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2008.06.08 - Excom

Sunday June 08, 2008
Meeting Cancelled, Treasurer's Report Below

Note: This meeting was cancelled due to lack of both quorum and business, the treasurer's report prepared for the meeting appears below

Treasurer’s Report for 6/8/08 meeting

We have $6,541 in the main accounts, down $35,612 from 5/18/08 when we had $42,153. We also have $500 in the CSC Xtras, after paying $1044 for more PFDs for the club, and depositing $286 from Tshirt sales at the 5/28 General Membership meeting (thanks Jane!)

Income in the last three weeks
Regular memberships $6,167.00
booklets, donations (thanks Allan, Gary!) $1,699.00
UC workstudy reimbursement $1,169.00
Windsurf Locker memberships $560.00
BBQ donations 5/18/08 $70.00
interest on money market account $23.00
Total $9,688.00
Expenses in the last three weeks
Dinghies: 4 Laser Bahia ($38,563), hiking sticks, H146 anchor box and spreader parts, JY trap set, nuts and bolts, epoxy supplies $40,275.00
Safety stuff--PFD's and VDS's for National Safety Boat Week, bandaids and disinfectant for club supply $850.00
Keelboats-Commander outboard mount, life sling, fire extinguisher, painting supplies, mainsheet, block $683.00
Dayleaders $646.00
5/28/08 General Membership Meeting--BYC rental ($100 plus $75 for 3 hrs bartending), food $526.00
lease $462.00
insurance--additional premium for Bahia, JY6, less 5o5 $401.00
Windsurf--Dakine mono harness lines, fiberglassing supplies $330.00
Skiff and engines: gas, backup skiff bottom job supplies $292.00
OH BBQ 5/18 $232.00
National Safe Boating Week snax, soda for Fast Track, Angel I cruise dock fee $201.00
credit card fees $145.00
Clubhouse: windsurf sail rack track materials, spray nozzles for hoses $95.00
Teaching & Workparty : Sat am lesson snax $86.00
Tools:drill, bits, markers $75.00
Total $45,299.00