitude and led a rousing cheer, followed by a call for volunteers for kitchen cleanup and a general motion for dessert.


  • Commodore: Brian Buchanan nominated Allan Champion, seconded by Pamela Crawford and Tom Trippe, there were no other nominations, all votes were in favor.
  • Vice Commodore: Rob Miller nominated Heidi Kearsley, seconded by Pamela Crawford and Jennifer Kroon, Pamela Crawford was nominated to Co-Vice Commodore but declined, there were no other nominations, all votes were in favor.
  • 1st Vice Commodore: Heiko Panther nominated Auric Horneman, seconded by David Fraser, Jennifer Kroon nominated Carl Caven as Co-1st Vice Commodore along with Auric, Auric accepted the co-nomination, there were no other nominations, all votes were in favor.
  • 2nd Vice Commodore: Asma Asyyed nominated Rob Miller, seconded by Tom Trippe, Jennifer Kroon nominated Clayton Seward as Co-2nd Vice Commodore along with Rob, Rob accepted the co-nomination, there were no other nominations, all votes were in favor.
  • 3rd Vice Commodore: Michael Nielsen nominated Sheldon Coad, Sheldon declined, Jennifer Kroon nominated Edward Anelli and Brian Buchanan as Co-3rd Vice Commodores, seconded by Rob Miller and Roberto Gastelumendi, there were no other nominations, all votes were in favor.
  • Rear Commodore: Michael Nielsen nominated David Fraser, seconded by Sheldon Coad, David Fraser nominated Mike Luo (Luo Mai) as co-Vice Commodore, seconded by Jennifer Kroon and Alistair Boettinger, there were no other nominations, all votes were in favor.
  • Secretary: Pamela Crawford nominated Jennifer Kroon, seconded by Heidi Kearsley and Tom Trippe, there were no other nominations, all votes were in favor.
  • Treasurer: Peter Kuhn nominated himself, seconded by Rob Miller and Nick Locicero, there were no other nominations, all votes were in favor.
  • And the elected officers are:

    • Allan Champion, Commodore
    • Heidi Kearsley, Vice-Commodore
    • Carl Caven, Co-1st Vice Commodore
    • Auric Horneman, Co-1st Vice Commodore
    • Rob Miller, co-2nd Vice Commodore
    • Clayton Seward, co-2nd Vice Commodore
    • Edward Anelli, Co-3rd Vice Commodore
    • Brian Buchanan, Co-3rd Vice Commodore
    • David Fraser, Co-Rear Commodore
    • Mike Luo, Co-Rear Commodore
    • Michael Scalet, Port Captain
    • Jennifer Kroon, Secretary
    • Peter Kuhn, Treasurer

    Michael Scalet moved to adjourn, Allan Champion and Brian Buchanan seconded, all votes were in favor, and the meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm.